Put these ingredients in your shampoo, 🌿 it accelerates hair growth and treats baldness

mal-a-ket shampoo side effects
mal-a-ket shampoo side effects

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Thick, healthy hair is a hallmark of the early period for both men and women, while hair loss causes stress and depression, and hair loss is due to many issues including changes lifestyle, exposure to many pollutants in the environment, in addition to some of the health conditions that can cause hair loss, and luckily onions are used in many products made commercially to treat hair loss. hair loss, as onion juice helps promote hair growth and the like, and the following points show the benefits of both onion and its hair juice:
It is considered a treatment for baldness in men and women, and a treatment for psoriasis. It is a rich source of sulfur, which stimulates blood circulation, reduces inflammation of the scalp, and restores hair growth. Sulfur is known as a beauty mineral because it is necessary for the formation of collagen; Which gives softness to the skin and durability to the hair, as it is found in hair keratin, which is one of the components of hair, and sulfur is one of the most common minerals in the hair. body, which it needs to produce a sufficient amount of enzymes and proteins.
It can be used to treat a type of hair loss called alopecia areata, according to a number of studies on bunions.
The nutrients in onions nourish the hair follicles, increase their volume and increase the shine and strength of the hair. Onion juice helps fight infections because a bacterial infection of the scalp causes hair loss. Onion juice therefore helps to maintain the health of the hair roots thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
Onion juice contains antioxidants such as flavonoids which protect hair from free radicals; Which contribute to the aging process and lead to hair loss.
Hair onion juice prevents fungal infections of the scalp and opens the clogged pores of the hair follicles.

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Homemade herbal hair shampoo,🌿 it accelerates hair growth and treats baldness in one week


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  1. Kinder Seid Ihr blöööd !!!! ich fasse es nicht womit die Herden so mit nonsens gefūttert werden und es auch willig fressen !!! OmG 😱
    und es ohne jeglichen Zweifel auch noch glauben !!😂

  2. Я не верю, ладно маска например, которую полчаса не меньше надо держать, но в шампунь.. Шампунь же все равно смоют за 1-2 минуты

  3. We all assume that taking care of our hair is not that difficult; simple oiling, shampooing and conditioning will keep it smooth and healthy. But todays lifestyle change and need more care about health.if we discussed about hair problem, i using planet
    ayurveda go rich portein shampoo,its chemical free.

  4. Já comecei fazer hoje , com chá verde e cebola é cravo. Deus me ajude que faca efeito. Obrigado

  5. Con la cebolla molida, barro amarillo,,y miel de abeja 2cdtas de cada una miel ,cebolla y barro,,yo preparo una pasta oh crema espesa,para sacar los acné inflamados y nacidos en el cuerpo..dejar por 20 minutos en el área afectada y luego con toallitas desinfectantes remover del área y luego puedes aplicar ,nuevamente, sentirás al agregar la cremita de barro como si estuviese sacando alfileres del cuerpo.en vente minutos se madura el acné, oh nacido…..luego preparas una próxima crema de barro y miel para sellar el área,,es exelente,..está respeta era de mi madre…y dela prepare a mi sobrina,,,,y fue exelente,le maduro el acné.en vente minuto,wauuuuu.

  6. I’ve been using WD-40 mixed with hydrochloric acid and ghost pepper extract. I just started today. I can’t wait for the results!!!

  7. This is AMAZING! You just got a new subscriber!! Thank you so much for sharing!! 😊❤

  8. I have an easy way to look like you are not losing your hair or going grey it's cheap and easy and water proof and anyone can do it immediately cause you can buy it from any shops cheaply. My 2 You Tube videos are called balding and greying Dave Kirby if you have no hair on top and balding and greying part 2 Dave Kirby if you have some hair on top.


  10. I tried many this receipts and even mixed rosemary oil and peppermint in coconut or emu oil as basic oil. I used it by a months an any improvement I do not know some people saying you can leave oils overnight and wash with baby shampoo in the morning . Now after 5 months I do not see any results. Just maybe older hair is thicker but no new hair or very small qty..

  11. Does this shampoo change the hair color if you have natural white hair? It might discolor and stain it and might not come out even after the initial shampoo.????? How long will the shampoo store ?

  12. girls hairs are are so beautiful but I have my hair right to my shoulders and I'm going bananas coming in every single day imagine having hair like that the only problem I have with my hair is that is very very thick good to know ty

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