We Tried Kylie Jenner's Weight Loss Tea ☕️ (feat. Ayla Woodruff)

kylie jenner keto diet pills
kylie jenner keto diet pills

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Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

After seeing it advertised all over Instagram, and even heralded by King Kylie herself, we decided to try Kylie Jenner’s weight-loss fit tummy tea for a week to see if it actually works!

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35 thoughts on “We Tried Kylie Jenner's Weight Loss Tea ☕️ (feat. Ayla Woodruff)”

  1. Green tea has properties that decrease intestinal absorption of nutrients, not much for most teas, but i'm guessing this is what it is supposed to do

  2. You can lose weight drinking tea but this particular one doesn’t even work. Eating right and drinking tea wil work personally for me but idk about othwrs

  3. Please be careful with these kinds of teas, some companies make them with laxatives so drink lots of water too!

  4. Detox teas are generally just filled with a crap ton of laxatives. I’ve heard of instances where long term use of detox teas aka laxatives, prevents the body to take in very much of the nutrients from the food which could lead to other complications

  5. This is more a review of how fake "influencers" can be vs a tea review. One person has a more genuine review and the other is clearly more adept at lying to promote a product. You be the judge.

  6. Yall some hating ass bitches yall was talking shit b4 you even gave it a chance. U just mad cause u didn't come up with it

  7. You don’t need to drink a tea to “detox”. Our body naturally detoxes… Toxic diet culture strikes again.

  8. You're suppose to only drink it in the morning and or before work out.. so they're not following direction on the tea.. and yes it has a lot of caffeine.. of course taking it at night you wont be able to get any sleep when taken at night.

  9. I drink it natural no lime or honey and I take it before exercising it is so good. I seen results after 3 days whatever I eat or drink straight to the bathroom lmao 😁✌

  10. Ladies the instructions says drink in the morning and before a workout but I suggest not before a workout if you workout late

  11. Okay let’s correct Kylie Jenner! It’s NOT her tea this was out before she was born so heck I’m going to claim it lol I’m older🤣 actually lemon pledge has lemons 🍋 in it so technologically speaking it’s lemon 🍋

  12. I don’t know, the other girl seemed to have the wrong out look on it, it just made me feel kind of uncomfortable with the way she saw the process and the effects. Like when she said ‘I like it because not only do I get to drink tea, I get skinny too!’ or something along those lines. I don’t know I just didn’t think it was a good mindset to have and share.

    But I’m just a random person on the internet so what do I know…
    Oh well

  13. I love watching your videos while I work out. I’m working so hard to lose weight and be healthy and your extreme fitness videos show me what’s possible with my body. Thank you!!! 💕

  14. If there was a tea to make us all skinny we would be skinny. People say “oh well, you can’t just drink this tea and lose weight you have to eat right and exercise to lose the weight with the tea” BUT WHY HAVE THE TEA AT ALL HUN-TEA. Just eat right my gosh😂 people saying the tea has helped them. No boo it’s the effort you put into your diet and exercise. You wanna lose water weight, here’s a tip. Take in less sodium. More sodium means more water will be retained giving you a bloating look. Research people, makes you wiser and saves lives. It’s not hard.

  15. Omg I tried this last week. Taste is good. But made me feel horrible!!!! I still have 5 tea bags left that are going to the garbage …. it would drain me make me feel super sleepy and tired no energy and definitely NO weight loss.! Thank you so much for this confirmation. I thought it was just me. 🙏🏼 Oh and it says to drink the tea in the morning before breakfast. I did exactly that. No help! Also to mention my my memory was lacking … like my. Rain was full of fog and forgetfulness. I do not recommend this product.

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