Secrets To Gravy And Sauces Without A Roux Or Cornstarch | Keto Biscuits And Gravy Recipe

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Being keto doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest diets to do once you truly get out of the fear of carbs and get the hang on your thresholds.

I breakdown and explain how to make gravy and sauces without a roux or cornstarch. Not only that I explain what different methods you can use for thickening. Also, find my new recipe for keto biscuits and sausage gravy. A true southern favorite!

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24 thoughts on “Secrets To Gravy And Sauces Without A Roux Or Cornstarch | Keto Biscuits And Gravy Recipe”

  1. I love your videos. I've been following you for a while. Thanks for the caramel recipe. I missed caramel chocolate candy.

  2. i do a super quick gravy by heating a pan adding beef or chicken stock any seasoning and then adding baking powder and xantham gum and stir till it gets thick

  3. I make the bomb sausage and gravy. I'm from SC and we never make it this way. And never with diced onions or broth. It's a simple list of ingredients but when made right is very flavorful. The sausage should be a breakfast blend like any of the tubes of raw pork breakfast sausage and not the packs of plain ground pork. U just shape into patties and Fry those suckers up, remove from pan, make a roux with the grease plus any extra butter if it's needed. Scrape up the bits from frying the sausage into the roux, slowly add milk or cream or a combo of both. Crumble a bunch of the sausage back into the gravy and add TONS of black pepper and salt as needed. Then we eat it over homemade biscuits and sometimes with a sausage patty on the biscuit too. Some fresh sliced garden tomatoes on the side! Day-uuummmmmm! So good.

  4. I use a combination of psyllium husks and powdered beef gelatin powder to thicken my sauces, gravies and soups they are really are carb free. I have been doing keto for one year to control my type 2 diabetes without using medication. Love your videos.

  5. I saw the arrow root in the shop and I was wondering, what is this for? now I know, thank you for this video, I like the information you give, is not only cooking recipes

  6. I know you said you don't want to use cauliflower personally as a thickener, but I just found cauliflower flour at Walmart, so that might be an alternative to try.

  7. Fantastic video!!!!!! I'm a southerner who hates biscuits and gravy, too. But many of my favorite foods start with a roux so now I've got some experimenting to do 🙂

  8. I’ve kinda been binging your videos for the past couple days 😅 but I’ve learned sm about keto cooking and baking 😊 You’re so knowledgeable about your craft, you really should have more subs!

  9. Thank you for the great information. Your personality adds to my enjoyment of your videos. .

  10. Thank you for the info!!! I've been thickening sauces with just xantham gum but I don't care much for the slimy, viscous texture it creates. Will try to wombo combo with arrow root next time.

  11. Thanks for the informative video. I actually don't like sausage and gravy. I'm definitely in the South but I'm not your average southern girl 😂. I rarely use thickener but I do have xantham gum in my cabinet.

  12. I am so glad I discovered your channel recently. You are a source of excellent information. I’m diabetic and you help me to understand a lot of things. I don’t necessarily follow a keto diet but the keto diet helps me to understand and count carbs. I think you’re doing an amazing job keep up the excellent work. And I absolutely love your personality! ❤️

  13. This looks awesome! Have you ever tried creme fresh (sp) in your cream gravy’s and sauces?

  14. I never eat biscuits and gravy together either. But I do like those things separately too.

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