21 Toy Designers Who undoubtedly Need an interval

You would think that designing a toy is a very easy job. If you don’t mind being unoriginal, there are an abundance of ideas for children’s toys. The toys of Children are made-up by adults. But sometimes they just get tired or let their imagination run riot and fails.

We have collected 21 of the most bizarre toy design fails that you can run into in ordinary stores and on the internet.

Let’s have a look:

2. Belle, Go home.

21 Toy Designers Who Obviously Need a Break

3. What happens when Sesame Street stays on Sesame Street.

4. A toy you can shave…but don’t really want to…

5. A very exciting noose

6. I am asking for the last time: Is it truly the right place for the bear’s mouth?

7. A toy for Alien’s smaller fans

8. For some understanding, I no longer want to have fun.

9. Pooh, how would you tell this to us?

21 Toy Designers Who Obviously Need a Break

10. No need to tell me about It — I had THIS when I was a child.

11. When you are tired of sketching faces:

12. Grim toys for Star Wars fans:

13. I won’t be able to unsee this!

14. Batman would not authorize of this.

15. This is a totally innocent toy — 2 drivers and a deer hit by their car on the engine hoodlum.

17. I thought so from the very beginning.

18. When the light gets to all dark points… It’s good that children won’t realize this joke.

19. Thank goodness it’s not about compression out guts but only laying eggs.

21 Toy Designers Who Obviously Need a Break

20. This discouraging Wonder Woman is made of steel.

21. Bonus: A Victorian ceremony service for dolls. Barbie’s pink house is for weakling.

These pictures explain why toy designer should take a break.
Source: Bright Side
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