What Alcohol Can You Drink? (While On KETO)

cava keto
cava keto

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Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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The holidays are here and and I know a lot of us will be gathering with family over the next few weeks. The most common questions I have been receiving is which alcohols can I have while doing keto? So here’s my tips and tricks on how to pick the “safest” alcohol while still maintaining a healthy ketogenic diet!

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26 thoughts on “What Alcohol Can You Drink? (While On KETO)”

  1. the hard stuff stops ketosis. Also counting total carbs not net carbs makes a huge difference. Net is like double total carbs.

  2. Everyone seems to think alcohol gets converted into sugar. Alcohol is broken down into a ketone.

  3. I watched your vid for 1 min and decided I like you. I like your energy and your smile. You seem like a genuine dude. Props for what you do. I’ll be following you and see what you do. Craft beer in NC is insane, arguably more craft beer here than in most states.

  4. Truly Hard Seltzer 2 grams of carbs – Wild Basin boozy sparkling water – 1 gram of carb

  5. Logan, what's your take on Corona, the new Premier version has 2.6 grams of carbohydrates and 90 calories?

  6. Thanks for the video. I'm going out tonight and have written down the list of 'good' alcohol types I can refer to when I'm at the bar making a selection LOL.

  7. If you are into craft beers specifically ipas give dogfish heads slightly mighty a try. 3.6 carbs, 95 calories, and doesn’t taste like seltzer water with piss like most light beers. It’s the only light beer I can somewhat tolerate as a flavor junky

  8. Lol I just drink Club Soda And Vodka…Losing Weight, No Carbs At All While Drinking = Drunk As Hell, While Burning Fat!

  9. I hate dry wine so can I use a keto safe sweetener to sweeten up the dry wine a bit?

  10. I like vodka neat , vodka on the rocks , vodka in a glass, vodka out of the bottle and to be honest i love tequila too. Cheers!

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