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Secrets Inside Highclere Castle – UK Royal Documentary

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Watch the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Secrets Inside Highclere Castle – UK Royal Documentary
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44 thoughts on “Secrets Inside Highclere Castle – UK Royal Documentary”

  1. What the F man. You stop sentences in the middle not finishing ideas. Very irritating to watch thumbs down

  2. Very interesting. This film was edited using extra cuts and reversed scenes to avoid copyright issues.

  3. Definitivamente hermoso cuando vi la serie me enamoré saludos desde Ecuador Guayaquil

  4. Nice to see additional rooms and familiar favorites. Loved meeting the Earl and Duchess. Hated the editing – what were the producers thinking?!?

  5. So glad their finances is getting better, will be sad to see them loose this piece of history…..praise God 🙌🙌🙌

  6. So nice and marvellous to have the privilege to set my eyes on Downton Abby once more….the history is just fabulous, wish I could visit in person 🇿🇦 thank you so much for taking us back to the castle…🥲💋

  7. Thumbs down with this ridiculous trend of jumble editing of videos. They still violate copyright and get pulled down irrespective of these stupid jumbled editing. (damn he's a big boy 1:53)

  8. Totally ruined by horrible editing terrible video flipping and video jumps. . Had to stop watching. . Fix or delete it. It does no justice to it's subject material

  9. The sitting room has more square footage than my whole house, I’d hate to be paying the heating’s architecture is absolutely mind blowingie beautiful though..

  10. The spending power of the Rothschild dowry or 800.000 dollars in 1900 would be about $120 million today in wage-paying power and $30 million in inflation.

  11. One of the crappiest videos I’ve actually enjoyed in some time. The original video was probably a joy to watch. The Tutankhamen connection was something I never heard about from Fellowes or any of the episodes of Downton. Another thing fascinating was that a ton of Highclere’s history can be seen in Julian Fellowes’ Downton’s storylines.

  12. How very lucky these people are, what a fantastic place and history. The current owners seem to be nice people also which is great to know.

  13. The most irritating video, words are cut out resulting in a very disjointed story, it keeps changing sides – like when hearing from Lord Carnavon, first you see the left of his face, then the right and so on. The dubbing is terrible, you can see a lot is said but only a word or two is heard. I managed to watch only 20 mins of it. Pity because im sure lots of very interesting facts are shared.

  14. A crap copy. Images are reversed, lips out of sync, editing choppy, and NOT in HD. Otherwise, it would have been really enjoyable.

  15. It's unfortunate that a residence with such current fame associated with a social historic program was edited so BADLY!

  16. Oh my God! The editting is deplorable. But! I love the history that comes with places like this. You know when people say, I wish these wall can talk. Well, here they do. One will never really know everything. It give us a chance to imagine the rest.

  17. So, basically, the story of Downton Abbey is the story of Highclere (and many other similar manors). Who's looking forward to the new Downton movie?!!! Woooo!!!!!

  18. ERROR: they are NOT the "Canarvon family" 😂😂😂 They are the Herbert family. Head of the family, George Herbert, is the 8th Earl of Canarvon. He is styled Lord Canarvon.

  19. This looks really interesting, but the editing is so amateurish that I gave up watching only four minutes in.

  20. Very poor quality video and because of that I will NOT subscribe to this channel, and I will tell others' not to as well. Too bad because the castle is absolutely amazing and you ruined it, you fool!


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