Voortman Bakery Sugar Free Iced Oatmeal & Vanilla Shortbread Mini Cookies Review

cobblestone bakery keto cookies
cobblestone bakery keto cookies

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Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

This is a taste test/review of the Voortman Bakery Sugar Free Iced Oatmeal and Vanilla Shortbread Mini Cookies. They were mailed to us free from Voortman Bakery!

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15 thoughts on “Voortman Bakery Sugar Free Iced Oatmeal & Vanilla Shortbread Mini Cookies Review”

  1. Excellent that they sent these to you since they both of you have been praising their products for years! These are great and glad to know they do more than just wafers. Thanks for the review.

  2. I love this brand! I tried searching your channel for your review on their sugar free cookies but I dont see any..I swear I thought you had reviewed them before??
    The almonette, chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies and the fudge stripes? You guys should review them if you get the chance, I'd love to hear your thoughts 😊

  3. Voortman makes some of the best cookies! The fudge striped oatmeal were alway a favorite of mine… I can’t buy their wafers… they are soooo good abs I eat them way too quickly… lol

  4. I would love to try these! You must've been pretty hyped getting products from one of your fav brands 😉 Only well deserved!

  5. Iced oatmeal cookies are my favorite cookies of ALL time. So underrated!

  6. I am interested in these, being a diabetic for 30 years though I wouldn’t suggest eating these in an excessive amount due to sugar free products having a tendency to have a laxative effect.

  7. It's barely sweet and has a prevalent butter taste? My mouth is watering already. I love butter cookies, and I haven't had anything from this company before. Will definitely try when made available!❤️💖

  8. Can’t wait for these to come into my supermarket and Walmart! I enjoy their cookies and the oatmeal sounds inviting.to me.
    Thanks for an awesome review. Thanks to Voortmans for sending them to you.
    Enjoy a day of blue skies and musical tunes.

  9. Voortman is owned by Hostess and they changed the recipe of their wafers by adding milk and eggs.

  10. I'm definitely getting those iced oatmeal ones! They sound right up my alley and I like mini cookies 😋
    Voortman is such a good brand! Its neat they send you free products because they know you love them so much!

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