We Tried a Cyclical Keto Diet for 1 Month | 10 Things We Learned About Carb Ups

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how to cancel keto order

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We Tried a Cyclical Keto Diet for 1 Month | 10 Things We Learned

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We Tried a Cyclical Keto Diet for 1 Month | 10 Things We Learned About Carb Ups
We Tried a Cyclical Keto Diet for 1 Month | 10 Things We Learned About Carb Ups

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39 thoughts on “We Tried a Cyclical Keto Diet for 1 Month | 10 Things We Learned About Carb Ups”

  1. Cyclical Keto- Why would people ever eat like this? You just destroy all benefits of Keto

  2. Great info! I’m doing keto with just a bit of some natural carbs thrown in here and there. First started with cutting all processed sugar before starting. I’m wayyyy less hungry and lost 15 lbs in a bit a month and a half. Back to my high-school weight 🙂

  3. The guy is skinny as fuck and this girl has big Belly.they are advocating keto for things that they don't understand

  4. I cheat once a week with takeout or dine in. Funny thing is it takes all day to eat it 😆. Friday is my fav day haha. Keeps me on track with fighting cravings, but I'm addicted to the effects of keto. The other 6 days I do less than 20 net carbs.

  5. You probably experienced a huge insulin dump, it got your blood glucose down, but high insulin is a problem too

  6. I applaud your experimentation, however, my experience is that it is easier to gain muscle on keto. If you want to LOOK more muscular, yea, eat some carbs and your muscles with fill with more glycogen.

  7. I love this video, like can you carb-load or do cyclical keto with Capello almond flour pasta, and cauliflower?

  8. The Agoge diet is a much better option than the keto diet. It is well structured, diverse and peronalized. Keto is just harmful and very difficult to follow.

  9. During my experiment on carb up, I tried to eat 120 gr of blue berries and 3 kiwifruits on top of my avocadoes. After 4 hours I got headache and had to take a nap (not gonna do this anymore). BUT it was not that bad with about 900 gr of chest nut. I think it depends on the GI of the carbs too. I am thinking to experiment with this weekly or biweekly with low GI carbs.

    Actually I haven't felt any tangible benefit, it is only that I have a 'faith' that there are good things that I may miss if I completely ditch low GI carbs.

  10. I do a carb day once a week, and it's a game changer. I do around 200 carbs usually in bread or chips (no candy/sweets because that's a slippery slope for me), and I stick to maintenance calories. I've been on keto about 6 months and was getting so dehydrated that my face was getting dry patches, I had dry eyes, and was actually looking older. This despite drinking like 160 oz of water, counting sodium/potassium/magnesium, etc–I researched and experimented with everything and it's just like my body refuses to hold water on keto. So about a month ago I started eating carbs on Saturday, and I felt really good most of the week–usually by the next Saturday I'm struggling again so I'm ready for some carbs. I don't have any issues going back to keto, it doesn't give me brain fog, or anything the next day, and I've lost more weight this month than I have since the first month of keto. Always listen to your body–we're all different.

  11. Funny enough, I usually weigh less the morning after a carb-up on CKD. I also fast for about 24hrs following the carb load, which sounds terrible, but only around 14 of those hours are while awake.

  12. I am on keto and see the advantages of it but I do not get people who act like God created keto and carbs are the devil. There are people I know that eat carbs all day, have a lot of energy and feel and look great. Its us blessed people with insulin resistance that have to effin do it. I am not a huge fan of the keto diet in terms of food variety and taste. It sucks to be precise and Im totally jealous of people who can eat everything and stay fit.

  13. What are the best carbs for "tactical carbs" How often do you guys do the little 50gram boosts?

  14. When I was doing keto really strictly and then had a McFlurry, legit had tachycardia and felt really nervous 😬

  15. what is a car buff – carb something? can't understand and closed caption saying car buffs

  16. I’m trying keto. So far I don’t like it. Lol but I said I’d do it a month before I make a decision. I’m literally only doing it because I’ve been having some trouble losing some belly fat and this is a quicker way than simply carb counting… I was hoping this was going to show me a hybrid lol.

  17. I dont care for any diet that restricts too much of anything. Complex carbs are NOT bad and a low carb diet isnt the only way to lose weight. As an active person that plays sports and weight trains I hate Keto. None of my trainers recommend it. However cyclical keto works for me. Everyone is different. To each their own. 🙂

  18. So, I've been STRICT (20g net carbs per day or less) Keto for almost 4 months, and today decided to Carb cycle. TWO hours after a meal with 50g of carbs, my blood glucose was 185!! Safe to say I'm still very insulin resistance… back to Keto!!

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  20. I have tried the carb up thing. Complex carbs don't mess up my metabolism, but if I eat too much sugar, my hunger goes over the roof, especially if I'm coming from a caloric deficit on keto.

  21. I like having days in which I do 12/fasting. I eat lots of nutritious food and I feel like I give my body great nutritional essentials. Plus I'm not someone who can eat large meals so this is great for me. So on others day I might do OMAd or 20/4 or 16/8. I mix it up. So important that I eat that my body needs.

  22. I realized my body just doesn't like sugar, I can eat all the potatoes and rice I want but as soon as I eat some sour patch kids I feel like crap.

  23. This is not CKD this is a refeed. CKD is only taking enough carbs pre workout to get you through a heavy weight session. You only need 50-75g carbs max.

  24. They're eating way to many carbs, a plate of pasta once or twice a week is plenty to get the benefits for high volume training

  25. Informative video, am on my keto journey for about 2 month now and i really think to strategically to do a planned high card day due to low energy. Your video helped me a lot.

  26. I had a similar experience. Now I carb up once every 3 months, about 200 g of carbs everyday for one week then back to strict keto. I will also carb Up like this when I measure that I'm losing muscle mass.

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