keto wagon wheel
keto wagon wheel

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The crack of the chocolate leads you into a layer of light and fluffy marshmallow. The tang of the raspberry jam buzzes around your mouth before being soothed by the sweet, firm oat biscuit base. Childhood memories come flooding back of picnics on hazy sunny days, filled with laughter and the sweet delight of a wagon wheel shared with a friend.

Nutie Donuts in Sydney provided the inspiration for these bad boys. Why should us vegans miss out on the perfection that is the wagon wheel just because vegan marshmallow is like the food version of a diamond encrusted unicorn?

Fear not, my friends. After (many) attempts, I have perfected the art of the homemade vegan marshmallow and thus, it is my pleasure to present to you my Vegan Wagon Wheels. Complete with fluffy, silky smooth marshmallow, tangy raspberry jam and a sweet biscuit base.

Now, before you say it, I know that regular wagon wheels have biscuit at the top and bottom but these are special so we’re going straight from chocolate into marshmallow like the rebels we are.

Bring your cooking A Game and lets get started.

I have no doubt that you will LOVE this recipe – be sure to tag me on Instagram when you make it @aveganvisit 🙂

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  1. Do you know what I can use instead of agar? This looks very good but I do not have that ingredient. 🙁

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