The Truth About Costco's Free Food Samples

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There are many reasons to love Costco besides the brilliant discounts on bulk items. For example, the store has an in-house pharmacy and optometrist, as well as a food court with some amazing deals on lunch combos.

However, Costco’s free food samples are probably the best reason to visit the maze-like warehouse store. From delicious snacks and gourmet appetizers, there’s no end to the variety of food samples that are offered to the shoppers at Costco.

However, there’s a lot more to those enticing and seemingly endless samples than you might think. Watch to find out the truth about Costco’s free food samples.

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No Costco benefits | 0:00
Finding the actual products | 0:50
An eye to cleanliness | 1:29
They create a big mess | 2:11
The best time to score more samples | 2:45
The sky’s the limit | 3:19

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40 thoughts on “The Truth About Costco's Free Food Samples”

  1. They seem to hold to high cleanliness standards, why did they have to get rid of it during COVID? 🙁

  2. (For us younger kids today that go with our parents to costco)

    wait, what if when we get older and go broke because we move out, we get costco’s free samples from every. single. cart every day or atleast when we need food, and boom you have a meal to keep you surviving

  3. In case you need to get FREE McDonald's in Germany you must check: FreeBurger .Me . (search without gaps), for me , it was Excellent.

  4. Heres a news flash….most stores employ outside companies to offer samples! My brother worked a company that had him going to 14 different places in our area. This was over 20 years ago. So its nothing new. Just more click bait.

  5. Then why do the ppl handing out samples NOT know how to answer questions about the product???🤨

  6. They never pointed out that you should wash your hands before eating….Especially at a store. Hopefully they did not touch the food. I just avoid the samples as I like to make sure my hands are germ free…

  7. your video is very inaccurate costco workers make minimum wage and so do the food sample people so how is it possible they can be making less then the costco workers if both are getting the same minimum wage???

  8. One time they had a nice barbecue sauce I keep going back for it it was so good, I well never remember what that sauce taste again, and I did buy it….

  9. I NEVER ate samples at ANY store! It seems so gross to me. Idk if the food was sneezed on, or how long it was sitting out there being breathe on or who touched it. I feel the same way about fast food and restaurants. I go out to eat about 4x a year.

  10. 3:34 hmmm. tv actors there. They're the mother/son from the "fresh off the Boat" tv series that started a few years ago.

  11. I don’t like Costco becuase they don’t have like a snack section like candy and soda near the cash register

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