Step By Step Procedure To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week


Selecting and executing some methods to burn extra fats of body and decrease the weight of body is known as weight loss. There are plenty of ways associated with how to lose weigh quickly. But, majority of people, especially the women are greatly scare of surgeries, injections, operations and use of medicines to lose weight faster. On the other side, such people are nervous and much confused about side effects which the medicines and other treatments leave at the end of a weight loss program.

But, today there are many types of the best programs that do not have any side effect or physical disorder at the end of selected weight loss plans. Physicians and doctors claim that most of such programs are excellent performing for reducing weight within a limited tenure. Many people have tried these programs and they are sure that these methods are most useful to lose 10 pounds in a week. You can easily pick one of these weight loss programs and execute anytime and everywhere very easily.

Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

What Your Weight Is?

It is compulsory for everyone to know his or her body weight, because this will let you know whether you need weight loss or not. For this, there are various methods and weight check indexes in which body mass index, calories count and traditional weight checking methods are more common and famous. If you find your weight over 50, then this will be an indicator for you to do some serious things for maintaining it. In general, the women and men like fast foods and dairy products which are extra rich with nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. All of such foods cause quick weight gain.

Do You Need Reduce the Weight?

This is no doubt in whether you can lose 10 pounds in a week or not, but the necessary thing for everyone to confirm is the needs of losing weight. Yes, if you are not sure that you should lose your body mass, then you must go to some physicians and doctors who can give you few sound reasons to burn the body fats and maintain ideal fitness. Generally, you can also check needs of losing weight by measuring the overall body mass you have at the moment. For this, you can apply some indexes and calculation methods in which current weight and age both are used as basic data. You need to lose weight if you experience any of the following.

  1. Recommendations of doctors or physicians to decrease health of your cardiovascular
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Less height and massive body
  4. Outward belly and breathing issues
  5. Joint pain due to excessive body weight
  6. What readings the Body Mass Index gave?

Get an Expert’s Advice:

When you find any of sound reasons to lose weight quickly, then you should never get worried, because it is bit easier to burn body fats and recover a healthy body. Furthermore, you must go to some physicians, weight loss program specialists and physicians who know the best things about losing weight. Secondly, here you should share your current diet schedule and working of the day, so that the expert can suggest something better for your health. Rational people always get services of best nutritionists and dietitians who develop special diet chart for those who are going to start some weight loss programs. Everyone must consult with these professionals prior to begin weight loss exercises or whole program.

Be Conscious & Stay Determinant:

If you are willing to lose 10 pounds in a week, then you must prepare your mind, be determinant and extremely conscious to follow all the steps. Once you meet all requirements and do whatsoever you are instructed, then definitely you will see amazing results within promised course of time for weight loss. Quick weight loss programs are little sensitive, because the people only get succeeded in their aims who follow each step and do exactly in what ways it is given. On the other side, you can reach to your ideal fitness and smart body if you also eat less and drink more quantity of water. While, consumption of fiber will also promote the fats burning process.

Weight Your Body Before to Start:

Now, you have stepped in the process of how to lose 10 pounds in a week. It means you should be ready to start it from first step, but before to this you must calculate your body weight and record it on a paper for comparison later after the end of weight loss program. Secondly, you should not look at your weight again and again once you start the diet plan for a week, because this will keep you confused throughout the course of time. Actually, you just view the weight of your body only twice; first before to start and second at the end of plan.

Steps Involved in One Week Diet Plan:

When you are ready to start your selected diet and exercises plan to lose 10 pounds in a week, then you should once again learn important things that may help you burn fats faster. First, you should avoid fruits, vegetables and other foods which may cause of extra fats, calories and massive body. Foods and physical exercises both will stand together in your 7 steps and seven days weight loss program. Here, you should increase quantity of the liquids like water, soup, juices and natural beverages. While, on the other side, you must consider red and white meat as a poison for your health.

1) Eat Fruits, But No Banana:

This is first step which you need to do in the early day of your program how to lose 10 pounds in a week. While, you must avoid taking banana, because it is rich with calories and carbohydrates. So, you must put it away from your early days and focus on the fresh fruits and their juices. It is also bit compulsory for you to prefer the fruits and juices which have citrus like watermelon, melon, apple and orange. Here, you should warm up your body for some light and few hard workouts which will be as beneficial as the balanced diet plan is.

2) Prefer Eating Raw & Boiled Vegetables:

Vegetables, especially green vegetables in raw and boiled both forms will be effective to those who are trying to lose weight faster. In general, the raw vegetables are rich with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can play their essential part to reduce calories count which is in favor of losing weight plan. When you eat raw and boiled vegetables, then these will tear the fats and remove their stock in the body. Secondly, everyone must continue exercising in which belly, shoulder, thighs, hip, lower back and legs workouts are more necessary. At the one end, continue eating and on the other keep focus on the physical exercises.

3) Bring Fruits & Vegetables Together:

First day, you ate fruits and drank the juices, while in following day you consumed boiled and raw vegetables. Now, it is third day and 3rd step that will emphasize you to bring both diets together and continue physical practices. This combination of three things; vegetables, fruits and exercises will influence body language and cut the fats into smallest pieces. Actually, exercises will be necessary for all kinds of programs that are to lose 10 pounds in a week. Here, in addition you should also stay in connection with physicians for better suggestions. It would be much fruitful for you if you join some gyms and fitness centers under the supervision of qualified and experienced physicians.

4) Low-Calorie Soup and Start Few Exercises:

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All of vegetable soups free of calories can play very significant role to burn fats and make the body flatter day by day. In fact, this is fourth step which you have to do properly and very attentively in day 4. You already have started exercises, but with low calorie soup, you need to initiate the exercises of only belly and wings. These physical workouts will start reducing fats and extra mass from wings, belly, legs, thighs and chest. For this, you need help and guidance of some physical trainers who will lead you in right direction throughout your 7 day weight loss program.

5) Add Plenty of Water in Fruits, Vegetables & Workouts:

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Pure water in excessive amount can be better than weight loss remedies and juices, because it is the best liquid that boosts up digestion and creates hunger. Secondly, it is also valuable to clean the stomach, wash the arteries and control blood pressure. Furthermore, when you eat only raw, boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, drink the citrus juices, beverages, do exercises and drink plenty of water then fats will have no way to live anymore in the body.

Weight of body will also quickly decrease within a couple of days. However, most of physicians and doctors are agreed that if the people select very strict and high quality weight loss programs for a longer course of time, then they can reduce as much weight of their body as they want. It means you should follow the 7 days diet plan to lose 10 pounds in a week and extend it to several weeks or months depending upon your weight loss needs and total weight of body.

6) Pay Attention to Various Workouts with Current Diets:

The diets in all above five steps will be more effective if time for the physical exercises is increased. In this way, the weight loss process will become faster and you will be very near to your goal. Here, most physicians also advise people to eat the rice, but in minor quantity, while rest of diet should be unchanged till the end of this weight loss plan. You must select few general and specific exercises rather than complicated weightlifting workouts that may deliver you fatigue only. Some walk before and little after having meals can be much fruitful for the practitioners. Walk in the morning and evening must be a part of losing weight in least course of time.

7) Soup, Salad, Lemon Juice and Exercises:

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Vegetarians can reduce their body weight quickly than non-vegetarian people. However, if you include soup of various vegetables and fish in this 7 day diet plan, then most stunning outcomes can be achieved. Secondly, you should use lemon juice when you are feeling hunger, especially in early of morning and before to go your bed. Further, the new combination of soup, salad, lemon juice and physical workouts will be extremely beneficial. These items of last day diet will deliver many of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to body for removing last pieces of fats and give a new shape to the body. Now, you have almost finished the process regarding how lose 10 pounds in a week.

Check Weight of Your Body:

A diet plan of 7 days with extremely useful physical workouts has come to an end and you will surely feel some loss of weight even it is minor. Now, in next you have to recheck the weight of body and compare with the calculation you have taken before to start the process of losing weight by diet and exercises in a time of one week. Physicians and doctors are pretty sure that the difference between previous weight calculation and the current will be at least 10 pounds.

Enough It is or Need Lose More?

In the final words, it is highly recommended to people that they can reduce more calories and weight if they continue this weight loss program more than 1 week. However, the diets may be increased and amount of juices may also be. Secondly, you should also select various physical exercises that may burn the fats from legs, thighs, shoulder, chest, wings, belly and hip. Now, there are many famous physicians and trainers who give their informative lectures on physical fitness, weight loss and other types of tips to burn extra fats. You can access such physicians online and get help to execute such weight loss diet plans and workouts.

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