The Great Butter Showdown | Should you use KerryGold butter | Best butter on Keto

kerrygold cheese keto
kerrygold cheese keto

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Check the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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25 thoughts on “The Great Butter Showdown | Should you use KerryGold butter | Best butter on Keto”

  1. I love the goat butter I’m used to buying expensive butter because I got spoiled when I worked in a deli that had high end charcuterie etc. but the French butter is also absolutely incredible

  2. I always buy Kerrygold and now I will buy the Aldi one. I will also now try the goat butter because of your review. Thank you!!!

  3. My favorite butter is kerrygold but I usually by the cheapest I can afford. I think I'm going to look at getting the Irish butter from Aldi after watching this.

  4. I’m thinking Aldi's Irish scored plenty high for me. This was a fun taste test. My favorite “butter” is the butter cream on the top of the Costco heavy cream. I hate Goat's cheese so I’m probably not trying the goat cheese.

  5. I like Aldis and Kerry gold. I'm going to try Nellie's and Sam's. Thanks for the video. Oh and by the way you both are glowing so much more in your BBBE videos. It's amazing!

  6. I’m German I always get unsalted .w e used to have butter sandwich but put butter on it .tried mayo with butter after in fridge for a while and set a bit I ate some wow better than eating butter had 4 spoonfuls

  7. Interesting! I found that I don't care for Vital Farms' butter either.
    The salted Lidl Irish butter is pretty good, imo.

  8. I like Kerry Gold, course I have to wait until I get back to the U.S. to get some ghurrrr. Costco stopped selling it here in Canada. In fact when we went a couple of weeks ago they had some ordinary butter OR margarine. What the heck!

  9. I really enjoy your videos. You are so down to earth and real. I use Kerrygold and have for a long time. Thank you.

  10. I purchased goat butter a year ago to use in coffee….nope tasted like goat cheese which I like but not in coffee. I also wouldn't want it in KC. Actually that goat butter is still in the fridge. I'm from England and we do use Kerry gold among some others. There is nothing like rich tasty butter. Thank you for this taste test. Unfortunately Kerry gold has increased from $9.99 to $12.99 at Costco over the years. I'm going to look for Nellie's…think I've seen it not long ago…maybe Sprouts😊

  11. So enjoyable watching someone ELSE eat butter!!! Have loved it since I was a kid – and that was many decades ago. I'm a Kerrygold girl, but always open to trying new butter(s)!

  12. Kerrygold is my favorite butter. Use Aldi's sometimes but do taste the difference. Just got some Vital but have not tried it yet. It was on sale at sprouts.

  13. Kerry gold is just so yummy, it really makes you wonder why nothing really compares! Not a fan of unsalted myself… I bet you dropped a hefty sum fir this competition, it was certainly fun to watch!

  14. Did you know that salted butter is not as fresh as unsalted? I never buy salted anymore. I add my own quality salt.

  15. Love Kerry gold from Costco. After trying this nothing compares to it. Thanks for your tasting test of which butter is better. Have a Blessed Life!

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