Real Doctor Reacts To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims

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keto cbd organic mct oil

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Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

MCT OIL and COCONUT OIL are routinely called a “superfood”, a “healthy fat” and a staple for a keto diet. They are found in supermarkets and health food stores, but according to the news coconut oil might not be as healthy. In this video Dr. Ekberg reacts to a report from Canadian CBC News. They refer to a study on MCT oil and then attempts to discredit coconut oil on the sole basis that it contains saturated fats.
The report compares Coconut oil to butter, olive oil and lard inferring that the more saturated fats something has, the worse it must be. Watch a Real Doctor React To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims and give you the actual truth about saturated fats in general and coconut oil in particular.


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22 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims”

  1. I've read that early human development changed enormously when they moved to coastal regions and began eating much coconut and fish.

  2. Dr. Ekberg is obviously shilling for big coconut. /s

    What if someone told the reporter that they weren't concerned about saturated fat after the reporter said "What if I told you this has 13 grams of saturated fat?"…then went on to discuss margarine.

  3. Bacon is dangerous to eat. Swaine is a scavenger animal. Don't eat scavenger meat, it's not good for the heart

  4. We used ORGANIC COCONUT OIL in the Philippines and the Polynesians for food, cooking for all types of natural food for centuries and there was never a health problem eating organic coconuts and its oils in their natural state. It is the Americans who are all confused junk food eaters and their scientific lies that has devilized the use of coconuts as a poison food – it becomes poison when you start processing it adding chemicals and store them oxidizing/rotting on store shelves that will make it an UNHEALTHY FOOD. Furthermore, conventional medical doctors are not the people to advise consumers and patients about NUTRITION unless they are a specialist in Nutritional Clinical Biochemistry. Thank You Dr. Eckberg for enlightening the world for the coconut fats consumed in its organic form as one of the 'superfoods' that matter nature has provided us humans for robust health.

  5. as if she got fat because she takes coconut oil!! Saturated fat ?? hahaha…as if she is an expert on this. Lose some weight lady!!

  6. So, they are in a smear campaign. They make so that people think 'oh! So this is why we are told that Coconut oil is better!! It was actually to fool us into buying this? Let us go back to blah blah!" News channels are being paid by the industry.

  7. Coconut oil is a blessing from The Lord! You get smooth skin, eliminated vaginal / nail fungus, cures 3 grade burns leaving NO scars behind! Helps to loose weight, help with gum decease, cures cancer, etc!!

  8. This is an interesting insight into the way journalists twist facts, as well as the health benefits

  9. I am not going to change my mind from cooking with olive oil, I came from place , were my ancestors used to drink it at the morning 🀣 I just love it!

  10. I have long since recognised how the media present a so called 'independent piece' on subjects which may be anything from war zones, to history, from oil production to, like this, food products. They spin a tale they want you to accept, not just by what they say but by the tone of voice, intonation, and as this woman did with a fake 'shock' response. It's very subtle and it's very clever. In the same way any vox pop piece will give you a skewed view. Interview 20 people and if 12 of them don't give the response you want that's ok. Just use the 8 who do. Throw in a single one of the 12 to add credibility and there you have a settled argument.
    Wrt food I stopped being horrified by saturated fats only a relatively few years ago. What I DO avoid is sugar. And it's hard, I love cakes and pastries, sweets, all those things. I know the sugar is killing me. My family nod and smile but take no notice and I beg my grandchildren's parents not to feed them so much sugary stuff but for the most part it falls on deaf ears.

    It's almost as if 'they' want you to fall ill and be dependent. Nah. Couldn't possibly be the case. Could it?

  11. MCT is actually a "hidden gem"
    It helps body to utilize more fat as energy. It turned out it can reduce working fatigue, morning drowsiness, helps promoting brain function.

  12. Coconut oil have healthy fat. It's a good source of oil in my country St vincent and the grenadines ( Caribbean ). I heard of people live to 100 using coconut oil every day.

  13. ANIMAL FAT is what our hearts and brain NEEDED for healthy fuel, for many thousands of years.
    Our grand parents used straight lard – often to keep alive …
    it is such a pure food that it can keep UN- refrigerated πŸ‘ˆπŸΏ for years !
    The money makers told us
    fat was bad β€”THEY LIED.
    Check out people like Jordan or Mikhaila Peterson.
    Check out the carnivores !
    In Australia when the dishonest ones talked us out of eating fat – wait for it –
    The bottom fell out of the coconut oil industry and so farmers started feeding their animals Coconut Oil – to fatten them for market.
    Guess what β€”-
    The animals LOST WEIGHT πŸ‘ˆπŸΏand GOT HEALTHY !!
    Feed your body FAT !
    Feed your children FAT !
    And their bodies will love it

    (NO SEED OILS – esp Canola and vegetable Oil, safflower and sunflower etc etc)

    Never trust the media – NEVER.

  14. this video explanation made that TV program look like beyond amateurism. like all tv is, actually. the real value info is never on tv

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