‘The Half-Truths of Keto’, Tonight in ‘Research Team’ at laSexta

laSexta will air a new episode of “Research Team” tonight at 10:30 PM. On this occasion, entitled ‘The New Truths of Keto’, Gloria Serra’s program focuses on the business of supplements accompanying the diet, the risks of which are warned by 9 out of 10 specialists.

Lose 12 kilos less in a month by eating fat and drastically reducing the intake of carbohydrates. It’s the fad diet mantra that is adding more web searches.

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The reporters of the program presented by Gloria Serra are following the trail of the best-selling supplement on the Internet, which promises to accelerate weight loss. They are pills made by a Spanish doctor, but what do the capsules contain? The investigation takes the team from London to Barcelona and from the Catalan capital to Seville. A lab analyzes the composition and the results are surprising.

The latest product to come to the keto business comes from a multi-tiered company that bills $1 million every day.

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