We Tried 3 Keto Pizza Crusts: The Winner Will Surprise You!

keto pizza crust
keto pizza crust

Looking for keto pizza crust ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

In this video, we put three Keto Pizza Crust options to the test!
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40 thoughts on “We Tried 3 Keto Pizza Crusts: The Winner Will Surprise You!”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ highfalutin low carb channel did the easiest crust ever. All he did was take a quarter inch worth of mozzarella cheese in an 8 inch fry pan and melted it till it got crispy flipped it over and then used that as a crust honestly it was the best pizza crust I’ve ever had just pure mozzarella cheese melted to crispiness. But I can’t have that much cheese at one time with my gallbladder! Even though I’ve been keto for 3+ years. I can always hit my fat macros but not all at one meal.

  2. What sucks for us who are on Keto because of autoimmune diseases is that we also can't have gluten or wheat. So, it sucks when nearly all Keto wraps and crusts have gluten or wheat in them. And I LOVE pizza too! 🥺

  3. Since I saw your original low carb tortilla pizza video months ago, I've been using the Spinach & Herb Carb Balance tortillas to make my pizza, because they're 3 net carbs. I had a long tradition of pizza and wings on a Saturday night, and now with the ability to make my own wings and low-carb pizza, it really helps me keep that fun thing going, but not do so in a way that breaks my keto. It also means I can still make tacos and not feel guilty.

  4. So glad I discovered your channel. You sisters are so cute together!😍 What marinara sauces are Keto friendly?

  5. I will try to double my tortillas with mozzarella between the two tortillas. Then add my toppings. Thank you for sharing. 🙌👏

  6. I take 10 oz. of drained canned chicken, 1 egg, 1/4 c. parmesan cheese. Roll it out flat, bake it about 12 min.,add your sauce/toppings, bake for about another 12 min. I use parchment paper. 400 degrees.

  7. The mission low carb tortillas are 19 total carbs… less then then the second keto pizza that is 15 total… not to knock it… but same same😂… keep doing you recipes! I love your videos.

    I also love the mission tortillas on occasions… also the TJS califlower mini pizza crust are great… and they are literally parm and califlower. Found next to the meat and cheese, in the refrigerator section (not the freezer section, with those fake keto wanna bees).

  8. My favorite pizza dough is a super easy recipe. 1 cup almond flour mixed with 3/4 cup grated mozzarella cheese. Microwave 1 minute, remove, and mix ingredients into a dough. Once it's roughly mixed, dump out and kneed more thoroughly and roll out into a crust and add toppings. Bake at 350° F for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on how thin you roll out or press your crust.

  9. OK keto twins. I have to say I agree with you on the simplicity and ease of the mission low-carb tortilla pizza. I’ve tried a bunch of the crusts from cauliflower to chicken and fat head dough and the tortilla version gets my vote for sure! 👍👍

  10. Since I always have low carb tortillas in my house, you know which one I will be using

  11. Keto isn't just about losing weight but also about controlling blood sugar/insulin spikes and a lot of the "keto" products out there like the pizza crust mix use resistant starch which can spike your blood sugar even though they claim it won't. Most of the keto breads on the market are like that which is a huge disappointment for someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic.

  12. I like your videos. Mission low carb for pizza crust is what I'm going to make. What part of Chicago are you at? I'm from the southwest side Brighton park.

  13. My favorite crust for pizza is to basically make a Quesadilla, two tortillas with whatever cheese you want. Then after it's cooked add the pizza toppings to one side. I like to put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes 😋

  14. We use those tortillas in lots of things. Try this really easy pizza. Cover the bottom of a no stick skillet with pepperoni. Cook it on medium high heat till it starts to brown up. You don't need to stir it. Then cover it with mozzarella cheese then put the tortilla on top. After a minute or 2, try lifting the edges. Whe it comes up all together, flip it over so the tortilla is on the bottom. The oil from the pepperoni and cheese will brown up the crust. Cook to your preference. Done!

  15. I love a quick tortilla pizza. I use either mission or a la Madre. Both are delicious!

  16. Just add shredded cheese to the pan in a thin to medium layer. Cook til very crispy, then add your sauce and too with more cheese.

  17. Love you guys and proud of your journey. That being said, I wish that you and everybody else would stop eating wheat! You guys are so cute and smart but…Wheat is inflammatory for everybody! When I first started doing keto three years ago it wasn’t so super popular but there were no peanuts (legume toxic) and no wheat. I was happy because I knew it would get more popular and more people would stop doing wheat. I am not doing squeaky clean and some would say lazy because I do net carbs. But anybody keto or any other WOE should stop eating wheat!!! People don’t even realize that it messes with the celia in the gut. So you’re eating all these healthy foods and even taking vitamins and they don’t really get in your system the same way when you have those inflammatory foods. Just saying 😊

  18. I just found you guys, and I am already a fan. I enjoy all of your content and really appreciate the fact you encourage us in our journey. I too have been on and off this keto diet rollercoaster. I do hope that this is THE time that I can stick with it. Thanks for being real!!

  19. Another funny and truly informative video! Thanks so much! Show that dough ball who’s boss!🤣

  20. For your next crust-off, try Farm Girl's pizza crust (Canadian) and the internet's favorite fathead pizza dough recipe online. Cheers!

  21. Wish I could just do the lazy version but the mission tortilla spike my blood sugar. 😔

  22. I went thrifting over the weekend and thought of you. Will you be doing any more of those videos. Love them all.

  23. I just made pizza with the Carb Balance tortilla. I used some Raos spaghetti sauce I had on hand. Some leftover sausage crumbled up and some sliced baby bella mushrooms and organic mozzarella cheese. It was soooo good. I love pizza and this hit the spot. I love your recipes. Keep em coming. Thanks for helping your viewers reach their goals like you did.

  24. I am using the Outer Aisle cauliflower thins. I make the pizza in the air fryer. I have to be gf (Celiac) and I avoid soybean oil (inflammation). The thins are a bit pricy so I watch for sales/markdowns and freeze them.

  25. Missions wrap is so versatile!! and tastes very good! not surprised it won the challenge.

  26. We love the Mission Carb Balance tortillas for everything under the sun….pizza included. So easy, they never fail us and our Costco stock's them. Go #1! Rock, paper, scissors…Sarah lost to making the Scotty's 🙃I wonder if adding some spices into the dough would make it taste better. Should we start a Go Fund Me page to get Sarah a stand mixer?

  27. LOVE making the Mission Tortilla pizzas, haven't in awhile so probably soon! Thanks ladies🙏🏼❤

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