What Is A Keto Diet and How Does It Work?

What Is A Keto Diet
What Is A Keto Diet

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  1. Glucose only gets stored as fat if the thing you ate with carbs in it exceeds the total amount of calorie expenditure you have. So say, you burn 7×2000=14,000 Cals in a week, and you eat normally for 6 days at 2000 Cals, but then on Saturday you go buck wild on your coconut Nutella birthday cake and you end up eating 4000 Cals that day, you will store 2000 calories of fat in that week, which is roughly equivalent to 260 grams of fat.

    If, on the other hand, you are eating the same amount of calories on a ketogenic diet, and instead of going ham on the birthday cake of doom, you glug away 4000 calories worth of olive oil as a night cap on Saturday night, you will end up storing that same ~260 grams of fat all the same, ketosis or not. It has no fat-burning benefit, some people just prefer it because it is easier for them to stick to. You're not changing the laws of nature, no matter how horrid your fad diet ends up making you feel.

    Carbs (glucose) has energy in it, but so does fat and protein. It's all energy going into your body. Most of it will leave your body naturally without any exercise through basal metabolic rate. If your body can't find enough food intake to keep up its energy expenditure, it will look for its stored fuel in the forms of fat tissue and break that down in order to provide energy. Calories in vs. calories out is the key. Cut 500 calories a day to burn fat. If you're not seeing results within 2 weeks, cut an additional 100 calories and keep trying. Carbs fulfill a useful function for most people in that eating them makes you feel like life isn't as miserable as it is, but if keto works for you, then it can be an alternate diet. But still remember, even in ketosis you need to be in an energy deficit. Your body won't use fat stores if you are eating enough protein and fat to provide for your daily energy expenditure. It would make no sense for it to do so.

    Tldr: You can use keto to burn fat, but you need to be in an energy deficit (burn more calories than you consume). You can also be in a non-keto diet, ie. still eat considerable amounts of carbs and burn fat, but you need to be in an energy deficit. If you are not in an energy deficit, you will not burn fat.

  2. I did keto for 6 weeks and lost 15 pounds so easily. Granted, I was working out hard, 2-3 hours a day 4-5 days a week.

  3. a BTEC video copying kurzgesagt style ranting about a keto diet of which is a futile endeavour

  4. Don't do keto. It's not better than any other diet to lose weight, and the while Charlie pointed out some of the pros, there are also cons that make it not worth the risk.

  5. Videos like this made me remeber that Charlie actually have a degree in biology and Matt have a degree in business…

  6. So is Fortnite running for president? You said this video would confirm but it didn't.

  7. This was actually one of the most easy to understand biology videos I have ever seen, definitely easier to understand than most of the ones I saw in bio

  8. I love the idea of someone thinking that this is a regular educational video about a ketogenic diet, unaware that this is a video from someone who uses a fleshlight as a weapon. In all seriousness however, this was pretty educational, I might go on a keto diet myself

  9. Great presentation. Most people think they know how diet works but they are a product of a compilation of misinformation.

  10. PLEASE don t try this , please please , please . IF YOU WANT TO REACH KETOSIS YOU BETTER JUST DO INTERMITTENT FASTING. Keto will make your fucking liver just die

  11. “Sometimes you have to leave your friends behind to chase your dreams” Charlie out here hitting too close to home…

    …but I still didn’t achieve my dreams. I just have no friends 😂

  12. Something you forgot to mention is a mostly meat diet gives you the shits like real bad leaking out your ass peanut butter consistency shits charlie, you should really inform people of stuff like that before recommending keto diets

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