The HEALTHIEST Yogurt To Buy In 2020…Including Dairy Free

greek gods keto yogurt
greek gods keto yogurt

Looking for greek gods keto yogurt ??

Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

There have never been more yogurt options at the grocery store, but many of them are not products I would want to consume on a healthy diet. In this yogurt review video I show you the most nutritionally dense yogurt options, including two of my favorite plant based and dairy free options. If you eat yogurt, or any dairy, it’s gotta be organic, better yet would be grass-fed. Stay away from yogurts with added sweetener, the sugar destroys the live and active cultures. Hope you enjoyed this short, another one coming tomorrow, and almost every day this month! Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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40 thoughts on “The HEALTHIEST Yogurt To Buy In 2020…Including Dairy Free”

  1. Kite Hill changed their recipe recently and started using soy protein isolate in their Greek style yogurt. Such a shame!

  2. Every time my daughter eats dairy yogurt she gets diarrhea. Any dairy free alternatives without the yucky stuff you’d recommend?

  3. i have a question; do you recommend the chobani one, with low fat greek yogurt which only has skim milk and live bacteria as ingredients?

  4. Would a slash of sugarfree vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, and my own local-bought raw honey be okay to mix into good yogurt?

  5. Good luck finding Lavva brand now.
    They must be having serious manf issues and supply line shortages ….

  6. Kite hill unsweetened plain Greek yogurt now adds natural flavors and soy protein isolate…. I just found out when I grabbed and purchased one. Didn’t read the label till I got home. Now I’m stuck with natural flavors in my quinoa bowl😞

  7. GMO isn't really the problem, the problem is the whole point of GMO'ing crops is so they can load them up with glyphosate. Glyphosate is the real problem.

  8. But some of the dairy free have the gums that you suggested us to avoid in dairy free milk alternatives.

  9. This is total BS, 1. Cows milk is for cows baby, not for human. 2. Cow is supposed to give milk about 1 a month when it delivers a baby, not everyday as it is being processed in US. 3. It has added drugs that goes from cows blood to milk, otherwise it would not produce milk, including hormones. 4. Most of the time machines are sucking the cows blood along with milk, so it is not clean too. Only healthy yogurt is the one that cow or any other animal produces natural way and is not sucked by machine.

  10. Bobby, Do you recommend Aldi's Simply Nature Greek Plain Yogurt? Is 'organic' equivalent to '100% grass fed' and 'Grass Fed & Finished'?Finished? Thanks for the info!

  11. In your previous yoghurt review video, you actually suggested to go for Siggis if there is no Grassfed yoghurt available

  12. Hey Bobby! I have a question being someone who is lactose intolerant- can I also get at yogurt that is not Greek? I have been eating plain fage 2% Greek yogurt for years

  13. Seems like if its not Organic, its not good… And in today's society not everyone is able to afford Organic only items.

  14. Hmm lavva is good, but I have an issue. There have been reports that yes fruit is healthy, but it is still sugar.

    So how scientifically does it not hurt the live cultures?

  15. I’ll take a risk on eating any kind of yogurt that is cheap than paying $2-5$ for a cup for thanks.

  16. Any good diet plan ougt to be healthy and convenient so people can follow it long term. That's why keto sucks, and why the Agoge diet is great. I got rid of my cellulite finally.

  17. I wanted to like the ketogenic diet but it was just impossible, I felt horrible. I then saw a review about the Agoge diet and I tried it and it was awesome.

  18. Love all the info and help you give. Thank U!
    When making overnight oats with yogurt… is it ok to add honey or agave when you open the container?

  19. I did noot expect you to be 40 some! I would've thought you're 28-36 max, wooow, you're doing amazing!!

  20. I look awesome for a young 42. It shows that what we eat matters.
    So what’s best yogurt for high live active culture? Is it ok to add my own raw organic Binet to it though

  21. Stop going to whole foods, wholesale clubs and go to regular local grocery stores! Most people dont go to Whole Foods and buy odd brands!!

  22. I am so glad that today I am herpes Free with the help of Dr Osaoji on YouTube he got rid of my HSV 2 with his herbal medicine I am free from herpes thanks Doc

  23. I wish you could have mentioned how many carbs and sugars are in them. I have type two diabetes and would love to to start eating yogurt again. I like it plain and would try adding fresh berries.

  24. Can't thank you enough Dr.ademise  on youtube I'm herpes negative now, keep saving lives

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