Quick Start Your Low Carb Diet: Steps 1, 2, and 3

Keto Diet For Beginners
Keto Diet For Beginners

Looking for Keto Diet For Beginners ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Do you want to get quick results when you cut the carbs? If you want to join your friends who have been doing great on a low carb or keto diet, use these three easy-to-do steps to jumpstart your low carb diet and make quick progress.

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46 thoughts on “Quick Start Your Low Carb Diet: Steps 1, 2, and 3”

  1. I have never felt full from a salad even with oil etc. I get much hungrier an hour later than if I had crabs or no food,

  2. I tried to lose weight many times, but could not get my goal. After listening you, I really got energetic to start once again. Hopefully, after following you i will get my get. I will definitely write my comments after 40 days of dieting. .. Thank you soo much. You are really awesome.

  3. Loved keto for 5+ years ~ felt great, lost weight, etc.
    But then had SERIOUS cardiac issue and am switching to cardiologist Dean Ornish plant-based no meat diet. It was ranked best heart diet by US News magazine for like 10 years straight. Not looking to start a fight here, but this is important and I felt I had to say something. Best to everyone.

  4. Hello doc..I have Gerd and hyperthyriodism… Low salt low fat with regards to food intake..
    Can i undergo a low carb diet? Thanks ….

  5. Just a comment and do not take it personal. If having problem eating salad. Add a little lean protein of some sort and a large salad. Test with a glucose monitor if diabetic. I eat a large salad. Probably a different size to person whose not diabetic and just trying to lose weight only. That's my only way in the beginning to try to shut hunger and drink water. Everyone is different. I mainly do this to stop sugar spikes on my meter. I seem to follow what size and type of food to eat by my blood glucose meter. It's a sugar meter diet spike for me! Trying not to spike!

  6. Getting off the diabetes medications for life. Tough! Long haul! Can be done. Or less diabetes medication. Too much temptation at this nice time of year. Especially at Christmas parties if you are going.

  7. I have tried intermittent fasting before, but I started again with your 3 step method. I eat the big salad about 11 AM, but I am so full for the rest of the day I have a hard time eating anything else for the day. Maybe when I start walking daily again I will get hungrier in the afternoon.

  8. In reality. A medicine diet! The almost perfect diet to recommend for type 2 diabetes and going for the long haul of diabetes medications! It's not really a quick loss diet. It's a life style and definitely not a fad hollywood ancient diet. I find out that to me this diet is not really all about calorie counting. Portion size depending on what you're eating is part of the key too. Eating smart. Hard to do until you're diagnose with diabetes and you must go onto this diet for life. Crazy to go back to your old life style when you achieve the goal.

  9. Dr Becky thank you for this diet! A friend shared this with me and I started it. Everything you have said is the truth and this truth has set me free from my addiction to sugars and carbs!

    I had so many issues like lack of energy, water retention, easy fatigability and a very slowed weight loss despite all my efforts. I simply attributed it to a slowing metabolism!

    As Indians, we eat a lot of carbs! And after I cut the carbs and sugars did I realise it was all the " insulin resistance''!
    All my energy came back after I went low carb and no sugars! What a revelation!

    I have lost close to 5 kg, in 5 weeks and it is amazing! So amazing, that many of my friends and family are following the diet too and they all have the same predictable results! Best part is the no or minimum hunger with this diet and no headaches and the increased energy levels! I could keep going on!

    Thank you so much Dr Becky! Your truthful advice has done so much good to us! Say NO to sugar! Say HELLO to life!

  10. Dr Becky… HEEEELLLLLPPPP MEEEEEE! I lost 50lbs doing Keto two years ago… Then I put back 30lbs during Lockdown… I've tried to get back into Keto but my Keto blood monitor (Keto Mojo) is mostly registering Lo and sometimes (if I'm lucky) 0.01! My blood glucose levels are mostly between 95 and 100. I tried to kick it off with a rigid 72 hour water fast plus ACV and coffee, and 5 solid gym sessions and less than 25g carbs over last 3 days since the fast, but cant get those ketones up…! I have lost about 6lbs, but think that's mostly water weight. I'm a regular HIT Gym Attendee, but I'm starting to think that during Lockdown I developed a terrible case of Insulin Resistance! Is it just case of patience? Losing faith here!

  11. Okay, I tried your low carb-high fat diet for two months and lost
    20 percent of my goal. You are officially my hero. It works. Thank you.
    By the way, that book narration idea, good idea.

  12. Hold on. I’m type 2 diabetic and use almond flour. Is this a mistake??. Is almond flour considered “ processed”?

  13. I enjoyed this video. I like the simple straight forward advice. I am curious if IF is best for diabetics? I naturally don’t eat after dinner and do 12 to 13 hour fasts. My blood sugar in the morning was over 100. Once I added a small snack of yogurt and crushed nuts between 8 and 9pm I woke up and was under 100. Should I just push breakfast back instead to keep doing the 12 hour fast? Thanks for any advice.

  14. Now..month later…I've lost a total of 4 pounds thanks to your videos!! Its not a lot but as a 71 year old who's had trouble losing weight in the past 5 years it's a lot for me!!!!!😀

  15. Any advice regarding a low carb diet app for Android that will let me cook from scratch? Starting a diet and need some way to track food that is flexible. thanks!

  16. Dear Dr. Becky Gillespie.
    Thanks for your informative videos. I love the way you present the matter – which creates an image of ' Next door , caring, friendly Mom ' (BTW I am an Indian – 71 years old). I strongly suggest that you include tips about Indian food – which will definitely attract more ' followers '.
    India is on the verge of becoming the 'Diabetic Capital of the World' – and very rightly so, because of our changed eating habits. Just to give you one example – most of our sweets are dairy based (containing humongous amounts of fat + sugar). This is a deadly, lethal combination which drives blood sugar like crazy. Very few people realize this. I have seen several videos where they preach that if you want to blunt the sugar spikes, eat lots of good fat with it. This is just not true with (atleast) our sweets. I have experienced this myself.
    Thanks once again for your highly educative videos.

  17. Three weeks in and I have only lost 1 IB. Trying very hard must be doing something wrong. Feel better so I will stick with it. I am making such a huge effort but very slow. Just hoping there is nothing wrong.

  18. Dr. Becky, I am so lucky I came across you UTube Chanel I subscribed and am currently following your 123 diet plan, I also am doing the 16:8 Fasting. I have been so elated on how easy it has been for me it has worked. With the salads I’m not craving something to eat after 7:00 pm. I also sleep better.

  19. My mind went to, when u said, shop outside at the perimeter of food store. The stomache or bowels of the dragon. Haha

  20. In just a few weeks I think I've already lost a couple pounds…so Ive decided to listen to your videos every night to stay on track! Thank you.

  21. I have recently for the first time in my life been seeing a dietitian. I have been making good progress. I am going to make this a life style. I was making my own bread. However I am now not sure if I should. I have now switched to making rye bread. Making it with half and half. Half measure of rye to the same amount of white flour. May I ask what your thoughts are on eating bread made like this.

  22. I eat a salad every day and low carb and no sugar but I do not loose weight
    What can you do when you have type 2 diabetes

  23. What is your opinion of some who is really overweight going on a low carb, low fat plan until they lose the weight they want? I’m wondering if by eating low fat in addition to low carb, your body will be forced to burn your boy fat for fuel vs burning the fat you give it from food. Is there anything to that idea?

    Seems logical, but I’m not sure if studies have been done on that type plan. Once you loos all the weight, you could then resort to LCHF eating.

    Your thoughts Dr Becky?

  24. I am trying to get back to low carb eating but O have chronic gastritis and it just isn’t agreeing with me having the higher fat (I was eating low fat high carb vegan but my joints and skin were a mess). I can’t find a balance.

  25. Am on day 5 of quitting sugar and this seems to be the hardest yet, thankyou Dr Becky for your videos as without them I am sure I would give up.

  26. You're like the female version of Sten Ekberg (which is a good thing). I'm definitely seeing a pattern here – people with low-carb channels tend to offer nuanced advice and suggestions in a calm, measured manner – whereas other weightloss gurus often seem to prefer the hectoring and bellowing style of delivery.

  27. As a 73 year old male with a 25 year diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and over 344

    pounds I decided to limit carbs… Since last July I have lost 110 pounds and my Dr took

    me off all diabetes medications, I feel great and my fasting Glucose levels are at 85…

    I don't want to be on the keto diet, can I just stay eating low carb ( below 75 grams a

    day ) and if so can I do it forever???Thanks, Rick

  28. Very clear explanation and motivational! Thank you for this video DrBecky, looking for the guide to download and print? I cannot find it.:

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