Spanish Chicken: Ninja Foodi / Slow Cooker / Oven – LOW CARB & KETO UK

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Low Carb / Keto Spanish Chicken Recipe!

This is a fantastic dish packed with flavour. In this video we use our Ninja Foodi, but we’ve also included notes on how to use a slow cooker or oven. See the written recipe below:

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7 thoughts on “Spanish Chicken: Ninja Foodi / Slow Cooker / Oven – LOW CARB & KETO UK”

  1. hi! i am spanish but i want to know why you called spanish chicken. It is possible that you have called it that way because spanish people eats too much vegetables :). I do not know. Anyway, i like your recipe and i will try it in my ninja foodi. To clarify, i am only asking because i want to know why americans says paella or something called spanish , then i see, and that is not from my culture 🙂 ( In Spain, chorizo is not an ingredient for paella). It is just to know why these recipes uses "spanish" ( please, it is not a complaint, i am very interested about why the spanish dishes are too different in US). No worries and no offense please. Have a nice day

  2. Hi guys. I just wanted to say thank you for making some great content and for getting me back into keto. I am a 24 year old chef from Swindon and during this lockdown I’m now at my heaviest weight 26 stone. I did keto back in late 2018 and lost 5.5 stone in 4 months. I never saw keto as a lifestyle but a diet and pilled the pounds back on. Watching some of you videos has motivated me to change and smash 2021 out the park. Any tips on getting through the first week I hate it. Many thanks Callum

  3. Good recipe, looks very tasty, I assume you didn’t use the pressure cooker option as you need to show how to cook it if it was in a large cook pan.

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