Super Budget Keto Snacks at DOLLAR TREE for $1

keto snacks to buy
keto snacks to buy

Looking for keto snacks to buy ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Budget Keto Snacks for a Buck at DOLLAR TREE- Thomas DeLauer

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21 thoughts on “Super Budget Keto Snacks at DOLLAR TREE for $1”

  1. Far from your best, and I think you know it Thomas. Even that beef stick wasn't grass FINISHED!

  2. Budgeting better with my groceries has been on my mind with the rising prices. This kind of video is very helpful for me and I am sure many other people right now. I try to budget best I can but I know I can always learn. I’m making lots of food for my cooking channel so I use a lot of food, so every penny I can save on groceries counts. I hope that we can continue to learn from each other. Never stop learning and growing!

  3. I love those ICE waters. They really help me when I am crazing a Coke (my pop addiction).

    Just found your channel yesterday and I love it. I’m not doing Keto but these videos are really helping me choose better foods and teaching me a lot about what to look out for.

  4. Great channel,I like in cedar falls,Iowa,and our dollar trees do not have the super healthy options because our state has alot of overweight people who actually complain that Aldi's is getting to much healthy food!!!

  5. What's the best 'all you can eat' snack under the keto diet? Is there such a thing? I'm an anxious eater…

  6. If you looking for a beef jerky go to dollar General and get air Bridgeford natural smokehouse beef jerky sticks & Beef jerky there are a little bit more healthier and better

  7. I noticed the Fuji water up there I think that’s usually very expensive and has electrolytes

  8. you had mentioned a pasta provider to order online, on one of your videos for keto ????

  9. Any tips for keto diet with type one diabetics?? I like keto diet idea but when I drop low I have to eat carbs / drink things with carbs and it's basically impossible to follow the keto diet in those instances… I guess if you were to cheat the diet and eat carbs, what sorts of foods / drinks would be better than others?

    Love the content!

  10. The Perrier are SO good. I’ve been buying them for months. A great way to get your water in. No sugar or much at all added. The orange 🍊 and pineapple 🍍 are my fave

  11. It makes perfect sense to mix multiple artificial sugars. They have a synergistic effect, so you get a sweeter flavor with less aftertaste.

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