Top 3 Minerals for Fasting & a Low Carb Keto Diet

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Top 3 Minerals for Fasting & a Low Carb Keto Diet – Thomas DeLauer

When you’re on a ketogenic diet, a low carb diet or even if you’re fasting for that matter, there’s some things that you need to be paying attention to when it comes down to your minerals. Now I mention in a lot of videos increasing your sodium intake, in some videos I talk about magnesium, some videos I talk about potassium. But in this video I want to break it down all into one. I want to help you understand what happens in your body when you’re in a low carb state or when you’re in a fasted state and why minerals become extremely, extremely, extremely important.

So we have to remember that even when we’re fasting or when we’re cutting card out of the diet, we are not holding nearly as much water. You see for every one gram of carbohydrate that you consume, you hold on average 3.7 grams of water. So that means when you cut these carbohydrates out your body is losing a lot of water. Now, to make matters worse, ketones like beta hydroxy butyrate that our body produces when we’re fasting or when we’re in a ketogenic state are proven to be somewhat of a diuretic as is, so they make it a little bit worse. They cause your body to excrete even more water.

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So let’s talk about three minerals today. I want to talk about sodium, I want to talk about potassium and I also want to talk about magnesium.

So let’s start with sodium. Heres the thing, first and foremost when your body isn’t holding onto the water as much you’re going to drop some sodium. It’s going to head on out along with the water. You’re just going to excrete it out. But there’s an additional thing that happens that we have to be cognizant of and that’s the fact that your insulin levels are very low. So whether you’re fasting or on a ketogenic diet, your insulin levels are lower and insulin helps regulate the kidney’s ability to reabsorb sodium. So when insulin isn’t present, the kidneys tend to just flush that sodium out of the equation. So now you have two different things going on. Your losing water because you don’t have the carbs, you don’t have the actual volume. But then you actually have a function of the kidneys themselves that are causing the body to just excrete extra sodium. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I will honestly say that the benefits of having lower levels of insulin probably supersede the actual negative aspects of your body excreting sodium because it’s a lot easier to add more sodium into the diet.

There was one study that was published in the American Journal of Medicine that took a look at 51 obese patients. Now these 51 obese patients they put on a low carb diet, okay, they put them on a 25 carb diet for about six months. They kept their calories still relatively high though, they just cut their carbs down.

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Well what they found was that at the end of six months, all the patients that were on the low carb diet had an increase in blood urea nitrogen levels. What does this end up meaning? This means that their body was losing sodium. They also found that their blood levels of sodium were significantly reduced compared to those that didn’t go on a low carb diet. So we do have legitimate telltale proof that going on a low carb diet does slow down the ability to retain sodium and it does make it so you lose a little bit of that salt that’s helping your blood pressure stay up.


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37 thoughts on “Top 3 Minerals for Fasting & a Low Carb Keto Diet”

  1. Question about magnesium. Sounds like you recommend more than 500mg (I'm keto). You also promote LMNT, which only has 60mg. Which supplements or sources do you like (or dislike) for extra magnesium?

  2. what is the ratio of sodium to potassium? everywhere i look its vastly different. im suffering heart palpitations pounding when laying down at night. im starting to track my sodium and potassium today. my magnesium i supplement 250mg, and multivitamin and foods should push over 400. just don't know how much sodium to potassium i should get, and which should be higher. thanks!

  3. I've been having a lot of anxiety recently since having Covid in Novemember. I was blaming that but it could well be my electrolytes from keto.

  4. I was doing fine on keto and Fasting all month, but the morning I started my period I woke up with a Charlie horse and feeling weak, dizzy and had a migraine. I've been taking electrolyte powder every day for a couple of weeks, and adding plenty of salt to my food. But I don't think I've been getting enough leafy greens. Even after taking two different types of electrolyte powders with different types and amounts of electrolytes, I still had a dizzy spell, just sitting down. That happens sometimes when I get a migraine and I take something for the pain that finally kicks in and does away with the pain. But I'll continue to be drowsy and kinda weak and lethargic. I wish I knew what the hell was going on.

  5. Wished I watched this video a few days ago. Started keto again Recently and had a magnesium footbath earlier and it had a profound effect on knocking out panic attacks and anxiety which have come on recently. I completely agree with what he said here!

  6. No need to harm yourself with the keto diet. It is just a matter of calories in, calories out. Following a structured and diverse diet like the Agoge diet helps a great deal though.

  7. The only diet that worked for me is the Agoge diet ? All others were difficult to adhere to and I felt horrible

  8. My stubborn belly fat is so stubborn that I tried the keto diet, saw some results but felt terrible. The Agoge diet on the other hand I saw the same results but felt great.

  9. THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU !!! I drink only distilled water and now I'm doing a seven day fast. I've been searching for info on how much of these minerals to take, especially potassium, for WEEKS!!! I agree with the commenter below who suggests you work toward putting a supplement together.

  10. I didn't take serious the pink salt before, but when you mentioned it for the 100th time I found this (An Analysis of the Mineral Composition of Pink Salt Available in Australia)

    Despite the many nutrients found in pink salt that are essential for health, (e.g., calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium), an exceedingly high intake of pink salt (>30 g per day) would be required before this made any clinically significant contribution to nutrient intake [7]. Not only is such an amount unrealistic in usual diets, at 30 g the SDT and WHO recommendations for sodium would be exceeded by 592%

    While it is acknowledged that not all individuals will benefit from a low salt diet, it is possible the varying levels of toxic heavy metals found in pink salt may contribute to poor health outcome even in those individuals with inverse salt sensitivity.

  11. So much for this theory. I was doing modified keto and recently started adding intermittent fasting. My labs just showed that my potassium and sodium are now slightly HIGH, not LOW. All the videos on YouTube make it sound like keto and fasting are completely healthy, but they obviously arenโ€™t when they throw your electrolytes out of balance. ๐Ÿ™„

  12. How do you recommend getting these minerals into the body? Supplementation? I do low carb and have had muscle cramps at night almost consistently for months now. I use Endure as a supplement in my water, but that isn't cutting it.

  13. Magnesium is expensive mate, if cosuming 4-800mg per day i have to spend $100-200 a month on it.

  14. Do we really have to supplement with potassium and magnesium on keto? Is there anyway I can get all the necessary minerals from natural food source?

  15. Thanks!
    I am doing keto and fasting and face some challenges due to lack of minerals i believe. I'd love to keep doing IF and keto and a, wondering if I can take magnesium and potassium supplements while fasting or would these break my fast? Thanks.

  16. Hello Thomas! Do you need to take Minerals if you're on a 18-6 fast every day? I fast 18-6 Mon-Sat then 24 hours on Sunday.

  17. Because of my Thyroid issues, I've had a lot of mineral imbalances.
    Like when my hormones are too high, I get these annoying leg cramps and problems with body temperature, or feeling cold.
    I've been "dealing", with this for awhile, about 35 years, and it still a problem.
    BALANCE โ—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿผ

  18. 2 tsp lite salt per day works for me to get potassium and sodium. I don't dilute it with water. 1 tsp am and 1 tsp pm

  19. Video recommendation – What foods should we implement on a keto diet that has high potassium and magnesium?

  20. Can you please tell me of how much of the potassium, magnesium and sodium i should be getting every day ?? Iโ€™m eating one meal , maybe two a day and itโ€™s just thin fatty steak and boiled eggs. and water. i donโ€™t crave anything else . Getting legs cramps tho at night so maybe iโ€™m not taking enough magnesium…

  21. I ended my lifelong terrible high carb, high sugar, high crap diet on Saturday night around 6pm. I weighed myself Sunday morning. I started keto and was able to go omad right away with very little side effects, other than a slight headache and 1 other thing…I get increasingly more thirsty as the day goes on. I know I lost a lot of water because between Sunday morning and Tuesday morning I was down 10lbs! I'm drinking more water than ever and using Himalayan salt and taking trace minerals everyday. I'm really thirsty before bed but I still had to get up 3 times during the night to pee. Really looking forward to dialling this diet in and getting past the adapting stage. By the way, I was 378lbs on the Sunday morning weigh in. I need this.

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