The Keto Diet Will Kill Us? | Keto Rant | Dr. Atkins Died and So Will You! Keto Lies #2

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Check the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

There are so many lies that are being told about the Ketogenic Diet, in this series we talk about our experiences with people telling us how the ketogenic diet is dangerous. This is episode 2.
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30 thoughts on “The Keto Diet Will Kill Us? | Keto Rant | Dr. Atkins Died and So Will You! Keto Lies #2”

  1. You both have such beautiful hair. It would be fun to see you do a video showing different hair doos even if you had fake bangs and wig extensions for fun.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video.I wish more people would believe what you are saying

  3. Big sugar spends lots and lots of money (and some questionable methods) engineering food to be unnaturally hyper palatable, visually appealing and ADDICTIVE. Addiction to unnatural foods makes most of us sick. Who does that benefit? 🤔🤔 hmmmm

  4. I just know that getting rid of sugar was the best choice for me. Don't know if I'm all Keto, but I know that SUGAR is El Diablo!

  5. I can not agree with you two more! Everyone is different and you just have to eat the way it works best for you.

  6. Dr. Atkins died from a blow to the head when he fell on a sidewalk. His death was an accident! People make me so mad!!!!

  7. liars think more about how to appear sure of what they say than evidences to support their claims

  8. I got cards printed out that say "IDGAF what you think about my diet! ! and in small letters IDGAF means "I don't give a fuck!" I give them to friends, strangers and mostly MY FCUKED UP FAMILY!! You wanna know why? Its because "I DONT GIVE A FUCK!" PERIOD!!

  9. We have all been brainwashed for decades to believe that we need
    Grains and should avoid
    Animal Proteins and Fats.
    No wonder I couldn't lose weight.

  10. My husband gets upset that i'm on low carb and sugar , I don't get it? I'm currently 170 lbs 5/7 so if I lose more great if I don't great ! Diabetes is so strong in my family and I'm 54 I don't need all the sugar and carbs ! So I'm not listening to him ! I'm also addicted to carbs and my weight was getting out of hand so ive decided to change my eating habits! You two are my cheerleaders 🙂

  11. It's like the guy who wrote the "Complete Book of Running", Jim Fixx, died of a heart attack. He was 52 and had the heart attack while running – does this mean that folks shouldn't be out there running? Of course not! Ack! – To be honest, I don't run, but not because of this.

  12. It’s so interesting because I was only 14 years old or 15 years old working one of my first jobs at a Pool company and the owners secretary was on the Atkins diet. I remember learning about it from her and she did successfully lose weight, and then I remember shortly thereafter hearing that Dr Atkins died. I never looked into it, but just believed what other people said about it being from the diet.

    I’ve been interested in nutrition since I was a kid. I love food documentaries and watch them all. Our government definitely has an agenda to promote certain food industry crops so I don’t trust their recommendations, and they promoted the low fat high carb diet which has resulted in increased diabetes, heart diseases, and high cholesterol. People in the 50’s ate more fat and less sugar and carbs and didn’t have the health issues that came from the low fat high carb diet.

    Food studies are extremely hard to do because it’s difficult to get people to stick to a particular diet and track them out long term.

    We all should be getting routine bloodwork done and making sure our organs are functioning optimally. My functional medicine dr said she thinks keto is fine for a fast for a few weeks or a month, but she thinks the diet long term will lead to kidney problems. I think that’s if you consume too much protein🤷‍♀️ idk, all I know is a diet high in sugar and also high in fats has caused my liver to struggle. I’m not overweight and I may have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Too much fat is taxing on the liver, and of course sugar and carbs convert to fat when eaten in excess.

    Unfortunately there’s just too much darn food available these days. Americans compulsive over eating is what is leading to poor health outcomes and early death more than any particular diet. A restricted calorie diet is the one common thing all the blue zone areas have in common. They live abnormally long lives compared to the rest of us and some consume mainly animal protein and fat, while others are mainly plant based with animal protein and fat accompanying the meals. Either way restricting calories(though not to the point of starvation/deprivation) is the secret to a long live and good health.

  13. I was told by the owner of the salon that I go to BE CARFUL!! if you can’t come out of ketosis you have to have a blood transfusion 😒 “ happened to a close friend “ 😒 maybe he was talking about being comatose with a K ?? lol

  14. Noone is making money on Keto and that's why people want to disparage it. WW and now NOOM, what do you think that they are recommending, a low carb, high fibre diet. I am doing IF and Keto the rest of the time and it isn't a big deal to just either not eat, or cut out bread and sugar. My poor diet before doing this was bringing me to Diabetes 2 and a fatty liver…… I need it for health reasons more than anything.

  15. Really the pharmaceutical industry knows you will go off the meds they are pushing. I had high blood pressure and diabetes. My dad died at 60 with diabetes. I’ve lost 40 pounds, feel better and need no meds for diabetes or high blood pressure. I eat a boat list of fat.
    AND the PA I saw before I went on the diet told me it was unhealthy. Like all the meds she wanted to put me on was healthy. 🙄

  16. You say you’re not doctors, but you have done your research. I find the low carb life is fun! It’s a game I’m winning! Maintaining 25 to 30 lbs. down for nearly 2 years!

  17. I just love your alls honesty. People need to take nutrition classes. Processed food … they take the fat out. Then add carbs and sugar to make it taste good. Fat does not make fat. Sugar and carbs make fat. Love you all. ♥️

  18. I'm going to a bariatric doctor who recommends low carb. It's how she lost weight and she loves to share it. No talk of surgery at all!

  19. Ugh! There's a woman in a FB group who is SLAMMING keto, saying Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack, that keto = diseases… and that keto made HER sick and vegan healed her.
    I congratulated her for finding what helped her, corrected her erroneous comments and what did I get?… told that I'm 100% incorrect and that I need to do more research.
    All this AFTER I told her that I reversed my T2d, got off all the meds, healed fatty liver disease and feel better than 10 years ago.

  20. Could you do a video on fiber and how important it is. I believe in low carb, but the first time I went on the keto journey, I lost 100 pounds, BUT ended up with diverticulitis because I didn't understand the importance of fiber on a low carb lifestyle.

  21. Honestly I was always skeptical about Keto. It was basically ignorance in not knowing what it was honestly about. It wasn't until I watched my co-worker lose 40 lbs that I started to consider trying it. When she got the thumbs up from MD Anderson and especially her liver oncologist on an annual check up that I really got serious about trying it. I have been at it 11 weeks, I have lost 22.4 lbs as of 07-17-21. The weight lose is great, but all the other changes in my body like less inflammation, arthritis pain, and no heartburn, nausea, or intestinal problems have me committed to finding a way to make this a life style not a diet. I so appreciate you both! Your such a source of inspiration. Keep up the great work 🙂

  22. thats right its all politicized, wheat and carb, sugar industries hate keto, it eats away at their revenue streams, Atkins died in his 90`s hitting his head on a rock, Keto is basically no crappy sugars and refined carbs, no crappy vegetable oils (crisco, canola, ricebran, peanut oils), eat lots of good vegetables and cruciferous, fermented veggies, kimchi, saurkraut, pickled (without sugar) gerkins etc, kombucha (sugar free versions) with quality protein from fish, some chicken, red meat, and lots of good fat from omega 3 sources, sardines, anchovies, avocado`s, walnuts, intermittent fasting, like stop eating at 10pm and eat after 12pm to get a HGH boost, you cant go wrong with this. Only a twit would stuff it up.

  23. I just started a new job in an office full of women. Fat women. Women with all kinds of health issues. I've lost 80 pounds on keto in the last year. One of them tried to give me candy, I said no thank you, I don't eat sugar. They wanted my birthday so they could put me on the list for cake, I said no thank you, I don't eat cake. Here came the questions. I've been here before, but I am stronger than I was in the past and I stood my ground. I told them I feel better than I did, I don't eat sugar, wheat, starch, blah, blah, blah. What about fruit? Um, no, it's got sugar in it. But fruit is healthy. I disagree, especially for someone who has issues with sugar. It went on and on, but I stayed firm. I still stay firm. I try to help them understand, even though they choose not to. That's ok. I know I feel better and I'm healthy now, that's all I care 🙂

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