South Beach Diet Meal Delivery – Keto Friendly! $20 off!!

keto meal deliveries
keto meal deliveries

Looking for keto meal deliveries ??

Check the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Order your south beach diet meals here for $20 off!!

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21 thoughts on “South Beach Diet Meal Delivery – Keto Friendly! $20 off!!”

  1. You tickle me lol. I hope she like this lol. Maybe she is getting ready for other snow storm lol..playing 🙂 Please let us know how she like it all. Love ya & Hugs friend 💚💚💚💚

  2. I see your lily Pulitzer mug…so cute! I’m not a picky eater but my husband likes fancy stuff lol

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed seeing this brand. I have done Nutrisystem and it is similar to this like the soups in the microwave tubs, the pancake mix and bars. What I really like is all those frozen dinners. I hope they taste good! Let us know please 🦥

  4. I like stuff fresh mostly and this all looks to packagy for me. Of course I love to cook so mostly use fresh Ingredients.

  5. Sounds like a very affordable meal subscription. Andrea please keep us posted if your mom likes it. Everything looks very good 😊

  6. That sounds good but doesn't seem like 60 days of breakfast, lunch and dinners with snacks.

  7. I hope your mom enjoys it! If she's looking to do low carb have you ever heard of chaffles? It's low carb waffles made in these mini waffle makers. They are a wonderful way to have a "bread" substitute.

  8. Personally, I am a homecooked kinda girl ~ Still, I had to check this out because I have been strict KETO for over two years ~ One of the best decisions of my life! All the very best to your Mom on her healthy lifestyle!

  9. I lost like 30 or 40 pounds from South Beach several years ago. Gained a good bit back on my own fault. We are mixing in the cookbook recipes again. Their recipes are delicious. If you can’t afford the plan, get the books. Hmmm I can tell South Beach has been sold. They were not about shakes or pre fab food. But I guess it’s good if you can’t cook from scratch. But check out the old cook books. Their peanut dipping sauce is fabulous. I gave several favorites that even my picky son likes.

  10. Interesting however it’s all premade meals and snacks seem to be candy bars type thing. Obviously it’s low in sugar etc. but still. For the same amount of money, you could purchase the agreements and meal prep for these items. It would probably be healthier

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