Trying a NEW Fast Food Place – Is It a Good Keto Option??

keto fast food options
keto fast food options

Looking for keto fast food options ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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Trying a NEW Fast Food Place – Is It a Good Keto Options??
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Inform a person interested in keto fast food options and make it people Happy again.

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38 thoughts on “Trying a NEW Fast Food Place – Is It a Good Keto Option??”

  1. Haven’t watched you for 2yrs, watching you again remind me when when I was just starting my journey. I hope you do the 9am Live again. That would be dope

  2. i also like to explain to the drive thru person what diet i'm doing to make sure its ok with them…

  3. Avoid fast food because it ain't food. Somebody please explain the insane devotion to Chick-fil-A???

  4. Since starting Keto my body wants more salt .I don’t retain water anymore. Maybe because sugar retains fluid which holds salt. My husband eats a regular diet and says I over-salt things.
    That may explain why you think they don’t put enough salt in the food.

  5. Hi you guys, love you. I don't know if you have Pollo Loco where you live but they have really good keto salads for cheap.

  6. Good review. But I was a bit surprised and have to ask, you're OK with Canola Oil?

  7. Culver's is from Wisconsin, and I agree with the pretty lady, Culver's isn't good. Taste is subjective though.

  8. Dude! Culvers is from Wisconsin. It originated in the town I've in. I agree Matt, the best. Lol

  9. I don't follow Keto anymore but love watching you 2 kids and seeing your new family grow. Good Job guys.

  10. CAVA is amazing for keto! It’s one of my favorites! Also Mezeh, which is very similar.

  11. Greetings from Northern Michigan- I had to travel to Southern Georgia weekly for work and would always take my team out for lunch while I was down there. One of their favorite places was Zaxbys; This was a few years back- I always saved the Texas toast to feed the ducks with. Loved their chicken though

  12. Chelsea clin ton arrested kidnapping 3 Haitian kids for pee doughs! Boom!!! Git moo!!! Yes!! The demon didn’t fall too far from satan nest!!!

  13. Zaxbys is the bomb! I always get the grilled chicken Cobb. I'm in South MS and we've has 1 for years.

  14. Places to try… Zoe's Kitchen, Red Robin, Buger Fi, Marco's Pizza, Chicken Salad Chick. Also you guys should go to Bucees Gas Station. It's not your ordinary gas station it's HUGE and they have many keto options there.

  15. I used to live in FL and loved Zaxbys! Famous for that chicken 🍗 but I now live in Michigan and haven’t seen any 😥

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