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Men are today as conscious as women about their appearance and physique. They too spend a lot of time in grooming themselves before moving outdoors as they want to put their best foot forward to win over the members of opposite sex. Women are very conscious of body hair and they keep scrubbing to make sure they do not have hair on their body parts that shows up when they wear sleeveless clothes or short skirts. They expect the same from their men and dislike men sporting hair on the back of their necks, ears, chest, and even arms and legs. Gone are the days when having bodily hair was considered a sign of masculinity. To help men in this endeavor, there are available many grooming products.  A body groomer is really a device that helps in trimming and shaving hair from various body parts.

What is Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

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Philips is the leader when it comes to making shavers and other grooming product s for men and women. This is a product that is called Bodygroom by the company. It is much more than a trimmer and a shaver as it not only removes or trims facial hair but also helps in removing hair from other parts of the body. If you are a man troubled by hair growth on your chest and back, this is a perfect product to have in your kitty. Just a few minutes of operation of this product on your chest and back and you are ready to face the world with confidence. This product has a curved body and a pivoting head to remove hair from difficult areas and also to make sure you do not get any nicks and cuts. This revolutionary product has a dual head design to make it possible to trim and shave at the same time with this product.

Types of body groomers

Body groomers for men have become a necessity in present times because of the desire of more and more men to have a body without any hairs. This si the reason why there are so many different products available in the market to fulfill the needs of these men. While some of these body groomers are foldable to allow for a long handle that comfortably shave hair from the back, others have a more traditional body though all have a more comfortable grip to make it easier to remove hair from difficult parts of the body. All these body groomers operate upon the power of a chargeable battery.

Pros and cons of Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

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  • Pivoting head that follows the contours of the body
  • Trimming end has combs and rounded blades to reduce length of hair easily
  • Easily shave the chest, the back, the abs, and the groin area
  • Self sharpening blades that are maintenance free
  • Easy cleaning through running water under the faucet


  • Some customers found the motor not powerful enough
  • Poor battery life

How to use Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040 is a dual headed shaver and trimmer that allows you to get rid of unwanted body hair with great ease. Use the 3D pivoting head if you are desirous of shaving your chest or back while you have to use the opposite end to reduce the length of hair as this end contains the trimmer. Just set the length of the hair and move this end over the body part where you want to trim the hair. This product works dry as well as wet and you are advised to work up lather in the groin area before operating this product as otherwise it can result in nicks down there.

Review 1

Martinez Gustav (It works)

I am a man who always wondered how celebrities and actors had absolutely no hair on their backs and upper legs. I desired the same for me but did not know how to achieve a body without hairs at home. At first I went to parlors to get my body shaved but found it inconvenient and expensive. Also, I felt shy when I had to enjoy at the beach with my girlfriend as hair on my legs and groin are showed in my skimpy underwear. This was when my friend suggested this product to me. But I was afraid of drawing blood when using a trimmer or shaver while removing body hair. Still, I could not bear the ugly smell and sight of hair down there so I purchased this product from your website.

I was convinced there was no way I could shave and trim body hair without causing nicks but imagine my surprise and happiness when I found I had got rid of all hair down there and my chest with the help of this product in just a few minutes. And yes, there were no nicks and cuts to make me feel proud of my effort. In fact, I did not even have any rashes in my groin area which was a big surprise for me. Perhaps Philips Norelco has designed this product to carry out the task of shaving by making the blades follow the contours of the body.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have obtained with this product. I have shaved my groin area, my chest, back, and my arms and legs while I have also successfully trimmed my facial hair, the hair on my ears and the hairs on the back of my neck.

Review 2

James Pollock (So far, so good)

I am a hairy man with hair showing from not only my hands and legs but also my chest. I was always apprehensive of going to the beach with my girlfriends as I could not take off my T-shirts freely like other boys around. I have often cursed my father for giving me this hairy body but it never crossed my mind that the men I saw with hair less bodies were not born this way. I now know that most men who appear to have smooth and clean arms and legs are the ones who have tried one or the other methods of shaving their body parts.

I bought this product after doing a lot of research and after comparing the features with other brands. I was a little disappointed with the high price of this body groomer as $70 is a bit too much for getting a cleaner body. But after having used this product for nearly 3 months, I can say that this product is really worth its price and it has performed well whether it is trimming the hair in my nose or ear or shaving my chest and back.

What I love most about Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040 is the fact that I do not have to change any attachments to go for trimming suddenly if I have been shaving for some time. This is because of the dual head design that has placed the pivoting head 3D blades one side and the combs and the blades on the opposite end to carry out trimming. So just set the length of the hair and continue with your task of grooming once you are done with shaving.

Review 3

Robin Feathers (Did not know it was so easy)

I used a Panasonic electric shaver for many years but I wanted a new product that could not only shave but also trim my body hairs. In particular, I was looking for a body groomer so that I could clean my chest and back from hairs that are no more in vogue. In fact, my girlfriend hated my body hairs and had given me an ultimatum to get rid of these hairs if I was interested in long term relationship with her. I did my homework before buying and I shortlisted body groomers made by Philips and Remington. Finally my vote went to Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040 because of its superior features. I am writing this review after using this product for almost 2 years. I would come straight to the point without beating around the bush. It is perhaps the best male grooming product out there. I could easily remove my body hair from all parts of the body whether it was chest, back, groin, ass, and the balls. Yes, I was surprised to see how swiftly this product rolled and cut hairs with the help of its 3D pivoting head. I cannot tell how confident I felt when I went on a date with my girl friend after using this product as I was all clean and smelling great.

Review 4

Shane Watson (Cheap batteries that needed change)

I am a big fan of all products made by Philips as I have seen them in my home when I was a small kid. I was already using an electric shaver made by Philips when I thought about a body groomer. My electric shaver was getting old and I was getting the option of a shaver and trimmer both in this revolutionary product. Though I found the price a bit too much, I nevertheless went ahead and purchased it as I wanted to have a clean look on the beach.

I have used this product for a year now and it has performed satisfactorily on all counts. It works great both dry and wet and I have never seen myself so clean down there. Even my girlfriend could not resist herself from complimenting on my clean looks inside the bedroom.

However, I do have a grouse and that pertains to the poor battery power of this product. The batteries  became weak after using this groomer for about six months and fin ally they could not hold on to their charge even for a few minutes. This was when I decided to replace the batteries. It was not an easy task as I had to remove no less than six screws on the back and get down to the batteries before being able to replace them with Sanyo chargeable batteries. However, I do not gold a grudge against this product because of its horrible batteries as I feel that it is still th best body groomer for men being sold in the market.

Review 5

Billy Teacher (Love the product)

I would give this product a five star rating because of its performance and design. I love the design that allows me to shave and trim at the same time without fumbling for the attachments. This has been achieved with the dual head design with pivoting head on one side and combs and blades on the other. I also liked the shape and the grip of this body groomer as I could easily hold it all along the session. It takes a lot of time charging its batteries but does not hold on to this charge for a very long time. This is perhaps the only downside of this fantastic product which has given a good performance for me every time without fail.

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends if they ask for my advice. Also in order to keep your body in shape you need to groom yourself.


Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040  is a wonderful personal groomer for men that delivers what it promises. It has a revolutionary new design with a dual head that make it possible to switch from shaving to trimming without changing any attachments. The design is great and the grip is also excellent to allow the user to hold on to this groomer even when trying to remove body hair from down there. It makes cleaning your chest and back a child’s play with the help of its curved design and a 3D pivoting head that follows the contours of your body. The only complaint some people have with this product pertains to its poor batteries that need replacement after a few months of use. All in all, this is a great personal grooming product.

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