Popcorn vs. Puffed Rice Cakes

is popcorn keto
is popcorn keto

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If you’re going to eat popcorn or rice cakes, which should you choose?

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0:06 Are popcorn and rice cakes keto-friendly?
0:50 Popcorn vs. rice cakes and the glycemic index
1:12 Popcorn vs. rice cakes and carbs
1:52 A focus on rice cakes
2:14 More problems with popcorn
3:08 More problems with rice cakes
3:58 Which is better?

Today, we’re going to talk about popcorn vs. rice cakes.

Is popcorn keto-friendly, or can you have rice cakes on keto? Neither popcorn or rice cakes are keto-friendly, but let’s go ahead and talk about the differences between them.


Popcorn glycemic index – 79
3.5 oz has:
78g carbs
15g fiber
63g net carbs

Other problems with popcorn:
• GMO corn (unless organic)
• Butter flavor—Diacetyl
• Oil—GMO
• Americans consume 60 quarts of popcorn per year
• There are traces of nutrients, but the intense heat destroys most of the phytonutrients

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Rice cakes

Rice cakes glycemic index – 82
Fiber – 0
Fat – 0
Nutrients – 0
They have:
Starch carbs

Other problems with rice cakes:
• Arsenic
• Alloxan

Popcorn vs. rice cakes—which is better?
If you do organic popcorn, it may be better to have than rice cakes.

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29 thoughts on “Popcorn vs. Puffed Rice Cakes”

  1. I made the mistake of buying skinny pop popcorn mini cakes today. I wanted something to put Liver Pate on it. Those rice cakes may be low calorie, but they are definitely not satiating. I ate the whole bag in one sitting.

  2. That is a great analysis but that doesn't factor in quantity. It is very likely that someone would eat more than 100g of popcorn. But that would be an entire bag of rice cakes (of curse unsweetened). Sure, it's still not great to eat them all the time 🙂

  3. Just add some fats like peanut butter of avacado it will slow digestion and insulin spike

  4. DC is about a qualified in talking about health as a Dr of philosophy.
    Literally everything this doofus has said incorrect.

  5. Get at Costco. Gluten free, organic, no gmo, plain, you can topping with grass fed salted butter. Yummy. I diet with it. Helped to gain back normal BMI

  6. Dang I love popcorn now I can’t eat it my skin has gotten bad over the last few days because of it 😂 so good bye.

  7. I'm not too worried about the diacetyl because I don't plan on inhaling my popcorn.

  8. Air-popped popcorn has a GI of 55.
    One cup (125 grams) of popcorn has the following nutritional values:
    Energy: 30.8 kcal
    Protein: 1.03 g
    Total lipid (fat): 0.362 g
    Carbohydrate: 6.2 g
    Dietary fiber: 1.15 g
    Sugars: 0.07 g
    Calcium: 0.56 mg
    Iron: 0.254 mg
    Magnesium: 11.4 mg
    Phosphorus: 28.6 mg
    Potassium: 26.2 mg
    Sodium: 13 mg
    Cholesterol: 0 mg

    Just adding for comparison.

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