Top Amazon Keto & Fasting Product Suggestions (Prime Day 2019)

keto prime day
keto prime day

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Pili Hunters’ True, Authentic Pili Nuts:

Kettle & Fire’s Grass-Finished Bone Broth:

Perfect Keto’s Grass-Fed Collagen:

SunWarrior’s Plant-Based Protein Blend:

Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee Latte:

Top Amazon Keto & Fasting Product Suggestions (Prime Day 2019) Thomas DeLauer…

July 15 and 16, Amazon has announced, is going to be Prime Days which means that special products are going to be participating in really exclusive offers.

I wanted to go ahead and highlight some of the products that I featured on my channel before that are participating in the Amazon Prime Day specials:

Pili Hunters:
Pili Hunters is a pili nut company, so they have pili nuts and they have pili nut butter, so pili nuts are the highest fat, lowest carb nut that are out there. Perfect for keto, perfect if you’re in your eating window during a fast. The nice thing is, 10 grams of those fat are saturated fats.

Really nice omega-9 profile. Really nice omega-7 profile, so we’re getting a lot out of the actual oils that we’re getting from this. It’s not just high in fats and that’s it. It’s actually good quality fats. So I definitely recommend them. We’re talking one gram of carb per serving and 20 to 22 grams of fat in a simple serving of these pili nuts that quite honestly taste like butter.

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Kettle & Fire:

Kettle & Fire doesn’t really need a whole lot of explanation. They are the leader when it comes down to bone broth. Whether it be beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, or any array of their seasoned broths, they are the go-to for bone broth.

Now perfect when you’re breaking a fast, so generally what I recommend when you’re fasting is start off with some bone broth, then a half an hour or so later, have your lean protein and then go ahead and introduce more food.

Perfect Keto:

Perfect Keto is a brand that I talk about all the time, whether it be their collagen, whether it be their bars, whether it be various forms of their MCT, but in this case, I’m talking about their collagen. Because they’ve got some really cool flavors.

They’ve got their chocolate flavor, they’ve got their salted caramel flavor. Honestly when it comes down to flavors of collagens, these guys have nailed it.

Sun Warrior:

Sun Warrior’s protein is a really cool blend of hemp protein and pea protein. They add the hemp in there so they complete the amino acid profile to give you a complete protein but they also add some coconut in there and some MCTs, so it’s a perfect keto protein that is plant-based.

Four Sigmatic:

Four Sigmatic has made it into a ton of my videos. Why? Not only do I know the owners and know that they’re really good integrity-driven guys, I know that this product is top notch when it comes down to supporting neurogenesis.

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They are all about getting you the right adaptogens so that your brain cells can grow. We’re looking at increased performance throughout an entirety of different things.

Now in this particular case I’m talking about their lattes. They’ve got their chai latte, their matcha latte, and their coffee latte. They utilize a coconut milk powder to give it a creamy consistency.


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  1. Kettle & Fire – paying for the brand name. There's WAY CHEAPER organic, grass fed bone broth.

  2. Thank you so much. I kind of make these lattes at home with the turmeric and mushroom powder. But this will make it way easier and taster for me. Thank you.

  3. perfect keto collagen is the one I am interested in, however it doesn't ship the UK. Which is just pants. Any others that come close that do ship here please?

  4. I wanted to know your opinion on the new SPEED KETOSIS program they have out there.

  5. Thomas,
    I am a new subscriber and I’m wondering if you could do a video explaining the The science behind the Keto powder (BHB) that’s huge on the market. Thanks

  6. would you recommend the pili nut butter for cycling because i like to do a 45mile distance with some incline of about 500ft? So its like a moderate to intense workout. I used to use GU octane energy gels when i was carb cycling but then i swithed to keto and realized i wasted my money.

  7. The Pili nuts sound good as it's a natural product. As for the Kettle & Fire bone broth, I think it tastes rather nasty. Just make your own. As for Perfect Keto products, many of them have hidden carbs so do your research and be careful. Typically, if you see added fiber in the ingredient list, there's hidden carbs in the product, otherwise, why add fiber? As for things like protein blends, why not simply eat food for your protein? Most supplements are a huge money maker and somewhat of a scam. If you are not deficient in a certain vitamin, mineral, etc, then you don't need supplements. Eat real food, imagine that…

  8. whats the healthiest peanut/almond butter to buy? im addicted to peanut butter. what the the best cottage cheese also?

  9. Only good I get from amazon is almond flour bread…every once in a while I like a BLT Keto style ✌️

  10. Does anyone think there is a weird plastic taste off Kettle & Fire's Grass-Finished Bone Broth? I found it quite chemically in taste. Maybe it was the lining of the pack it came in. Plus i had to pay an import charge to the UK which was almost as much as the product.

  11. He saying this because hes sponsored by them they might be good products but the companys are paying him

  12. So sorry keto didn't work for me 🤷‍♀️ i tried transitioning in it twice bit I was a big wreck with serious electrolyte deficits… I breastfeed my 6 Month old Fully he gets no other foods yet so i guess going keto at this point in my life is just too stressful for my body… And I can't afford not to functions for my babies for a week or more while I am getting over the symptoms… Also it makes me wonder is this really the way our bidies are naturally meant to be in? I mean if I have to take this electrolytes and thos vitamins then it isn't really a natural state? I am sure there will be more keto content for breastfeeding moms but right i can't really figure it out…

  13. This was pretty interesting the yesterday. I went to the supplement store & out of the blue the supplement lady told me the opposite of what you did. She said they're finding pea protein inflaming & that hemp was the better. I almost went hemp the week prior with my purchase, but went pea instead. I figured I'd go hemp the next time I was in the market. It was odd, I gotta question how observed I am on camera. She was nice, but money's money. Sometimes idk if I'm dealing with Unity from Rick and Morty? Seemed undermining to yours & my effort, weird. Not only do you look like you know what you're talking about, but I know you know what you're talking about & you're repeatedly proven.

  14. Hey , can you give a think about Amazon warehouse workers and the destructive business practices. Just like exploitation of garment workers and cheap clothes, please reconsider befor purchasing from Amazon they won't change other wise

  15. Thomas, I have to admit, I am confused. Recently in the Fasting over 40, you counsel to not use Bone Broth to break a fast. Is it just for us seniors that this is so? I have missed my bone broth that I stopped when you mentioned that. Help!

  16. Our asshole leftist ex PM turnbull in australia made all overseas purchases have 10% tax on all items and amazon US now banned us so we cant buy this 🙁

  17. Thomas, when you're trying to get as lean as possible how water do you reccomend daily?

  18. Would be nice to have times when things were on Prime Day sale. I just check the 2 I would go for and definitely not on sale.

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