Video Podcast #70 – Prime Day, Keto Mergers, More on Comments

keto prime day
keto prime day

Looking for keto prime day ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this video, I talk a little about Amazon Prime Day, I give an update on Courtney, I provide my thoughts on the Perfect Keto / SuperFat merger, I explain how ad blocker hurt content creators, and I share my favorite type of comment to recieve.

Intro and Prime Day: 0:00
Courtney update: 4:16
Perfect Keto / SuperFat merger: 5:01
How ad blockers hurt: 10:11
Favorite type of comments: 14:15
Easter Egg and wrap up: 16:53

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49 thoughts on “Video Podcast #70 – Prime Day, Keto Mergers, More on Comments”

  1. Hmm if I let your YouTube channel play to Noone. Say while I'm at work. It puts money in your pocket? Hmmm 😉

  2. You have an Instant pot, yet you don't show any good keto recipe. I'm surprised. Maybe in the future?

  3. I use ultra pasteurized whole milk when I made yogurt in my Instant Pot before I went Keto. I made it about 6 times and never had an issue and it is SO easy!!! Love your videos!

  4. Steve, thanks for your comment about YouTube premium being totally worth it. I went premium yesterday and I LOVE it so much….I can’t see ever going back to all the ridiculous ads. Anyway, thanks for the nudge to finally bite the bullet.

  5. Steve, a dear friend shared her homeland's ancient Persian method for yoghurt! Amazing & ridiculously easy! Bring s 1/2 gal. whole milk to "just before scalding", let cool to where it doesn't burn your finger, add 1/2 C. yoghurt as a "starter", pour into your fridge storage container NOT plastic), double/triple wrap in towels, blankets…etc. Leave it OUT over night. In the morning you'll have amazing yoghurt with no machine!

  6. Serious question. The annual cost for Youtube Premium is $144. Does any of this money support the creators (like yourself)?

    If not, then what is the difference between the Premium payment and the ad blocking software to the creators?

  7. Have you tried cold start yogurt in the instant pot? It’s so easy and comes out perfect every time. I use Fairlife Ultra filtered whole milk (They are a 52 ounce container and I use two per batch) then I add 4 tablespoons of Fage full fat yogurt. Mix the yogurt with a cup or so of the milk to dissolve or mix it together and then add the rest of the milk and mix well…in the pot itself. I cook it on the yogurt setting only, no boil, for 10 hours. It’s nice and thick at that point and you can transfer into a large bowl and refrigerate. One note, you have to use a ultra filtered milk like Fairlife to skip the boil method. I do additional straining after it’s chilled but it’s not needed unless you like really thick yogurt. My husband loves it and it helps in keeping his phosphorus levels up when eaten almost daily.

  8. Hi Steve, I ended up buying the IP Pro for the same reasons as you. I hope we like them. It was a good deal.

  9. We were in Gulfport back when Hurricane Katrina came through. That wasn't fun. Wishing Courtney all the best.

  10. So cool to see where this channel started and where you are now. Its great to see as well as your dedication!

  11. I enjoy sweets, even on keto, but I do find having a double cup of coffee with keto creamer, Lakanto sweetener, and a nice dollop of heavy cream, mixed with my collagen really seems to satisfy most of my sweet needs. I have also discovered roasted coconut flakes!

  12. I recently found your tonic video to cure acid reflux and was amazed by how immediate its effects were. I just want you to know how grateful I am that such information is available for desperate people like me. My sister also has a gut problem but instantly felt the effects after taking a sip of it. God bless you, sir. I will be using this and sharing the recipe. Thank you, thank you

  13. I usually watch YouTube videos on my tablet, which has no ad blocking. I don't have free time during my day to watch videos on my computer….I too am keeping keto in a non keto household so I feel your pain. And most of your recipes are winners in my non relevant opinion.

  14. I have a pogo whisk I don't use. Send me your address and I'll send it to you. Not a stalker, haha.

  15. I am one of those that would do anything possible in my viewing that would get YouTube to fund my favorite videos, videos that I appreciate all the work they did to make. I would love to do videos, just not there yet. I have learned to text on my phone.

  16. Thank you for sharing Courtney's update. I look forward to seeing her. I am enjoying your new channel. My husband enjoys some of your recipes, but not enough to eat keto with me……:( Have a great week!

  17. I prefer to make my yogurt in my sous vide oven, which is just like yours using 5 mason jars for 1/2 gallon of whole milk. I 'cook' it 24 hrs to remove as much lactose as possible.

  18. My, my, my. I just used your link for the pogo whisk and today it was only $11.99. You really socked it to 'em about gouging the prices! Thanks. I've been waiting on the price to become reasonable.

  19. My main source of entertainment and information comes from YouTube and I so much appreciate you telling me about the Premium version in the first place. It's worth every dollar to me!

  20. FYI, Adblock gets added automatically when you install certain shareware or browsers.

    I find myself turning to Keto Chow as a snack sometimes. I'd rather have half a shake for a snack or dessert than eat a keto cookie.

    I think that creature is one of those space frogs.

  21. This is another test post. A post I made last week was liked, hearted and replied to. While this week's test post was not. But both are still up. What else could result in a post being deleted? Maybe some kind of ranking value on the person making the post? I wish youtube wasn't so opaque about these details. It would be cool if the channel owner could see a synopsis that said things like : This week: 15 comments deleted as spam, 45 comments deleted for being objectionable, 34 comments deleted for being left handed, etc…

  22. Thanks Steve. I really appreciate your integrity in all areas but notably in this episode about the Amazon pogo whisk vendor & PerfectKeto’s ‘expansion via acquisition’ & “sale”.
    Despite my own misgivings over YT/Goo; I do NOT use an ad blocker & mostly it is because of the factors you mentioned re harming the content creators pretty directly. Keep on keeping on man. 👍

  23. I don’t use ad blockers. But may try premium because of the points you made. Especially the offline feature. I’ve probably contributed to many hours of view time falling asleep while watching your playlist 👍🏽. I’m not saying you put me to sleep….but voice is soothing.

  24. I would never used ad-blocker for YT.. when the ads came up I just go do something and came back to watch the video.

  25. Well, I don't use an ad blocker, but I usually skip the ads as soon as it let's me. Does that hurt you?

  26. I totally agree with you about the sweets. I've never been a big sweet treats fan and would much rather have a savory snack selection to choose from. My last Perfect Keto order included a box of their bars "free with the order". I took a bite of each flavor and threw them away. If I want something sweet after dinner or anytime, I fix a cup of coffee with their chocolate collagen and sip on that. I appreciate your honest reviews of products and recipes and hope you will continue to bring us your reviews.

  27. Have you ever tried/heard of Beanitos chips? Made with beans, is gluten, corn free, egg free, and nut free. Available on Amazon.

  28. Love your channel. I always give a thumbs up. Love your product reviews. Ordered the Sous Vide on Amazon Prime day. Thank you so much.

  29. I bought a whisk like yours a few weeks ago . It was like 11 bucks . That’s if I’m thinking the right one. Plunger whisk ?

  30. Both 2 Krazy Ketos and AD Keto (or is it High Fat High Fun now?) released instant pot keto yogurt recipes around the same time with macros. Worth checking out 👍🏼

  31. you have to get milk for yogurt up to 185 degrees then cool down to 110-115. My instant pot has never heated the milk to 185 on the yogurt-boil setting, i always have to press saute to get to 185. You get a thicker yogurt if you can hold the temp at 185 for 30 min THEN cool down, add starter and then press the 8 hour yogurt setting. I make yogurt once a week. From a gallon of whole milk I get almost 2 quarts of greek style yogurt after i drain off 7-8 cups of whey.

  32. Does skipping the ad when the option is available have a negative impact on you? If it does, I'll skip the skipping 🧐

  33. Don't want to rip on you or your channel. You are def a straight up guy. Can see the lack of growth on your channel and can see why. Too much pushing of keto products. Dude do recipes, you are really smart and good at those. You are seriously the best Keto channel but not aggressive enough about it. The big channels are garbage, pure social media sellout garbage. You are def in the long game, so many youtube channels are a 3-5 year tops then gone. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES. Don't be a fad

  34. Perfect Keto didn't buy Superfat to incorporate their products, they bought them to reduce the keto market by one… when you have direct competition, greed often wins out and is an easy way to reduce the competition.

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