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keto snacks to buy
keto snacks to buy

Looking for keto snacks to buy ??

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In this video I go over my top 5 sweets following the keto diet! These are the ones the have helped me personally when I just want something sweet! I would love to hear yours! Drop me a comment!!

FITcrunch Bars:

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38 thoughts on “Sweet Keto Snacks | Top 5 Sweets | Ashley Salvatori”

  1. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son,that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,but have ever lasting life.

  2. Lily's no sugar dark chocolate chips mixed in 1 tbs of no added sugar peanut butter and 1 tbs of another nut butter (usually almond butter). Can add some sugar alcohol or stevia if you want it sweeter.

  3. FYI…The Fit Crunch bars are totally NOT Keto and have tons of crap in the ingredients but hey, do your thang.

  4. How much whipped cream are you allowed? One tablespoon, two? Can you please be specific?

  5. Mug cake with sugar free home made whip cream, home made sugar free peanut butter cookies, Fat bombs Chia pudding, there Jello is the best, you can make your own keto bars easy and great to keep on hand. I pre make Keto sweets to have on hand when there are days and time when I need sugar if you know what I mean ladies lol

  6. My guilty Keto pleasure is Lemon cream cheese pound cake with heavy whipped cream on top! Only 1-2 net carbs per slice (depending on how you make it).

  7. WRONG INCORRECT INFO. Do your research. the term "Sugar Free" on many labels is completely misleading, just like all the other misleading labels the food industry uses. JELLO brand especially. They sub the sugar sugar with Maltodextrin, as most sugar free recipes do, and maltodextrin is just as bad if not worse than sugar. As are many of the the sugar subs they use. Look it up. Youtuber Thomas Delauer is a diet bio science expert who explains just about every ingredient on any label that most people dont understand, and the affects they have.

  8. I eat the whole can of whipped cream… probably why the diet ain’t working real well for me.

  9. Great video! But I'm still swaying and feeling a little sea sick🥴. Please stand still 😁

  10. 1-2T Mascarpone or ricotta cheese mixed with some cocoa powder and a truvia sweetener packet!

  11. Sugar free pudding mix, heavy cream. Put it in a mason jar and shake it for a few seconds to a minute. You can eat half the jar and it taste so good.

  12. Thank you so much for this video I’m just starting, that is my biggest problem. Hopefully I can last!!

  13. My sweet tooth is insane I bought some keto candy bars but omg they suck so much and tasted like crap!

  14. I have been making almond flour cookies 🍪
    Almond flour
    Stevia extract
    Vanilla extract
    Baking powder
    Bake 400 degrees for 20 mins
    Boom 💥 ✅

  15. Does this video intentionally look bonkers? Be careful of anything sugarfree that's sweetened with maltitol. Even though it doesn't have to be listed as sugar in the nutrients it will still spike your blood sugar.

  16. 2 tbsp whip cream, 2 tbsp diet root beer, 1 tbsp heavy cream mix together in a mug then freeze.

  17. You’re cute but I have to just listen to this because I got dizzy watching you move all over with your camera. Thank you for the video.

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