The 7 Biggest Keto Mistakes (Avoid these Pitfalls) 2022

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The ketogenic way of eating is a very powerful way of eating that can reverse chronic disease and move you towards your ideal body weight. But, when you first start, it can be a little confusing. Best to learn the 7 biggest keto mistakes from me, than to commit them yourself.

By doing keto correctly you can return your body to the good health it was intended to have. Sadly, there are many different opinions of what you should and should not do. I want you to have success and happiness on your health journey and so I made this video for you. Please apply its principles, and share it with a friend because so many people are confused.

If you are not making the progress you expected with keto it is quite likely you are making one or more of the mistakes I discuss in this video. Better to learn now so you can keep your progress going. When people see your progress and ask, “What are you doing?” you will be able to tell them the proper path to take.

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41 thoughts on “The 7 Biggest Keto Mistakes (Avoid these Pitfalls) 2022”

  1. Thanks for all the information you so generously share with others Dr. Berry. It’s sincerely appreciated.

  2. The only one I don’t fully agree with is 5. (I am not a medical professional of any type.) Granted I stopped watching the moment he said it . You wanna lose more weight eat less and keep your high fat mod protein low card balance. Wanna maintain ? eat a bit more . Put it like this . If eating 4,000 calories is allowing you to lose 10 pounds a week then by all means do it! IF it’s getting you 3 pounds a a week and you are HAPPY and content, do it! Butttttt if you’re eating 4,000 calories and wanna lose 5 pounds a week maybe progressively drop 1,000 calories. if you wanna lose 7-8 pounds a week drop another 1,250-1,500 calories (now at 1500-1750). I’m watching this because I’m getting ready to start my month long keto diet for the year! I normally eat 800-1200 calories a day when I’m doing keto. I eat a lot of fat drink ALOT of water and normally drop 30 pounds in the month.

  3. A mistake you don't mention is obsessing with the scale, as opposed to using a measuring tape

  4. I think this is fab,and will try this diet,but do you have to put a cigarette in each ear?

  5. 1. Not eating enough fat.
    2. Not getting enough salt and electrolytes.
    3. Continuing to snack.
    4. Comparing own results to other's.
    5. Restricting calories: eat until full.
    6. Trusting food manufacturers.
    7. Don't stay alone, use online community options.

  6. Okay now I’m really stressed about the “net carbs” thing.. I’ve always been told you minus dietary fiber because it doesn’t count. This is the first I’ve ever heard you shouldn’t do that… I need more info. 😓

  7. What a great video. Portion control actually is a problem for some of us though. It's hard for me to judge when I'm full, because I've eaten past that point for most of my life. I'm an emotional eater too. But I'm learning.

  8. Due to finding out that I am developing insulin intolerance my Dr. and naturopath have suggested I cut my net carb intake. I am laughing today because when I was a kid I ate primarily Keto then got tricked into counting calories and the weight watcher "dream"

    I am so thankful to have a family that is super supportive, even though they have extremely different dietary needs.

  9. I am new to Keto. I lost 2 pounds the first few days. And thats below my average! I enjoy your vids and I am, on a learning curve. But please as reformed smoker those thjings in your ears look like broken bent used cigarettes. Plrease pasint them or get rid of them!!

  10. Make sure you replace your potassium also I would advise salt substitute to add with your salt

  11. I looked at a frozen waffle marked keto and it had cassava starch👎👎👎👎

    Isn't cassava also poisonous if not cooked properly?

  12. Ok crazy question here! I want to eat a keto diet but I don’t eat meat or fake meat substitutes. What do I do!? Help!

  13. I had a good lunch, cottage pie using celeriac mash on top. I didn't feel hungry 'till 5.30pm and wondered what would serve me well. Then I remembered I'd got some big (2" long) prawns in the fridge and suddenly had a ferocious appetite. Fried 10 prawns in butter, nothing else. Feel great.

  14. After reading these comments I feel positive and I’m looking forward to the results. Thank you!

  15. The reason there has always been a recommendation to "reduce your salt intake" is because for so long, we have eaten unhealthy, over-processed foods. And part of that unhealthiness and over-processing involves TOO MUCH added salt.
    Eating healthy, especially if you emphasize whole foods as the Fantastic Dr Ken suggests, you will reduce your salt intake so drastically that it will become NECESSARY to add salt (the RIGHT kind of salt!) in order to get the proper amount.

  16. Graphics, even the most rudimentary, would help break up the visual monotony of this video. Good information, stagnant presentation.

  17. Re #3… there's a lot of Dr.s out there who dispute the "intermittent fasting" theory.

  18. Thank you for supporting total carbs vs net carbs! I've questioned my decision to follow total carbs but feeling better about that now!

  19. Calories Counting is not a good way to watch weight.. just follow the Carbs (Keto).Non Processed foodstuffs.

  20. Granulated Celtic salt has 82 a good alrounder. DONT use table salt which only carries 2 minerals, is only good for Material colour dye which sets the colour.

  21. I have to take food for lunch. I have a microwave and a toaster oven at work . I’m not a huge meat fan . I prefer vegetables . Are there good meat free sources of protein that you can suggest? I’m not one to reheat leftover steak , chicken or fish the next day . It’s gotta be fresh or I don’t want it . My A1C is 5.5 and my docs seem to think I should be jumping for joy . To me , 5.5 means I’m on the verge of pre diabetes. I have neuropathy. And until I cut out sugar about 10 days ago, my muscles were weak , my joints hurt , I had fatigue. I feel better except for the neuropathy just by ditching sugar and TRYING not to eat carbs . I love potatoes. So hard to give them up . All the microwave meals are loaded with carbs . How many carbs can one eat per meal and still lower the A1C ? I only weigh 100 pounds . I’m too skinny . I’m female , 44 . 5 ft tall. Up til now , I’ve always had LOW blood sugar . So this is a huge scare for me . I wake up with 110-122 blood sugar and it goes down to 100-108 by the end of a work day . I do construction. So I’m moving a lot . Some days , it’s miraculously 85 at the end of the day , like today . Thank you for the videos. I’m learning a lot . Maybe a video on food to take with you when you don’t have a way to heat or prepare a good lunch would be cool ? 🤩

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