We Found New Keto Snacks IN STORES | Taste Test and Review

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We Found New Keto Snacks IN STORES | Taste Test and Review
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We Found New Keto Snacks IN STORES | Taste Test and Review
We Found New Keto Snacks IN STORES | Taste Test and Review

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39 thoughts on “We Found New Keto Snacks IN STORES | Taste Test and Review”

  1. Quest Peanut butter cups are the best! Matt doesn't know what he is talking about. In fact, I would say do the opposite of what Matt says.

  2. Make an egg life recipe video for us without access to it, so we cn make them at home, if your allowed to. Thanos

  3. This goes to show you should really strive to find foods you love that dont use carb alternatives. That way you b don't feel so deprived

  4. You two so make my day !! I am laughing….my arse off !! And when ya get the whole fam together….all ya all, are my favorite!! Parents, baby Theo, Julius and mylie.. ❤💛

  5. Quest PB cups 100x's better than Lilly's. ChocZero is the only one beating them now. I bought a box of the Quest ones and keep in the freezer – perfect when craving Reese's…. Easter is coming up … LOL Matt, you are way off on this one.

  6. Quest or it butter cups are the only treats I’ve had and they are amazing! You COULD confuse them for a reg Reese’s cup in a blind test.

  7. “I expected better” (Matt as he lobs the Quest wrapper out of the way). 😆 Good video you guys!

  8. This video review is the reason I have dusted off my baking skills. It is easy to make killer cookies and cheesecake, I don’t like the salted caramel chocolate chips. Tastes artificial. Love the dark chocolate Lily’s,,

  9. where can i find some of the stuff? i live in upstate ny, the only thing i have found and tried were the egg sand which which was good

  10. I recommend trying the equate brand peanut butter cup. The center is super creamy and delish. Thanks for the video.

  11. The Quest Peanut Butter Cups was an accidental find at 7-Eleven for me. I didn’t know they existed, and was blown away by the stats. Seriously, 1-net carb per package? So I bought them expecting a package of “meh.” Only, I was surprised. I’ve been on Keto for nearly 2 years and the texture and flavor brought me straight into Reese’s territory. I can’t think anything else. I’m sorry to have learned that Matt’s tastebuds are fried, because his assessment of Quest PBC’s is insane.

  12. disagree with matt on this one … quest cups are my favorite low carb snack… feels like cheating

  13. I expected so much more from quest cups too!! Lol nothing like Reese’s to me. Y’all are so awesome thanks again for stuffing y’all’s selves for us! 💋✌🏼

  14. It’s encouraging to now see Catalina crunch now at Whole Food. I made peppermint bark with Lilly’s white chocolate along with crushed sugar free candy canes.

  15. Thank you for the laughs! I never laugh/cried through a product video before! There are times I feel like I'm losing it too but when Matt started pontificating on the conglomeration of all that is keto wrapped up into a fudge bite being our desperation…I lost it! My husband and my dog thought I finally went over the edge! Thank you for my New Year's Eve laugh tonight!

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