The Ketogenic Diet and Electrolytes

keto vitals electrolyte powder
keto vitals electrolyte powder

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. . Getting the electrolytes you need is crucial on the keto diet. Find out more.

Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder:

0:06 Lack of keto electrolytes 
0:22 Why you need electrolytes #1
1:10 The electrolytes you need 
1:46 What happens when you fast 
2:03 Keto and vegetables 
2:29 Why you need potassium 
3:18 Why you need electrolytes #2
3:46 Why you need electrolytes #3
4:13 How to get electrolytes on keto 

In this video, we’re going to talk about the importance of keto electrolytes. 

It’s the lack of keto electrolytes that’s responsible for:

• Keto flu
• Constipation 
• Keto fatigue
• Cramping
• Heart flutters

Why you need electrolytes on keto:

1. Lowering your carbs lowers fluids (including electrolytes) 
2. To improve insulin resistance 
3. For the mitochondria—requires more electrolytes on keto 

The electrolytes you need:

• Potassium 
• Magnesium 
• Calcium 
• Sodium
• Phosphorus
• Chloride 

* Potassium is needed in the body in large quantities, but your body doesn’t retain it very well. 

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When your fasting, your body becomes more conservative with vitamins and minerals, so you won’t lose as much. However, if you’re already deficient, the fast can magnify your deficiency symptoms. Prolonged fasting can also cause you to be deficient in some of these minerals. 

If you do keto and you’re not eating a lot of vegetables or taking electrolytes, you’re not getting enough potassium. 

Potassium is needed: 

• To lower insulin 
• To improve insulin resistance
• For your gut
• For the pumping action of the colon 

How to get electrolytes on keto:

• Take electrolytes
• Consume foods with electrolytes (vegetables) 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 56 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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35 thoughts on “The Ketogenic Diet and Electrolytes”

  1. I know bananas aren’t keto friendly but i weight lift almost 6 days a week and a banana just seems like it has too many benefits for fasting and keto to just stop eating so I still eat them anyway, every single day! I cut it up with natural pray it butter, a pinch of walnuts, and a break up 100% cacao chocolate and have it all in a bowl. Such a great desert

  2. I bought your electrolyte powder. It's good I like it. Can I take it twice a day? I work outdoors and always moving around. I do sweat a lot

  3. i bought electrolyte from DR BERG and i started to drink . i bought vitamin d+k2 and nutritional yeast.i let you know the result.thank you.

  4. If someone is already taking mineral pill supplements such as zinc , magnesium , calcium , potassium , sodium ect etc through out the day, every single day, is it still necessary to purchase ELECTROLYTES beverages after a good sweat from a gym workout ? or would their body already be covered from the minerals they already take through out the day every single day?

  5. Is it acceptable to add ACV to the electrolyte mix in the AM? Any counter actions to electrolyte? Easy to drink.

  6. I have autonomic dysfunction so hydration is important. Biosteel and Cure Hydration use Stevia (1%). Just started and I’m in Ketosis. I drink this once or twice daily. Is this okay? Helps with my neuro conditions IIH and SFN too. So hoping keto will help with liver mass, cholesterol and many other rare issues from childhood cancer.

  7. I have autonomic dysfunction so hydration is important. Biosteel and Cure Hydration use Stevia (1%). Just started and I’m in Ketosis. I drink this once or twice daily. Is this okay? Helps with my neuro conditions IIH and SFN too. So hoping keto will help with liver mass, cholesterol and many other rare issues from childhood cancer.

  8. What is the easiest/simplest/fastest way to replenish electrolytes (and without sugar)? I mean like quick run to the store type of thing, and not a mixture of several things. Talking for short term in a rush. Yes I know some might opt for incorporating combining stuff in a drink from several food sources but I’m looking for a fast easy backup plan.

  9. The electrolytes:

    Potassium needed to
    Lower insulin
    For the gut and its muscle contraction
    Produce insulin

    Electrolytes improve insulin resistance.

  10. How long would it take for heart palpitations to go away if I started eating food rich in potassium on a daily basis while I'm doing keto diet & intermittent fasting?

  11. Do you need to continue taking electrolytes even after being on diet for awhile?

  12. Wooooh… That was very useful as I was hesitant to drink too much electrolytes because of the sugar in it.But indeed I've experienced heart arrhythmia and it stops instantly when I drink electrolytes. Thanks once more Dr Berg !

  13. The Agoge diet works best for losing fat. I tried the ketogenic diet but it was just so hard to stick with and very hurting on the body.

  14. If you want to lose fat, you shouldn't compromise your health with the keto diet. I recommend getting a personalized diet. I've had great success with the Agoge diet for example.

  15. If you don't take enough Potassium supplements on this Keto diet you are truly fucked. Your life will be a living hell.
    3500mg if your a guy 2600 if your a woman.

  16. Just a tip fir y’all
    Y’all have to fix the magnesium deficiency first so that the cells can absorb the potassium – so don’t take potassium with fixing the magnesium – dr berg would approve of this 🌟

  17. These things called……….vegetables. Haha . Made me laugh so hard. You’re funny, Dr. Berg 👍🏼

  18. I'm on IMF + Keto right now, I've lost more than 10lbs in the last 3 weeks, literally laying down tired, and had some weird heart palpitations, and some dizzyness today, electrolytes are important people.

  19. I bought electrolyte powder and it also contains calcium hydrogen phosphate, is that safe?

  20. This is so important I wish I would’ve known this when I started keto. It could’ve helped me tremendously thank you Dr. Berg

  21. You made me laugh out loud when you said "these things called vegetables"! You crack me up, Dr Berg. 👍😁🤣

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