We Attempted the Viral Keto French Fries Recipe! Are They Worth it? (Yes!)

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@Heavenly Fan created a french fry recipe that’s sweeping the keto youtube community. In this video we attempt to make these fries and put them to the test. We tried all the different combinations and this is what happened. Will they compare to normal french fries? If you have a recipe you’d like us to try on our keto weight loss journey remember to leave it Iin the comments!

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46 thoughts on “We Attempted the Viral Keto French Fries Recipe! Are They Worth it? (Yes!)”

  1. I have basically given up on fries. if I want a potato type thing, I'll either do cauli mash or use rutabaga. Rutabaga makes a fantastic "potato" au gratin. One medium to large rutabaga makes a 9×9 pan for me. If you parboil the rutabaga slices with a splash of lemon juice before doing anything with them, it really helps take the bitterness out and you're basically working with a blank canvas, flavor wise.

  2. I think your 'fries' are way to thick……if you make them again trying thinking of shoestring…they expand when they cook so even if you need to mid cooking take them out and cut thinner.

  3. Ok we tried these but they disintegrated once they were put in the oil.
    What did we do wrong??

  4. Heavenly fan has the best recipes…but they are fairly bland. I always add loads of seasoning and much more flavouring than she does. She also adds far too much baking powder to her fabulous bread rolls

  5. Oh how exciting that Heavenly Fan gave y’all a wonderful shout out!!! She just said what everyone who watches you already knows!! Y’all are so entertaining!!

  6. I appreciate y'all doing all the "heavy lifting" so I don't have to! Bless you! I'm so sorry none turned out for you after all that work. I do remember seeing someone(serious keto maybe?) saying using daikon radishes requires that you par boil then dry first to lose the peppery flavor and then they actually taste neutral. Not that you have any desire to try it again. I may try eventually, if I can ever find any daikons. If so I'll let y'all know.

  7. Made these tonight for our dinner with our keto chicken tenders. My finicky husband loved the fries. I added keto potato flavoring, but it wasn't enough. I also cut a few chips from the dough and made keto bbq chips to my amazement he loved it! It's a hit.

  8. I’m so behind with the newer keto videos, but I tried making these like a month ago and I didn’t care for them at all. 😖 it was fun to see you guys try them 🤪. I’m sure someone out there is trying to make FF out of something that will be keto friendly and really taste like fries. Till then it’s onion rings in pork rinds and almond flour! Yum

  9. Dont pay any attention to hate comments. I was cracking up watching this and i bet heavenly fan was too. I watch you girls because you are real and not pretentious. I love your cute funny personalities. You make me smile here at a time when there isnt a lot to smile about. Im 65 and dont need all that stress. Dont yall change not even one little iota. Thats a dot of an i. God bless you girls. Stay your sweet funny little selves always. Love memaw Wy 😉💗

  10. Heavenly Fan said this video would be insightful and entertaining. She was right. Good content.

  11. I recommend that you grate potatoes put the grated potoes in cold water for two hours for the starch to come out of the potatoes than drain the potatoes and cook in salted water when done mash the potatoes I have eaten this and my blood sugar doest rise as much starch is converted into sugar Durning cooking less starch lesss sugar

  12. I think the coconut flour one is better if you flash fry it for around 1 minute. (Maybe 50-60% resemblance to real Fries) If it's overcooked it's like dried burnt breadsticks. (Definitely a nono!)

  13. Maybe a fry with cauliflower purée & mixed with almond or lupin flour Shaped into fries & fried or baked ?

  14. You two are fantastic…the fries, not so much … jicama maybe?…would that be any different from daikon….less radish flavor imo..might still suck tho too … oh just saw the part 2 guess I need to go watch that now haha…take care and thanks for all the vids! Subcribed!

  15. I don't get the add flavours bit, potato is totally lacking in flavour, it's utility is to soak up flavour from things it comes in contact with, and in the case of chips (US: French Fries???) that is the oil it is fried in (and whatever seasoning you put on them).

  16. Heavenly Fan’s fries are a game changer for me. I also add onion powder, shape them into rings & have onion rings. OMG, fantastic. Next time cut them thinner. It makes a difference.

  17. You're so right! I tried it and no it's not worth the effort. Taste like almond flour not a potato. Wish I watched this first. Maybe add shredded dikon to the dough.

  18. You two are funny. I love folks with personality and it's so cool to see so much of IT coming through in two distinct individuals. Thanks for trying to offer so many fry options 🙂

  19. YOU'VE GOT TO TRY HALLOUMI CHEESE FRIED AS "FRENCH FRIES"…. really good and filling so a small block makes 4 serings VERY CRISPY

  20. I’m pleased I’m not the only one didn’t rave about the almond flour fries. I thought maybe it was just me!

  21. You both are such Troopers for trying all these recipes.I would take the hit and bake 3 single fries to get rid of my fry cravings and give up all other carbs in one day.

  22. Beef "lard" is beef tallow, lard is pork fat 😉 LOL….Beef tallow is what McDonald's used, before the "low fat experiment", that made them soooooooooooo good.

  23. 🤣🤣 you hVe both made me giggle. You are so fun to watch and it was really helpful to see and have your perspective on the finished products 😀 still giggling. Going to watch it again 👍

  24. I like the almond flour version, pan fried in avocado oil. But I can’t eat them plain. It needs a great dip. I salt these and eat them with a garlic and lemon aioli. And yes, they have to be cut thin. For another version, I added some allulose and cinnamon, and used an air fryer. (I know you don’t have one, but they are worth it!!). You have to leave a TON of space around them in the air fryer, because they puff up BEAUTIFULLY, just like a churro!!!

  25. I just made these and I honestly don't see what the fuss is about. They weren't great. I don't think I'll be making them again. I'm kind of disappointed. 🙁

  26. I know this video is not recent, but Low Carb Love made a version of Heavenly Fan's fries with the addition of parmesan cheese. Not bad at all.

  27. Add some potato extract to Heavenly Fan's recipe. It will make a huge difference in the flavor.

  28. I'm actually kind of addicted to the keto fries. My favorite is the coconut flour and I also add shredded Parmesan to it. I use avocado oil to fry mine in and I also add mashed potato flavoring. Yesterday I actually chaffled the recipe. A couple days ago I did a sweet version of them and made what I call "Powdered Snickerdoodle Puffs". I used snickerdoodle flavoring, golden monfruit and cinnamon, fried them and rolled them in powdered monkfruit/erythritol.

  29. This is one of the best Keto videos I've come across. I like the honest review of the recipes. You saved me hours of time I would have wasted on making keto recipes. Thank you.

  30. your heavenly fan fries were cut too thick.. that is why they tasted like bread sticks (which I see you figured out later in the video)

  31. I did see Heavenly Fan's video of the fries. You did cut yours to thick. Ketofocus and lowcarblove made changes which they felt made them taste more like fries. Love your channel…newly subscribed. Thank you.

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