The Egg Diet: Is it Safe to Eat ONLY Eggs on a Keto Diet? – Thomas DeLauer

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The Egg Diet: Is it Safe to Eat ONLY Eggs on a Keto Diet? – Thomas DeLauer… This is going to be the most scientific breakdown of the egg diet that you’re going to find on the internet. I’m going to give you an unbiased review, and I’m going to look at different things. I’m not just going to look at the cholesterol side of things, I want to look at omega profiles, I want to look at sulfur, I want to look at glutathione. I want to talk about the egg diet in a different light, and help you understand truly what it is. This is completely unbiased. I don’t do the egg diet.

Anyhow, if you don’t follow me already, my name’s Thomas DeLauer. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you want to get three to five awesome nutrition and workout coaching videos per week. If you are already a follower, make sure you turn on those notifications so you never miss a video. All right, so first off, what the heck is the egg diet? I’ll give you my first off honest impression of the egg diet. It’s something that’s been sort of manufactured to piggy-back off of the keto diet. People are seeing that the keto diet is successful, and that it’s getting popular, so people are starting to make different spinoffs with the same general underlying principles.

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Ultimately, the egg diet is more of a mono-diet. It’s where you really focus on eggs as your primary source of fuel, if not your only source of fuel. Some people eating upwards of two dozen eggs per day, you can pretty darn aggressive. The whole idea here is that eggs supposedly have the abundant nutrient profile that you need to survive, and the perfect ratio of fats to protein. Some of that I’m not going to argue with, okay? If you have really truly good quality eggs, you can get a nice nutrient profile from them, and sure, the fat to protein ratio is quite nice, and supports a general ketogenic lifestyle, but there are some other things that we really have to look at.

First off, it’s never good to get your food from just one source. What’s going to happen is your body’s ultimately going to start to develop antibodies to it, and it’s going to happen very fast. As we start to consume something over, and over, and over again, our bodies do start to create antibodies to it. It does start to create a reaction, basing specific IGE, and IGG responses within the body. These IGG responses make it so that your body signals an immune attack whenever you’re eating this food in the future. This is the same kind of thing that happens with gluten intolerance.

For example, back in the 1950s, we didn’t have much of an issue with gluten, believe it or not. Nowadays, we have an issue with gluten. It’s not so much that gluten has changed a whole lot, it’s more so that we have over consumed wheat to the point where we’re developing antibodies to it. Well this happens at a smaller scale, very aggressively, and very fast if you consume the same food, especially only that food. But let’s talk about something different.

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I want to talk more so about the omega profile, omega-3s versus omega-6s. Eggs are generally about 1% omega-3, and over 14% omega-6. Now you might hear the word omega and automatically think that it’s a good thing, but here’s the thing, omega-6s are not good in high amounts, not good at all. In fact, very, very detrimental, so much so that there are multiple studies that link omega-6s with inflammation, and terrible conditions within the body.
What’s the problem, why can’t we just modulate that omega-6 with something else? Well, here’s the thing, we need to be in equal balance of omega-3, and omega-6s. If we’re consistently consuming a food that is higher in omega-6s, than the omega-3s, it’s skewing that balance in our body. What exactly happens with omega-6s then? Omega-6s are what are called a pro-inflammatory fat. It is literally their job to signal inflammation at specific periods of time. Omega-6s help support the immune system. They literally are provoking inflammation.

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  1. I appreciate your videos because you provide a lot of detailed information, get right to the point and easy to follow.

  2. Dr Berg said to eat only brown eggs . It has omega 3 and brown eggs are a huge difference, stay away from white eggs.

  3. ive lost 5 kgs so far on day 6 on Vicky's 900 calorie diet, however I walk about 10k steps a day and at least 3-4 litres of water a day. first 2 days was hard but rest has been easy. The diet is 3 boiled eggs in the morning with green tea, lunch 3 boiled eggs, 1 apple and green tea, dinner oats but then sometimes i eat salad or beans.

  4. I'm looking for the most basic diet to losing weight and overtime gainging a bit of muscle.

    My type of work and environment does not allow me to spend a lot of time making food or really eat that much. Looking for Super basic and inexpensive food which is easy to follow and stick by as I'm struggling a lot to lose weight. Being in the gym for a while now I gained some muscle but just don't seem to lose weight.

  5. Eat fish as a meal too! That way you get plenty of Omega 3's with low colesterol for a meal. Balance it out. Also some veggie or salad for another then perhaps 2 servings 2-3 eggs 2x a day with butter.

  6. I don't hardly fart at all since being on the carnivore diet and I'm esting more eggs than ever !

  7. Most of this is not really backed by science. He quotes studies but as we all know it is how the study is done that counts. I have been eating tons of eggs my whole life and never had a problem. Lets see eggs are the cheapest keto food so lets make keto so expensive that only a select few can affird it by removing eggs. I am surprised there was no commercial on here for a protein shake instead. I call BS on this diatribe

  8. What if you buy the eggs that say high in Omega-3's? – they ususally say 225mg. Omega-3 & 147mg.Choline? Do they improve the Omega-3 to Omega -6 ratio?

  9. I have 3 eggs a day on healthy keto I've always been scared of cholesterol.
    I don't get eggy wind lol so maybe they are good for me but I've noticed I'm not losing the weight I lost when I ate porridge every fast break meal ?

  10. I am now in my 3months keto Diet. I eat 6 boiled eggs everyday with OMAD. From 220lbs to 172lbs. My health is ok with normal blood pressure. I can moved fast and can practice and sitting down while practicing classical piano pieces for an hour and can focus to the musical notes and finger exercises.

  11. My Mom ate one or two eggs just about everyday of her life. And she died. Did I mention she lived to be a 100yrs old and lived at home all her life.

  12. So if u can cook it with an omega 3 oil like niger seed oil then all is balanced right?

  13. I add lattice and green onions to make like an egg salad and it's still low calorie! Is that ok? Or should I do only eggs without anything alse?

  14. You only develop antibodies to a food if it's protein ends up in your bloodstream and that assumes that you have leaky gut. A healthy gut will not allow undigested proteins through the "tight" junctions.

  15. I hate these promo people that always talk about "scientific breakthroughs" there's nothing scientific or breakthrough about eating a natural nutritious item… It's just common sense.

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  17. I cant stop looking at the painting 🤣 i keep askin people to get me one and the doooon't 😅

  18. i eat about 25 eggs a day,,5 whole eggs and the reste is only whites,,i lift weights and i,ve gain lots of muscle mass on it,

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