The BEST Low-Carb Chocolate Cake | Keto | Paleo | Sugar-free

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Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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This Chocolate Cake Recipe has been updated and made even better ( featured on page 163)

This cake is entirely sugar-free, grain-free and the best part you will never know is that it is keto and paleo-friendly… This Fluffy Chocolate keto cake is so rich, yet the layers are EXTREMELY MOIST, spongy & light.




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50 thoughts on “The BEST Low-Carb Chocolate Cake | Keto | Paleo | Sugar-free”

  1. I made the full recipe version and the half version of this recipe. Both, tasted AMAZING! It was so soft, light, but full of flavor. I highly HIGHLY recommend trying this. Tasted both great as a cupcake too! I used Choczero's hazelnut spread as the frosting for the cupcake. SO good. Please make a strawberry short cake!

  2. Hi I made this exactly the way shown. Only difference is I used swerve. My cake didn’t rise much as yours and very wet. I used 3 six inch pan and kept 50 min in oven.

  3. I would like to make this cake in advance and take it as we travel out of state for the holidays. Do you know if it can be frozen?

  4. Do I need to adjust the time if I’m baking a smaller cake? Like a smash cake…I believe a 5”? Thanks

  5. From a UK fan if yours please bring some more recepies….eagerly waiting!🙏🙏🙏🙏💚💚

  6. Sooo this wud b good for diabetics? Becuz im a diabetic and i wanna b able to indulge in my favorites wothout feeling bad nor effecting my diabetes. Soo im gonna try this..

  7. is the Lankato Golden Sweetener made with Erythritol? i can't find monk fruit without erythritol. Do they all come that way. Just been hearing about Monk fruit. i want to make this cake for memorial weekend the link you posted for Golden Sweetener go to classic.

  8. Great idea! What are the macros and overall net carbs? – can't find on the website, thanks in advance. Also, 8-10 serving slices?

  9. it's good as far as keto goes, but still not as good as a regular chocolate cake, but I guess that is to be expected. I really try to like almond flour, but have a hard time with the texture and I used Wellbees Almond Flour.

  10. I am scared to ask how many calories is one slice like that – all of that butter is likely all my daily calories combined. But looks divine

  11. Will try this soon .. You inspired me to learn how to bake a keto chocolate cake 😍😍😍

  12. I tried this cake is tasted terrible. The texture of the cake was strange. This was not good

  13. Hi, if I were to use Stevea or xylitol how much would I need? I can't find the sweetner than you use in this recipe.

  14. My cake was too wet and I followed all the measurements :/ not sure what happened! The chocolate flavor is amazing though

  15. Im going to make this for my daughter's BD this February 16.. She is on a low carb diet and she is a chocolate lover! Im going to make a bit of a change I'll use coconut milk as a Chantilly cream… Thank you for your recipe!❤️❤️❤️

  16. Can I sub stevia for the golden sweetener you use or will that mess up the recipe. Looks so good!

  17. I am planning to make this for my husband’s birthday. How much Heavy whipping cream should I use to replace coconut milk?If we use coconut milk does the cake have a coconut flavor and taste to it?

  18. Wow, this cake is incredible. Been on the journey to find a good chocolate cake that isn't dry, and doesn't have that weird aftertaste sugar free cakes sometime has. And this is it 😍😍😍

  19. Thank you for this recipe! I was wondering if I could roast the almond flour before baking maybe that strong taste would disappear. Do you think that would be problematic?

  20. Looks amazing! Does anyone know if it has a strong coffee taste? I'm not a coffee lover at all. But I do love healthy eating and chocolate.

  21. I just made this for the christmas eve dinner! Better than normal cake! Thanks for the recipe. ❤

  22. Hi dear this looks amazing. I have a question. I don't want to make it double layer just a single one .what quantities should I use than ? Can you please guild much thanks and love ❤️❤️🤗

  23. Hi, may I know the exact measurement of the recipe if you may? I want to make this for Mom. Thank you so much!

  24. is there a way to make this a vanilla cake? i want to make this for my mom's birthday and she's not a big fan of chocolate cake

  25. Hope the recipe could be in grams because in cups always have some different in it hard to catch the right amount

  26. Has anyone baked cake like this on induction stove? If so please guide me. I use to bake on gas stove whch use to turn out best but nw I have bought induction stove. And when i tried to bake pizza on induction it failed terribly and ws all raw. So pL kindly help me thru…!

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