What I Eat on Lazy Keto/ 18 Hour IF / Huge Clothing/Shopping Haul

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What I Eat on Lazy Keto and Intermittent Fasting / First Time Shopping in 9 Weeks!!!

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(infographics by Jack Yaman Productions and Alison Hopper)

SW -May 2018- 270lbs
Today – 168
Total Loss 102 lb

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(infographics by Jack Yaman Productions and Alison Hopper)

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24 thoughts on “What I Eat on Lazy Keto/ 18 Hour IF / Huge Clothing/Shopping Haul”

  1. You both looked very nice in your outfits..
    I had acid reflux after lap band surgery. Lived with it for 18 years, it was eating my esophagus, so last July I had it removed. I feel so good now. And also the band really never work for me. But u have to watch the spice and wine. I couldn't have them before, And I only have them in moderation now. Good luck. Keep up the Good work.

  2. My Target had the chocolate chip and the snickerdoodle. I was so elated!! I went to TJ Maxx the yesterday and the check out line went all the way to back of the store. Now that was really weird 🤨

  3. I'm in North Carolina, can't wait to go to Target to try and find the highkey cookies. Loved all the clothes except for the white top and black top with white polka dots not so much. Bathing suit top looked great.

  4. My gosh oh mighty gal you look absolutely positively fabulous!!!!!! Listen here chick you are rockin that bikini top I hope I can look that great in my clothes again and as always I love the dynamic of you and your family 💜

  5. Hey Erica I am one week post op today and am so encouraged by your videos I am getting in 64 ounces of fluid and 60 grams of protein

  6. Oh my I’ve never tried high key cookies but I may have to go to target!! Cause I don’t buy a lot of keto snack online they always seem so expensive online! Usually make my own!

  7. Have you looked at maybe doing carnivore/keto carnivore? Check out Ken Berry MD. He had bad acid reflux, was pre-diabetic and I believe he had arthritis. He went pale, then keto, then carnivore. All his issues are gone. You can also check out Caitlyn Weeks and Carnivore Yogi. Both had auto immune issues, which are gone. One of them had severe depression and anxiety, which is gone. Maybe check into it cause it might help with your issues?

  8. I love you bunches and bunches first and I love sunflowers and watermelons and rose gold and my favorite color is yellow. I can't believe you like stuff like I do.

  9. Hunny your body looks wonderful in the swim suit top rock it with confidence you have nice figure get you a cute little sheer waist wrap or over up if you feel uncomfortable but I think you look great at the beach in the swim top

  10. Great haul girl, and I loved the fashion show! Every time I saw you pull something up to show it I kept saying "that's so cute!" And Aaron kept saying " Mom, you know Erica can't hear you right?" Lol. That's me though, always talking to you even though you can't hear me. Lol 😊❤️

  11. I like the blue top with the zipper and tie. I am actually wearing the same shirt today, that you bought from Amazon! I was shocked when I saw it. I have one with pink instead of yellow as well. Fun to see you happy buying clothes because you like them, not just something that fits! Oh and the orange bathing suit top, would look great with a jean paper bag high waist like those pants with the tie. You looked just fine in the shorts you came out in, but I know you want to be super comfortable, and they do come up higher. Some of the swim tops I wear with shorts, I feel fine until I go to sit down. Thanks for the video 🙂

  12. I don’t see in your cookbook the recipe for the fajita chicken casserole. Can you please share the recipe?

  13. You really look great! I didn't realize how small you really are. You need to dress up more for your videos.

  14. Love the fashion show. Orange bikini top was super cute. Get it girl. My fav was the high waist pants!

  15. Hi 🙂 I was wondering where your tumbler that you are drinking out of is from? What brand? Thank you 🙂

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