THE BEST KETO COCKTAILS | Keto Margarita, Keto Strawberry Daiquiri, Keto Piña Colada

keto drinks
keto drinks

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The warmer weather is coming so it’s time to make some drinks! We are making my favorite poolside, beach side, campfire side cocktails – the margarita, strawberry daiquiri, and piña colada, but we are making them keto friendly. These are the BEST RECIPES!!! PLUS… you can easily turn these into mocktails by just substituting the alcohol for water.


Sweetener: or
Orange Extract:
Margarita Salt:
Piña colada extract:


(makes 2)
2 cups ice
4 oz tequila
1/2 cup lime juice
1/2 teaspoon orange flavor extract
2 tablespoons monkfruit blend sweetener

(makes 4)
2 cups ice
1 cup slice strawberries, fresh or frozen
6 oz white rum or water (if making a mocktail)
2 oz lime juice
1/4 cup monkfruit blend or erythritol sweetener

(makes 4)
2 cups ice
½ can full fat unsweetened coconut milk
½ can LaCroix Coconut Flavored sparkling water
6 oz rum or water (if making a mocktail)
1 teaspoon Piña Colada extract
¼ cup sugar free sweetener

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49 thoughts on “THE BEST KETO COCKTAILS | Keto Margarita, Keto Strawberry Daiquiri, Keto Piña Colada”

  1. Great video!
    I've contacted the real lime brand company. I was told directly from the source, that there are 2 grams of carbs in 1 oz of bottled lime juice. Carbs in flesh lime juice is 2.5 carbs per ounce. I hope this helps. Side note, some brands of rum add sugar after distillation. This is a process called dosing. I've have a video on dosing called is there hidden sugar in your rum, as well as bottled lime juice, called sorry I lied.


  2. Keto focus… I've subscribed many times but it doesn't stay subscribed. Check with YouTube or something. I stay subsided to other channels. Maybe it's your YouTube connection.

  3. You just made me the happiest (NEW) keto person with these 🍸🍹 thanks for sharing. New subscriber

  4. Mmmmm but hear me out ‼️ what about the piña colada mixed with a strawberry daiquiri to make a MIAMI VICE 😭😭😭 I got to try it

  5. White Russian , Vodka Kaluha ice Coconut Milk/ Cream Sweetener .
    Black Vodka Coke Zero Kaluha

  6. Have I told you lately, that I love you? Going to make the keto sushi and cocktails tomorrow!

  7. I just came across your videos and am bingeing on them now -they are all super great!! Subscribed 💕💕

  8. I found 1 Tlbs has 1g of carbs. Who knows. Lol

    Also, i buy a bag of limes and lemons juice them all and pour the juice into ice cube trays. Remove once frozen and store in a zip lock bag so I can use as needed. 😀

  9. For your piña colada recipe. Couldn’t you just use pineapple rum? To get the pineapple flavor in there

  10. Aldi has frost drink in piña colada flavor, so that could be used to make a piña colada. Then just add ice, rum and coconut milk.

  11. This may be my favorite keto video of the last 3 years. 🤣 Pretty sure we ALL have a tequila story, lol. I'm definitely trying the Pina Coladas. I'll add pineapple extract I think.

  12. Great recipes! I use the Cronometer app. It’s one of the only food tracking apps that checks the input of food in a lab. According to that, 1 oz of raw lime juice is 2.5 grams carbs. And 1 oz of bottled/boxed/canned is 2.1 grams carbs.

  13. Thank you for the recipes and for the sponsor. I’ve wanted to try the LMNT electrolytes – people say they’re the best and this gives me the option to try some flavors before purchasing an entire box.

  14. I love lmnt. I was actually thinking of using the orange salt in margarita instead of orange extract

  15. Also, also! If you don’t have time to make from scratch or are lazy like me there is a brand called (Jordan’s) Skinny Mixes and they’re really good! A lot of them (not all) have 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 carbs. They even make Keto coffee syrups with added mct oil.

  16. Have you tried the Waterloo Sparkling Water Pineapple flavor in your Keto Pina Colada (instead of the coconut sparkling water)?

  17. Agreed about the challenge finding the carbs on lime juice from the fruit. But I figured, no one became overweight on lime juice. Righhhht?

  18. Wow! These are amazing ideas. I can't wait until the sun comes back out here in Wales. 🥂

  19. Ordered the LMNT sample. Going to sneak it in to the drink and call it an electrolyte drink instead of cocktail.

  20. Loved this! I must say though, the close camera and constant moving made me dizzy and I haven’t tried any recipes yet! 🥴

  21. It's getting cold here so I need to perfect my keto Irish cream. I make a citrus vodka with grated citrus zest, erythritol and vodka. Great over ice or as a triple sec sub

  22. This is the best! I’m just making your keto margarita and it was fantastic! Please do more!
    Moheto please!

  23. Ohh no you didn’t!!! Lol, fantastic idea since we are still quarantined here in Canada. A little joy never hurt anyone

  24. Loved the drink ideas! Can't wait to try them!! I use Calorie to figure out macros of foods. It is a really good resource. It actually gives macro info for lime juice!😃🍹

  25. You are the Best! I have learned so much from you! Thank you for sharing 😊👍

  26. Haha, who doesn’t have a tequila story like that? The problem I have with drinking alcohol on keto is not whether it has carbs or how it’s digested, it’s that it makes me want to eat garbagy crap, and not care if I do.

  27. These drinks look perfect for summer, i cant wait to try them out! LMNT is our favorite, i am loving all of their new flavors! ❤ -Sarah

  28. These look fabulous. Maybe you should make a keto cocktail cookbook. I really don’t see many out there. Thx for these three, some of my favorites and all keto! 😊

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