Popcorn is the WORST Snack for Weight Loss [Here’s Why]

is popcorn keto
is popcorn keto

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Popcorn is the WORST Snack for Weight Loss [Here’s Why]
When it comes to tapping into fat burning mechanisms and achieving your weight loss or fat loss goal, popcorn is not a great tool to help you get there. This video is a BIT difficult for me to create because I love popcorn. But I’ve noticed with more of my clients and AENpeeps that popcorn is a staple in many people’s daily lives. If you’re wondering why you’re not losing weight, then your daily popcorn habit might just be the reason. Does this mean you can NEVER have popcorn again? Not necessarily. But for achieving your weight loss goals, popcorn is not going to help you get there.




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39 thoughts on “Popcorn is the WORST Snack for Weight Loss [Here’s Why]”

  1. WOW… this woman is SO wrong.
    Obviously, don’t eat popcorn loaded with chemicals, fatty oils, sugar etc… popcorn is super filling and satiating and is WONDERFUL for weight loss.

  2. Im not sure if its 1 cup of kernels or 1 cup of popped popcorn if its popped i have about 10 or more cups!

  3. I actully cant over eat popcorn even if i tried. Made without oil or butter its so low in calories and just the amount i would have to consume would make it impossible.

  4. 30 years ago I used the T-Factor (low fat) diet and ate a ton of air-popped popcorn. Went from 215 down to 163 pounds.

  5. “No one eats one cup of popcorn that’s what you eat with one handful”

    I must be the odd one out I guess. I don’t even eat 1 cup of popcorn. I eat 1/4 cups of popcorn and it’s fulfilling for Me. 4 cups of popcorn is like a family serving not even a single serving who eats that much .

    I am so confused like really confused. A 1/4 cup of kernels when popped the amount of popcorn is basically like filled up an entire popcorn bowl.

    If I were to pop 1 full cup of kernels the amount of popcorn I would need 4 popcorn bowls and I would feel bloated after the first bowl no way I will eat 3 more bowls.

  6. Her whole point is that no one eats 1 cup of popcorn and she repeats it every 15 seconds continuously.

  7. You can reduce the calories by making your own popcorn without any oil, but be careful with the popcorn seasoning. You might need to weight it and crack some numbers to make sure you don’t go overboard on the seasoning calories.

  8. This is bull$hit lol
    Ive been lifting for 3 years and lost weight and gained muscle even eating shitload of popcorn… socials are really dispointing

  9. 100g of corn kernals can be popped into a freakin huge bag of popcorn thats only 60 calories if u added 0 flavourings.

  10. Popcorn is a treat and that is ok. I just avoid the microwaved stuff and to be honest I got a recipe that is like movie theater popcorn.

  11. I subscribed to your channel, I think this is really great. Back in the day I was exercising a lot, I was a vegetarian then and popcorn was my main "healthy snack", I wasn't getting the results I wanted at all even with nearly daily workouts that were really intense of two hours a day or more.

  12. Today was a big breakfast for me 2 🛍️ of 🍿 and 3 oranges and 1 apple and orange juice on refill this will truly last me for the rest of the day 😋😋😋 I don't be eating lunch or dinner and oranges were pretty ripe so there goes my dessert 😋

  13. That's that word again starch what a turn off when people abuse certain words. I recently started eating popcorn 🍿 it's light and isn't heavy it's a great for light breakfast it holds me til dinner and that's just one 🛍️ technically one bag of popcorn can last me the entire day if eaten during breakfast but knowing me I love to eat thus I eat another light food for dinner rice 🍚 with steam tomatoes and call it a day 😋

  14. Im writing this before I watch the whole thing, but so far you are not making sense because CICO Decides wieght loss not startch
    EDIT: YEAH YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG. Just because you insulin spikes, or because its full of startch, you cannot shut down fat burning. More spews for more views, the only thing i can agree with you is when you Said you shouldn't get rid of anything you like completely because eventually you will binge on it.

  15. watching this while eating pop corn…. oops. Well at least I did not salt them :/

  16. My doctor said popcorn is good to eat when u have a midnight snack cause it’s very low in calories..what makes the popcorn unhealthy is what u put on it but my doctor said fruits, vegetables Nd popcorn good to snack on or eat cause if calories Nd benefits

  17. She says that popcorn can bloat because a lot of it is GMO. This is simply not true because GMO corn does not and cannot pop.

  18. LOL I actually crave kettle corn but i literally do 1 handful or put it in a cereal bowl and eat as a once-a-day treat, on days I want that instead of a piece of chocolate or a cream-cheese-on-crispbread as my treat!

  19. In Europe every product has information about calories and macros per 100g while in murica cups, servings, ounces lol

  20. Actually making popcorn using kernels and seasoning them with spices would be one of the ideal snack when loosing weight then buying those already cooked popcorn or cooking them with oil, butter and sugar which is very fattening and maybe even some extra chemicals that could ruin our dieting.

  21. I use a air popper. The serving size for the popcorn I use says 3 tablespoons, just as the instruction says. I use some melted butter and a little salt.I don't use 3 cups because that is entirely too much.

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