The Best Keto Donuts (Deep Fried)

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The Best Keto Donuts (Deep Fried)
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48 thoughts on “The Best Keto Donuts (Deep Fried)”

  1. Finally got around to rendering all of our beef tallow today from the cow we butchered in November, perfect timing, can't wait to make these tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. Damn this look good! Unfortunately i am allergic to erythritol or any alcohol sugar! 😭

  3. Oh Matt, those donut were screaming.. MAKE A GLAZE Dude!! Who eats donuts with hazelnut or peanut butter.. 1/2 stick of butter, melt on stove, add some heavy cream enough to coat the bottom of the sauce pan , adjust a lil more if needed , it’s glaze everyone knows what glaze looks like right.. 🙃(my fav) or half and half and you can even use water, add Lakanto granular sugar (to ones taste 1/4c) or Swerve, a pinch of salt, melt bring up to boil with small bubbles, stir stir stir and when it coats the back of your wooden spoon (turn off the heat and add REAL VANILLA EXTRACT.. pour over donuts or toss them in the pan, eat them while warm, when they cool they will be glazed donuts. TIP: mix cinnamon & sugar (Lakanto) in large gallon sz baggy and drop the warm donuts in there and shake!! Now never serve a boring plain dry donut again!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😜🤗

  4. Hey guys, have you tried baking with "Lupin" flour? It's supposed to be Keto-friendly, but haven't seen anyone reviewing it yet (specifically for Keto).

  5. Son was on keto,went to the Dr. and his cholesterol is sky high and of course they told him to get off keto, so how do you guys keep the cholesterol down in check?

  6. With all your recipes, there isnt any way to tell how much gram portions are in a per serving meal. I want to be more precise with my calorie intake.
    Like the Keto butter chicken recipe, it says 385 cal. per serving but how many grams would that be from the whole pot of butter chicken to be an exact serving? Is it the whole pot? 1/8 of the recipe? 1/2 of the recipe? I really dont know

  7. Ooooo – might try but use a pastry bag and make churros (I'll roll the logs in cinnamon and erythritol instead of glaze)!

  8. What do we have to do to get you over one million subscribers this year?! I love you guys!

  9. Dude, I've been dying for donuts/doughnuts… Those look like a great base to let your creativity flow. Lemon zest would kick those in a different direction, and cream cheese frosting glaze would put them over the top. 😊👍

  10. What brand is the coconut oil. It’s just $6.00? coz the coconut oil i buy so expensive.

  11. He said 2 whole eggs but then he removed the shells ?

  12. This may be an unpopular opinion but I can’t quite understand why so much focus of keto recipes and foods is about snacks. Keto is the only plan that has ever diminished my sweet tooth and yet it seems to be the opposite case for everyone else.

  13. I got a recipe for Krispy cream doughnuts that I was thinking about trying out. But its baked

  14. Tim Hortons does have a sour cream glazed donut. I wonder if that would keep the baked ones moist?

  15. I am sooooo trying this!!! I’ve been wanting to do a deep fried donut 😻😻

  16. Good job, guys…I spent my morning making keto brownies and a pound cake😋😋

  17. Thank you! Donuts. AND I know it's completely off topic… but what is the brand and color of your KITCHEN wall paint??

  18. I have Lupin flour and oat fiber just waiting for you guys to use. But you have to use your own. I was thinking fried chicken with spices in the lupin flour, maybe add oat fiber.

  19. Didn't look done in the middle but he still ate it 🤣 & that's a load of fiber, you'll be crapping bricks! There has to be a better way.

  20. Keto icing: six teaspoons powdered erythritol, a teaspoon vanilla, and one-three cap fulls (depends on the size of the cap) of heavy whipping cream. It should be just runny enough you can spread it easily, but thick enough it does not run everywhere. Put on while hot and let sit. It will harden and make a glaze.

  21. I didn't realize Tim Hortons had made it as far south as Atlanta. They originated in Hamilton, Ontario in the 1960s and are HUGE in Canada

  22. I want to try this recipe and I will make an icing using Ricotta cheese with Swerve erythritol confection sugar and vanilla extract. On some donuts I will add cacao to the icing and roll in chopped walnuts.

  23. Nice one guys. I'm trying a couple weeks without nuts for an experiment but when I go back to normal keto I'll give this a try.

  24. So of course I watched before breakfast so I decided to make them 😊 I decided to have some toppings on deck to add after frying them. A glaze with some confectioners Swerve and a mix with cinnamon and some granular monk fruit. Both amazing! This is better than baked Keto donuts. I will be making this again soon! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I’ve been using gluccomanan instead of psyllium or xantham & it’s working better. I think it’s also called konjac powder. It’s zero net carbs.

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