Quest Pizza Review + Ketone Testing | Full Day of Keto Eating

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keto restaurants near me

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Watch the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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Quest Pizza Review + Ketone Testing | Full Day of Keto Eating
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Quest Pizza Review + Ketone Testing | Full Day of Keto Eating
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24 thoughts on “Quest Pizza Review + Ketone Testing | Full Day of Keto Eating”

  1. I eat these like once every other week lmao they're a bit expensive but they smash the craving for a whole Pizza Hut or Dominos pizza.

  2. Whenever I do have quest pizza, I never eat more than a 1/4 of it.
    However I ran out of steak/beef today and didn’t have time to go to the store and all I had was a whole quest pizza so I ate the whole thing 😣

  3. I love how there's 12 net gram of carbs there's alot of protein so it fills you up real good tastes real good too.

  4. I found them pretty dense. I could barely eat half of one! They do taste great though!

  5. Low carb soft taco shells are my ultimate thin crust go to pizza You can add whatever keto toppings you like and it's never disappointing. The Quest pizza to me was super dry and tasted so bland and boring that I ended up throwing it away. Add some garlic and some seasoning to that crust would ya Quest!? Lol. If it weren't for that, I would have eaten the hell out of that bad boy! Lol. Texture wise was great compared to most. Flavor??.. To me it was Blah, at best.. Hey, to each his own though, right? 😬
    Wishing everyone nothing but the best on accomplishing their keto goals!

  6. The keto diet is only good for short-term rapid fat loss. It is actually recommended for someone to develop a balanced healthy maintainable eating routine that still allows you to be in a caloric deficit if you are trying to lose fat instead of any kind of crash diet like keto etc

  7. These can be improved significantly by removing the pepperoni, and adding some low carb sauce and mozzarella cheese along with your own pepperoni.

  8. Ok why are these pizzas so expensive if it tastes like the cardboard cheap pizza? I don't see how making the crust base as dairy makes up the price? It's 7.49 in store now and it's a tiny pizza.

  9. Ok why tf did they 🔥 🔥 tf out of that pizza. Too much talking and they are annoying.

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