The 6 Points Of The Macrobiotic Diet – A Complete Guide


Eating healthy foods is the most essential thing that all of us needed in order to have a better living conditions as well as a achieve the soundest state of our physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our life. There is truth in the saying “…you are what you eat” since depending on the degree or level of energy frequency of the food your eating will be the quality of life energy that shall manifest to you. The more natural or organic the food you are in taking the more fulfilling you will feel.

Not only that, the more high frequency food you eat the better you will feel your connection with nature as well as with the entire cosmic living organism called universe. Many studies and spiritual belief and practices have already proven that for more than a century and considered that a balanced high frequency diet can give people unbelievable amounts of energy making it possible for them to easily communicate and manifest their ideas in to something tangible that it even approaches metaphysical levels. So if you are looking for the perfect diet that can change your life, here is a high frequency filled diet that will not only replenish you physically but also nourish your mind, your heart, and most specially provide large amounts of soulfully and spiritual sustenance. This diet is called Macrobiotic diet

Point One: What Is Macrobiotics?

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Macrobiotics is considered to be a certain practical study and application of the natural laws of change. Its etymology comes from two Greek words: “macro” which means all-encompassing or great, and the word “bios” which means living or life. Macrobiotics is by all means a guiding tool that consents any person to learn and live within the secret teachings and omnipotent presence of the natural order of life, which induces a constant transmutation of the very nature of all things even those who are man-made.

This field of knowledge is known today as the result of the diligent efforts as well as concepts made by George Oshawa. At an early age (of fifteen to be exact) he has already developed and was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and when he turned eighteen most of his kin has already passed away from the same chronic illness. However, his own tuberculosis had evolved to the point that even experts in this kind of diseases have already given up on his case. Given the state of his current physical predicament has made him more adamant to overcome his condition, he then began searching for alternative cure and health theories. After long hours and days of research he have finally develop his own application and practice of macrobiotic principles based on another Japanese researcher Sagen Ishizuka who’s theory is to balance mineral salt , yin and yang, early heaven’s sequence of I-Ching, and many other Eastern Mystic Sciences.

Point Two: What Is A Macrobiotic Diet?

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Macrobiotics or also known as macrobiotic diet is a kind of eating habit that attempts to find balance between the yin and yang elements or aspects of food. In this diet it said to put grains as the staple food in your meal and is henceforth supported by large variants of vegetables and soy products. It even puts restrictions to the specific kitchenware that you are going to use in preparing them since every cookware has its own chemical properties the less natural your cookware is the more susceptible it is to bring imbalance to the harmony of your food.

Although lots of experts and writers about macrobiotics claimed that it has the capacity to help cancer patients to gain a better quality of life by strictly following this diet but there are yet needed findings to support this claim. We only hope that there is already enough proof gathered to promote its affectivity in preventing and treating cancer.

Point Three: The Philosophy Of The Diet

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Practitioners and students of the traditional macrobiotic life style believed food and quality of food h3ly affect health in its entirety. It is also stated in their age old oriental philosophy that high frequency foods as well as foods that are high in nutritional content brings utter bliss in every people’s well-being, as well as help us lead our mind and heart towards happiness in everything. And if you want to prosper in engaging with the traditional macrobiotic approach, it is said that consuming locally abundant in your area can produce better results to you as compared to those who were just recently imported.

Moreover, in modern macrobiotics they have added an extra criteria in choosing for food that is proven to have higher frequency compared to others, and it is to choose foods that are less processed, the fresher and the more raw your food choice is the better they are. Another goal that modern macrobiotic movement in support to the already established traditional macrobiotic approach, is to become more sensitive as well as particular with the real effects of foods on our health and well-being, instead of blindly following dietary rules and standards.

Although dietary guidelines helps a lot setting up ideal number of nutrient servings in a meal, but in the end it is solely in your capacity to be inquisitive the true effect of nutrients in food that you will determine if you are getting the right number benefits on your meal. It is really imperative that you gain intuitive sense as well as particulars on food in order for you to improve the quality of your life which will therefore lead to a longer life.

Furthermore, in Japanese macrobiotics they have boldly emphasized the importance of mostly partaking food sources that are locally produced in your environment like for example home grown vegetables and fruits, locally abundant herbs, spices, whole grain, beans, legumes, cereals, rice, seafood products (like fish, crustaceans, sea weed, etc.), red meat, white meat, and many more food products available. These locally available food products brings more nutritional benefits to people who lives in the same environment as those of it, since they are all accustomed to same weather conditions, atmosphere, and sometimes living conditions.

Moving on, even ancient oriental and Chinese principle of living having a macrobiotic style of living as well as food choices as stated above you are bringing balance in your body’s yin and yang energies. In relation to that lots of Japanese and Oriental macrobiotic practitioners, potently emphasizes on the fact that yin and yang are coexisting qualities which can only be perceive through comparison of its different elements and their respective harmonious relationship. According to them all foods have yin and yang principle running through its entirety yet with a single dominant aspect over the other.

Does they are labeled as either yang foods (foods that are dense, compact, hot, and heavy) or yin foods (foods that are expansive, yielding, light, and cold). Each balancing aspect or quality of food can also be determined on how they are prepared or eaten, exempli gratia if you are in need of more yin in your body however the foods that you have available yet around are mostly yang foods like fresh salmon fillet, you may go ahead and sliced it up in perfect semi-bite pieces and eat it raw with soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese green and spicy horse radish paste) due to the freshness and coolness of salmon which is its inherent yin property.

Point Four: Food To Eat

It is said by experts in the field of traditional and modern macrobiotic practices that through harmonious pairing and blending of foods that follows yin and yang category in order to achieve our body’s optimum state of equilibrium, is directly related to how you can achieve the same balance with the natural order of things. According to the macrobiotic records Yin foods are proven to have affinity to the passive aspect like that of coldness, mildness, and sweetness.

Yang foods on the other hand compared to yin foods, they are a lot more active in essence; they are more aggressive, as they are warm, heavy, and most of the time salty. Hereby, in order for you to reach a balance diet you need both qualities in your meal and of course as much as you can try to avoid too much salty snacks as well as sweet foods in substantial quantities.

Furthermore, in order to provide a simple illustration of what an ideal macrobiotic selection should be, modern and traditional macrobiotic approaches have decided to create a pyramid of food choices that you should regularly have in terms of frequency and quantity per serving. The macrobiotic food pyramid is divided into three sections Daily (food choices that should be consumed regularly in your meal), Weekly (Food choices that can be consumed few times to several occurrences per week), and of course the smallest portion in the pyramid the Monthly (food choices that are optional, and transitional foods from your usual eating habit towards macrobiotic diet).

Foods within the Monthly category include meat, poultry products and eggs, dairy products such as milk, seafood like fish and crustaceans. In Weekly food category in the macrobiotic pyramid includes seafood products like crustaceans and fishes, seasonal fruits both fresh and dried, natural sweeteners, nuts and seeds. And of course the most frequent of macrobiotic food sources the Daily category wherein it contains the following food choices: seasonings, condiments, vegetable oil (preferably olive oil, canola oil, and sesame oil), beans, bean products, sea water and fresh water vegetables, fresh vegetables, pickles of all assortment, whole cereal grains, and other types of excellent organic grain related products.

Point Five: Kitchenware To Use In Preparing Macrobiotic Meals

As was mentioned above in the previous paragraphs that in order for you to achieve the perfect balance in your food’s yin and yang properties it is of utmost imperative that you be particularly aware of the right utensils and kitchen wares to use in preparing food, the best materials in preparing macrobiotic foods are wood, glass, stone, and other more natural materials as compared to plastic, copper, and nonstick coatings which are potentially toxic in the long run as well as electronic appliances should be avoided for the same reason.

Point Six: The Benefits Of A Macrobiotic Diet

In a more extensive point of view towards macrobiotic, we would observe that as we go deeper about macrobiotic and the more we practice it, the most benefit we rip the most. However, considering the numerous positive effect of macrobiotics each and every person has their own personal positive reaction with it, and may or may not have the same reaction as to what others have, but here is a quick simple list of several positive benefits that you can get by using macrobiotic way of eating:

  • You are more immune to fatigue and has more stamina compared to others.
  • Macrobiotics helps a lot in improving our health situation, by freeing us from all pains, illnesses both acute and chronic ones.
  • Macrobiotic way of eating improve one person’s appetite, the more you eat in this manner the greater fulfillment and joy that you will get with simplest of foods.
  • Another form of appetite can be restored by eating the macrobiotic way, according to studies macrobiotic food selections has the largest amount of nutrients which are responsible for improving an individual’s sexual drive and performance.
  • Macrobiotic foods are very good inducers of deep and relaxing good night sleep with no bad dreams and nightmares.
  • Being able to maximize the length of your sleep is important, hence in connection with the prior benefit, macrobiotic foods also provides anyone with the capacity to easily fall to sleep from the moment they lay down.
  • Macrobiotic approach to food enables people to sharpen their memory in the most delectable way.
  • Better flow of positive energy and making sound choices for better longer and prosperous relationship.
  • Feeling of utter and complete freedom to live, without the shackles and trap from anger, suffering, hate, and pain.
  • And most specially by eating high frequency macrobiotic food choices you are being empowered to evolve as a person and reach higher levels of awareness giving you power to control your own destiny.

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