This Trick Makes the Easiest Keto Pizza Crust!

keto pizza
keto pizza

Looking for keto pizza ??

Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Do you miss pizza on your keto weight loss journey? Well, so did we, unti we started making these lazy but delicious low carb pizzas using an ingredient you can find almost anywhere! I love making these keto pizzas because they only take a couple of minutes!

Sarah shows you how to make the easiest thin-crust keto pizza, with an ingredient many of us have on hand already! We used some great toppings on these super-simple pizzas, including smoked pulled pork leftovers!

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38 thoughts on “This Trick Makes the Easiest Keto Pizza Crust!”

  1. If I may ad, I've been making these for years but found that the crusts are a bit too thin. So what I've done is doubled up of the tort but filled the inside with some cheddar hence creating a quesadilla type pizza. Just saying

  2. Thank you for this pizza recipe! The second time I made it, I was lazy so I just stuck the tortilla in the microwave for 30 seconds on each side. Ha! Came out crispy enough and didn't have to clean a pan. I followed the rest of your instructions and had a (too) delish pizza :0)

  3. I just made this for my husband and me for a quick, easy, and satisfying supper. He absolutely LOVED it! I was SO HAPPY because I can, NOW, make us a DELICIOUS keto pizza with ingredients we have on hand, without having to purchase a frozen keto product. THANK YOU!!

  4. Thanks for this information. No one has answered my question in other videos. Question for anyone on Pizzas: Why can't I eat just the toppings put on a deep dish 12 inch pizza and just not eat the crust??? The toppings they put on pizzas should be ok for a treat, just not eating all the sugary flour crust. I know it is a little bit expensive doing that, but for me, it would be just once and a while maybe every other month type treat. Note, I would not drink any Sodas with the Pizza. Take care.
    Toppings: I like cheese, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and the tomato sauce or tomatoes.

  5. This just popped up on on phone…better late than never! First of all had NO idea you two were in your 30s…much less 37 now I'm guessing if you were 35 when this vid was made? Anyway, I would do this pizza hack yrs ago with reg tortillas when my girls were little. I'd set up like a pizza bar and we (they'd) pick their own toppings. They are grown now. Miss those days!! Ingenious Keto hack. I like the idea of my Pepperoni a little charred also. SO gna put my Pepperoni on top of my cheese from now on. So, give this a try this next time…SF BBQ sauce in place of pizza sauce, pulled pork or chix, red onion, green pepper (opt), and jalapenos (opt) and cheese(s) of choice. Red pepper flakes (opt)! As I'm penning this, I might add pineapple these days?! Yummy! You are both SO entertaining! I ❤ watching you together.
    B safe, L

  6. Salmonella…I just love you guys! I love how real you are, you always brighten my day! Thank you so much 🤣💖🤣

  7. Your recipe gave me an idea, I made chaffles for pizza, they came out soggy. I was a bit bummed but still ate it any way. Today I just purchased on Amazon some tomato powder, zero carbs. I figure to dump a tablespoon or so into my cheese then spread it out over flour tortillas, as the cheese melts I get tomato flavored cheese instead of a soggy pizza with low carb tortillas. Ive got bad knees so to get on the floor to use my broiler would hurt too much, I have the same stove you do.

  8. We love our lo carb tortilla pizza! Thank you for the reminder! We make up our pizzas and just bake (no fry, no broil) 400 degrees, I bake mine for 12 min, my husband 14 minutes.

  9. Just found out that Mama Lupe's has Zero Carb tortillas! I'm gonna try them as pizza crust…

  10. Oh my goodness! I just had PIZZA for the first time in almost a year! Thank you SO MUCH for this hack! It is amazing!

  11. Hi Twinsies! Y’all made me & my hubby happy today! He loves the pepperoni pizza 🍕 made with the low carb tortillas! So fast, easy & so yummy! Thank you Sarah & Emily! Hugs 🤗

  12. You two have been a great inspiration for my sister and I as we give Keto another try. We had pizzas on lc tortillas today. Since we also do OMAD, I decided to be indulgent and do two tortillas per pizza, with a slice of provolone and some shredded mozzarella sandwiched in between for a cheesy stuffed crust. It was amazing.

  13. I'm a Mission Carb Balance fanatic. Been making pizza with it for a year. Also use them to make wraps frequently.

  14. I hadn’t thought or frying them with oil. I really like crunchy pizza so I “dry “ my tortillas out In The oven so they are super crunchy!! I will try frying them next time.

  15. LOL You girls crack me up. First of your videos I've seen. I use the super soft tacos shells, spread with a thin layer of Alfredo sauce, precooked diced chicken and frsh spinach. Dot with pieces of fresh mozzerell and toss under the broiler. Yum!

  16. I make a quesadilla with two 4 carb tortillas and enough mozzarella to make them stick.together. Brown both sides with butter, then toppings, broil….yum!!

  17. I love the pizza's but the "broiler" so far down. Wow, I'm getting old, couldn't do that. I have a grill at the top in my oven, so just put that on and put items in the oven under the grill, so much better than getting down on the floor.

  18. You need some veggies on those like cherry tomatoes and chopped peppers, but very yummy. I make these regularly.

  19. what you find on the bottom of pizza crust and what these two are talking about is corn meal

  20. Thank thank you for doing this video. Our Costco finally offers the mission tortillas. Thank goodness you didn't burn the house down!

  21. Girls! I made this pizza for lunch today. Fantastic. I made a veggie pizza. Chopped green pepper and onion thin then microwaved it to soften it up. (The gr. pepper first since it's harder than the onion.) Half way through I added the onion. Sliced a small tomato thin. Fried the tortilla, spooned the pizza sauce, sprinkled garlic powder and pizza seasoning on then added my onions and gr. pepper, mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes and Mexican Blend cheese on top of the tomatoes. This went into my toaster oven on broil and came out beautiful! I was able to cut it into quarters and hold each piece. Although the tomatoes made it a little challenging every bite found it's way into my mouth. Lol! Thank you!

  22. Salmonella! 🤣😆 I usually make my crusts – typically some version of fat head dough. I’m going to try these soon and see how I like it. They look delicious.

    Side note : the “powdery stuff” on a NY style pizza is either the flour or cornmeal, depending on where you go and who makes it. I prefer the cornmeal texture so curious if this is like that.

    Thanks for another great video.

  23. I can't find your lasagna video. The link in this video took me to the cereal video. I did a search and still couldn't find it.

  24. You girls crack me up!! I just love ❤️ you & your videos!! Question: if I drink a Diet Coke while fasting, by doing that am I stoping the benefits of it? Thank you!! 🤗🦋🙌🏻

  25. The link on the top right of the page doesn’t go to your lasagna recipe. It goes to your latest video. Can you provide the link to the lasagna recipe?

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