They Create A Drug That Regenerates The Cartilages Of The Knees

A new injectable drug that would help regenerate knee cartilage in people with osteoarthritis would be approved shortly in the US. In Nathaniel “Ned” David is the name of the man who looks for the formula for the regeneration of tegidos, while Unity Biotechnology, is a biotechnology company that develops medicines directed to senescent cells (those that lost their capacity to divide and contribute to aging ).

This is what happens in the knees when the cartilages are torn and can no longer regenerate. The medicine for osteoarthritis that Unity Biotechnology began testing in humans last fall seeks much more than growing cartilage on damaged knees.

According to the portal , researchers say that “it is the first step to make us feel young again.” “Aging is not a rigid and inflexible phenomenon,” said the biochemist trained at Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley. It is expected that the first results of the tests with the drug UBX0101 will be published in the coming weeks.

David’s ambition is to establish a new scientific field that he calls senolitic medicine. Senolitics are small molecules that can selectively induce the death of cells that entered a state known as senescence: they no longer divide and, instead, trigger a low-level chronic inflammation that is detrimental to the surrounding cells.

Senescence is associated with a wide range of diseases that occur mainly in old age, such as heart disease, glaucoma, stroke and arthritis. The idea, according to David, is not only to prolong life, but to allow older people lead a healthier life for as long as they are in this world.


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