Smoothie Recipes For Keto | How To Make THE BEST Low Carb Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

keto meal replacement - double chocolate milkshake
keto meal replacement – double chocolate milkshake

Looking for keto meal replacement – double chocolate milkshake ??

Watch the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Smoothie recipes, like this low carb chocolate smoothie recipe, are some of the best keto breakfast ideas to make! Smoothies are easy to make, and keep you full & energized until lunch!


Bowmar Nutrition Hot Cocoa Protein Powder:


Confectioners Erythritol:

Food Scale:


Unsweetened Cocoa Powder:


Calories: 201
Fat: 14g
Carbs: 6g
Fiber: (2g)
Protein: 14

*NOTE: Macros don’t account for the erythritol sweetener, it has ZERO CALORIES.

*If you’d like to add more fat to the shake, use some MCT oil to fit your fat goals.

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44 thoughts on “Smoothie Recipes For Keto | How To Make THE BEST Low Carb Chocolate Smoothie Recipe”

  1. Protein powder is one of the worst things in life!! But you made it one of the best things ever, thank you

  2. If you want some actual thickness to your shake freeze some of your almond milk in an ice cube tray. Use some of the refrigerated almond milk (I prefer coconut milk) and then add the appropriate amount of frozen milk cubes. This really gives a thicker texture to your shake. Sometimes I mix some vanilla and some non sugar powdered sweetener in some nut milk and pour it into the ice trays so I have them available for whatever kind of drink I am making.
    Joe must get some bucks for pushing the Swerve. You can powder the granular sweetener of your choice all by yourself in a coffee grinder. It will do the job just as well as the Swerve company does and cost you less than half as much as they charge you to do it. Don’t use your regular coffee grinder though. You do not want the coffee taste or scent getting into your sweetener. I paid $20 for a small coffee grinder that powders any granular product like a pro.

  3. I just had this milk shake….it was heaven….I added unflavored protein powder just because I had it in pantry already… every body can give a try…u won't regret

  4. i used more milk and cream and added the powered pb, omg it was like drinking a reese cup

  5. I substituted the yogurt for two tablespoons of cream cheese and added a tablespoon more of stevia. Topped with sugar free whipped cream from walmart and it was yummy!

  6. I was struggling the last days because I was getting almost the same amount of fat and protein, instead of more fat so I was looking for a fat source (I know there's avocado but I don't really like it). And today this milkshake helped me incredibly to increase my fat intake at the right level for me. It is so delicious! I just left the protein spoon out, and that was it. Thank you for the recipe!

  7. You put in links for everything but the STRAW!! That's what I most wanted (don't judge me)

  8. This smoothie is devine! I swapped out greek yogart for avocado. I also added a little bit of natural peanut butter.

  9. Curious what I could use in place of ice cubes to make on days it's too cold for a shake?? Is it ok to use more almond milk? Cream? Or???
    Thank you❣️ I really enjoy your videos!!

  10. Your recipes are soooo good. This taste just like a normal chocolate shake. Keep it up!!! I LOVE IT THANK YOU

  11. 4 oz. Skim milk
    2 oz heavy cream
    Quarterback scoop of cocoa powder
    2 scoops of chocolate meal replacement powder
    1 stevia packet
    1 cup of crushed Ice

    I forgot to go to the store so I used what I had. Still delicious.

  12. Is it safe to add chia seeds to this?I do t have protein powder.I have only ,the cocoa powder,whipping cream,organic stevia,coconut oil and butter.

  13. Just made this. Omitted yogurt because I didn't have any, used chocolate peanut butter protein powder, and 5 drops of liquid stevia. It's delicious! Definitely the best keto shake/smoothie I've ever made. Thank you Joe!

  14. I don’t have all the ingredients:( lol dang it gonna have to go to the groceries and get the stuff 😂 thanks for the video! I’ll try it once I get everything 😋😋😋 looks yummy

  15. 2oz al milk
    2oz hw cream
    1/2 scoop p powder
    Tablespoon-Greek yogurt
    11/2 cup ice
    Tablespoon cocoa powder

  16. My husband and 11 yr old daughter are both type one diabetics. So all your recipes are greatly appreciated. This keto life has helped to keep them healthy with regulated blood glucose levels and less insulin. Thank you for helping to make this difficult disease a little easier with your recipes! Keep up the hard work. #ellastype1derfulworld

  17. Joe, true to your word you did it! I asked and you came up with an awesome recipe. I am such a happy camper now. Thank you sooooo much!

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