keto vegetables
keto vegetables

Looking for keto vegetables ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

A couple of questions I always get is “what can I eat on the Keto diet and is there anything healthy to on Keto?” The good news is there are plenty of healthy and delicious veggies you can enjoy!

In this video I will reveal the 22 BEST LOW CARB vegetables that you will want to include in your diet!


Dr. Nick

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  1. Thank you Doc, I have learned so much and I have lost 17 pounds in three weeks 😊

  2. Hello dr. Nick I'm having some difficulties with the keto, is it possible to email you? If so I'd appreciate that. Thanks stay well.

  3. first 4 minutes is a waste of time especially if you want someone new to this. its jsut wasting peoples time
    time they switch of. so for that i wont share this

  4. I know this is a vid pertaining to keto but PLEASE, trim the fat! Is keto a corporation you work for? This is like a telethon version of those wierd milk adds

  5. Every video of yours that I've seen has at least one spelling or typing mistake. I'm not impressed.

  6. On artichokes…Pesto!!!! Use a little plain yogurt for thickener and a little lemon to it.

  7. the fifth vegetable, cauliflower, was introduced with the use of rice…. RICE..???…. that is CARBS…!!!!…. what has rice got to do with Keto….? or did you chop-up the cauliflower so much until it visually looked as though it is rice…? … perhaps… but if so, that wasn't clearly said… it may be good to clarify.

  8. 31 Lbs down since July 2019 even after tens and hundreds of cheat days.. Keto never cheats.. I loved it.. Its not going to give up on me.. So I decided not to give up on it…🥰🥰

  9. Hey Doc ok to take those great veggies and throw them raw into my Vitamix for a smoothie

  10. A Wonderful vegetable carb list. Thank you so much, sir🙏🌺 Look forward to your recipes as we get a lot of good tips for preparing good healthy meals 👍😊 I wish you and your family a lovely weekend ❤️🌺

  11. I see that I eat from the 4 carbs and down group but I seem to eat a great deal more just to satiate the hunger. First time I have heard of dirty keto vs clean and I just bought a whole mess of dirty as that is what I have been consuming . When you point out percentage of what we are to eat would you mind giving an example as 27% protein means nothing to the common person.?

  12. hi Dr. Nick, I really appreciated that you breakdown the net carbs on these veggies. however, when I started to cook some of them, I don't know if the net carbs based a cup or oz. Can you please verify. I just started the keto and want to do everything right. thanks.

  13. Great 📹 May God continue to bless and keep you and myself in his care. Kerp up the great work.

  14. Dr. Nick, it is wonderful to see all your videos. They have helped me a lot My name is Kenny Kalil, I am a Nutritionist. I have a twin sister and she has always had problems with her weight. At the beginning of this year, I came around the Ketogenic diet and I started to do it with her. Unfortunately, where we live it is harder to really find the butter that is grass-fed and any type of meat. We live in San Salvador, El Salvador.
    My sister is insulin resistant and we just turned 50, she lives a very stressful life, both my parents are sick and she deals with this all the time. She has lost weight, but it has not come off like other people, but she stopped swelling up. Please help me because I am trying but it is hard to see her struggle so much. God is wonderful and has been so with us. May God bless you. Hope to hear from you. My email is [email protected]-for if you want to let me know how to do.

  15. The 'Butcher Box' idea is interesting, but I'm not giving up my email address as a requirement to explore their site.

  16. I watched the videos in reverse order. Worst then best. Any chance you have a place on the web where you have these available for download? Looks like they would be perfect thing to put on my frig.

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