The Gout Diet and the Importance of Eating the Right Foods (3 of 6)

Keto Diet Food List
Keto Diet Food List

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A healthy well balanced diet should be the goal for people living with gout. We discuss foods to avoid and foods to increase. A sample meal plan is described.


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30 thoughts on “The Gout Diet and the Importance of Eating the Right Foods (3 of 6)”

  1. I am 59 years old and suffer from sporadic gout attacks. My last one showed a Uric acid level of 17! It always seems to strike when the weather changes and I take Allopurinol for it but the doctors are always messing with doses and renewals. When my attacks happen I literally have to use a cane and after about a week; I have to use crutches! Luckily, I work from home so I can still crawl around on the floor to get to the computer. Ugggghhhhh

  2. I have gout for 15years now. Im on a vegan diet. No more gout for me.👍👍👍👍

  3. Talking about wealthy ppl get a gout
    I think its reverse now
    rich ppl are Vegans and the got the best health
    And im proud to say im vegan for 16 yrs life cant be better than this

  4. Who drank too much during quarantine and wondering if gout is from alcohol 🍷 🍷 ??!

  5. im currently suffering from gout attack in my left foot ankle im doing a diet now while taking medicine suchas Colchicine and voltarin for the inflation and pain
    any recommendation and help please let me know and thanks for the video.

  6. Some of the comments below are odd and not very wise. You CANNOT apply one approach to gout to everyone. That's just dumb. Many factors impact gout and our INDIVIDUAL bodies act and react in different ways. Be aware of what goes into your body and eliminate anything that has the TENDENCY to increase gout. Continue eating things that don't cause gout. Again, it's all different for everyone but keep an eye on those foods with high purines. Yes, some might not impact YOU but some impact OTHERS. That's just common sense, people. Good video.

  7. When I was skinny the gout is worse due to more excerise generated more UA. Now I barely worked out and it kick in depends on the weather.

  8. It seems the problems are related to the kidneys lack of ability to rid the body of the uric acid, not the purines.

  9. Thank you Victoria. I just had my first flare up over Easter, 2020. Don't wish this on anybody. Been in the process of loosing weight. Close to sixty pounds so far. This diet makes sense. Not a big fan of pork, tolerate beef, lamb too expensive. What is killing me is the shellfish. Didn't have it often so really enjoyed it when we did. However, if I can prevent that pain, I will. Couldn't walk at all.

  10. For me personally it comes down to this – do i want to get my kicks from keeping my sporting life going or from eating whatever i want ! thanks for the vid .

  11. I've been eating Keto for the past 4 months and no gout flare-ups. I was told by my doctor to stop eating red meat and seafood. Also, no alcohol. Gout is inflammation of the joint and the uric acid crystals happen to settle in those joints that are inflamed. Eliminate your inflammation, you can eliminate gout. I eat more red meat than I have ever in my life. I have stopped alcohol and that has helped too. This is typical medical advice that isn't valid. Fats are good, so is protein. The devil is in the carbohydrates, that cause high sugar levels and insulin resistance. THAT'S the issue, not fat or meat.

  12. Im a gout sufferer for the past 20 years I tried all those “healthy diet” none of it worked, I started on the keto diet for the last 4 months, and now I feel way much better, the worst thing you can do is to eat carbs, sugars, fruits, any sweet natural or processed are the main causes of gout flair ups.

  13. Maybe higher gout attacks with beer, is from the gluten in beer? A Celiac check would be helpful?

  14. Trust me, if you want to avoid gout flare-ups (which feels like a living hell by the way) then eat dust, air and water. That's it! No sarcasm intended.

  15. Wow, as she's mentioning what I should avoid eating, I'm checking off a list of the things I just ate… I'm in trouble when I go to bed.
    I love red meat! I love shrimp! I'm a Coke-aholic! I'm in for a world of hurt now.

  16. Medication for gout ? Didn't know there was such a thing. But i found even skim milk wasn't good because of its high sugar content. I switched to almond , coconut , rice and oat milks , they have less or 0 sugar .

  17. Valuable
    information indeed.
    5 FOODS
    5 FOODS

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