What Is Best VEGAN Meal Delivery Service? | HONEST REVIEW

keto meal deliveries
keto meal deliveries

Looking for keto meal deliveries ??

Watch the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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In today’s video, follow my quest to find which Is the best VEGAN meal delivery service. You will hear my honest thoughts and opinions on Veestro & Daily Harvest. If you are thinking about ordering some vegan meal deliveries, watch this first!

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40 thoughts on “What Is Best VEGAN Meal Delivery Service? | HONEST REVIEW”

  1. I hope you guys enjoy this review! I had a lot of fun making this video. What meal delivery service should I try next?

  2. How do you handle sodium? The reason why I asked is that I have been searching nonstop for a meal delivery that has low sodium content and it seems like all these meal delivery has A LOT. I just recently ordered a daily harvest and I was thinking about the same add some proteins to it.

  3. you can change the delivery service to be every week or not its on the top right hand side of site

  4. I tried veestro for a few months. I had lots of problems with them. Almost every time I had to contact them because I was missing meals. I also had some trouble with it not coming when it was supposed to and the food would no longer be frozen. The food tasted good but I could not trust them to deliver my full order.

  5. you’re seriously my new hero 🥺✨💕*subscribed* p.s you have really good energyyy 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  7. I hate meal delivery because of the packaging… a lot of plastic… being recyclable doesn't mean its going to be recycled. 🙁

  8. AVOID TRY THISTLE food delivery service: I tried it for 3 weeks. Thistle food tastes like s**t. Vegan does not have to be bland or monotonous but the chefs at Thistle don't seem to know that. The salads are primarily quinoa, salad greens, carrot chunks, old tough raw green beans with a vinegar (not vinegarette) dressing. They also add one ingredient to justify the title of the meal. The presentation is horrid. The meal arrives as if it had been dropped on the ground and someone scooped it up and put it in the container. The customer service wins an academy award for worst performance.

  9. I like that veestro is affordable but I don’t like that it’s frozen . Still searching for the right one for me .

  10. These are the same problems here local. We have a company called Territory. The meals are good however the carbs are through the roof and the protein is very low. I let them know because they target and deliver at crossfit gyms, but don't really appy the macro needs for Vegan options

  11. This was right on time. I have looked at some of the meal prep services but they always want you to lock in a long-term commitment. Daily Harvest has been suggested but the options didn't work…will take a look at Veestro.

  12. Hi Natalie, I am on the same quest you are on. I will be trying MAMA SEEZ next. You can try that if you wish….. good reviews.

  13. Not a meal delivery service, but you should check out The Herbivorous Butcher based in Minneapolis. They have so many seitan options and they ship anywhere in the country!

  14. Thank you for this! I've been curious. I was recommended to check out Fire Road, but I saw they were a little pricey and higher in fats? I want to look again but they were supposed to be a macro friendly option for athletes 🤷🏼

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  16. So true they do not cater to us vegans. Also, I need more protein in my diet, I need to build muscle. Thank you so much for what you do!

  17. Adding my two cents from trying multiple vegan delivery including these two:

    – Veestro is my all-time favorite. The food is very flavorful and the proportions are generous. Also, I've tried a ton of their meals and a bunch is in the 25-30 gram protein range. It definitely tastes homemade, eco-friendly, affordable and you can choose between subscription or a la carte. I also experienced a bunch of sales and bought 30 meals for under $300!

    – Daily Harvest is my least favorite. The proportions are horrible and I also felt like I needed to add food to each meal to feel satiated and pretty low in protein overall. They are flavorful and eco-friendly though. It's costly, especially when you realize how much food you get with Veestro. Lastly, they don't rotate their meals very often and I got bored very quickly with the options and flavor. I don't like that you can only choose from bowls, flatbreads, or smoothies for main meals. They are better for breakfast and maybe lunch service.

    – Thistle is my other favorite and I highly recommend it. Proportions are generous, whole food, flavorful, exotic dishes, they add new options on a regular basis, and they have good customer service and plenty of snacks and drinks. The downside of this service to me was I would order the newer dishes that came out in advance and they kept sending me the same things and not what I ordered without any warning. I felt like I was eating the same meals over and over with only 1 variation which wouldn't get fulfilled half the time despite it not being sold out when I chose them. The other thing is it's very expensive when compared to the two above and in general. Also, they use plastic for their containers (but deliver locally in reusable insulated bags) which might get recycled at your local facility but might not. The gel packs they use to keep everything cool are a minimal pain to cut open squeeze out, clean, and dispose of the plastic, but still a pain.

  18. Nice to catch up.
    I live in New Zealand and there is vegan company that does meal delivery. They have meals up to 800 calories and 40g protein. I couldn't do 300 calorie "meals".

  19. Ive had the same experience with daily harvest…I mean awesome ingredients/flavor but lacking in protein im always adding tempeh or tofu etc and with some Im even adding rice or some other carb so its like ok at this point with the cost I just cant say its great long term. Its nice to see the veestro review because I have seen the ads for them but never tried. Purple carrot is nice but a little different in that you make the meal yourself but still kinda fun

  20. Daily Harvest portion sizes were very low. I looked through their options and they all seem to be under 300 calories which may work for one meal a day, but if you need it for a full weekend on the run, that isn't enough calories for most humans.
    Veestro had a number of items also below 300 calories, but they did have items over 400 calories as well. So you can shop to get enough food with them.

  21. Thank you for doing a review on these companies I haven’t tried either of them but this was helpful to know I’m a little disappointed in the macros bc I wouldn’t want to have to still meal prep proteins if I’m ordering meals for less prepping I’m not vegan but would like to incorporate more higher protein vegan meals etc

  22. 220 calories is a snack, not a meal in my opinion. I’d like to see these companies make 2x the portion.

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