What is Social Anxiety or Phobia?


Social Anxiety or Social Phobia is the massive fear of a person that keeps him/her fully depressed in social situations, especially in the circumstances in which you are uncomfortable or feeling that you are being observed or evaluated by others in the society. This phobia has become a universal disorder that associates with human brain and its functions. This is also known as the 3rd biggest mental health disorder in the world which almost 7% to 9% population of the universe is suffering from. While, it has also been reported that almost 15% population of the world experience social anxiety disorder at some special moments when the people encounter with unknown, uncertain and different points in their lives.

Things That Cause Social Anxiety:

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Psychologists and doctors have discovered many of reasons and factors that lead to social anxiety. While, the question in many people’s mind is still unanswered that why it is called a social phobia. Sure, this question is important, because depression or anxiety is not a new thing for people, however the association of society is the new one. Anyway, this mental disorder is more probably the result of environmental or genetic factors combination. Social phobia disorder will exists greatly among larger groups of people and big families, while it will be diminishing when the number of groups in a society or family goes down.

It means, the situations among more number of people will be unfamiliar and brain disturbing. In fact, it is much compulsory for everyone suffering from anxiety to go for a proper and perfect treatment, because this mental health disorder will keep you stressed forever. As a result of such disorders, the people become unable to think, act and live a healthy life. Some of the most common causes of social anxiety issue are;

  1. Overprotective
  2. Rude and less affectionate attitude
  • Rich in criticizing
  1. Useless thinking and making ideas for nothing
  2. Making yourself bound to do something or avoid it
  3. Feeling danger to approach others
  • Meeting new people in the society
  • Being the focus of others
  1. Public speaking and making shorter talk
  2. Facing huge crowd and getting nervous
  3. Facing continuous criticism and moving to confusion
  • Strict behavior of elders
  • No attention of parents
  • Differences of ideas
  1. Over as well as under estimation etc.

Common and Rare Signs of Social Anxiety:

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It is not difficult to find anxiety in yourself, because everyone knows the social anxiety symptoms when he/she observed himself/herself. However, there will be many differences in signs of anxiety when the nature of phobia or depression changes. Yes, there are several types of anxiety and most of people consider depression as the anxiety. While, there are many differences in both these terms and both have their many types. Today, psychologists have found and explained three major types of anxiety which the people around this world usually suffer from. Basically, generalized, pain and social anxieties are most common among the people.

It is said that social anxiety or phobia is generally identified in a person by others, but it is not sure whether their judgment is absolutely true or not. So, you need to go through possible signs of this critical mental health issue and then confirm whether you are experiencing it or not. Some major symptoms of social phobia have been enlisted below.

  1. Sweat on forehead when talking with more people
  2. Anxious and hyper during talking with others
  • Self-consciousness among others
  1. Afraid of judgment of others and trying to escape
  2. Moving away the places where many people are standing
  3. It would be enough complicated to make and keep friends.
  • Trembling, confusing, sweating and blushing when asked to talk
  • Shyness
  1. Mental restlessness
  2. Easily fatigued
  3. Severe irritation
  • Weak to control worries
  • Sleeping issues
  • Sudden attack of the fear
  1. Be panic in all activities, even in talking with others etc.

Social Anxiety and Other Anxieties:

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Psychologists and doctors throughout the world consider social phobia or anxiety is the worst one, because this will affect the mental health and disturb the people throughout their lives. However, you can never consider rest of anxiety types casual or less risky, because word anxiety is itself a problem for the mental health of human beings. That is why; most of people move to psychologists and anxiety specialists for complete relief. In these days, panic and generalized anxieties are compared with social anxiety issue.

There are many differences as well as similarities among these three general types of brain anxiety. If these are not treated well, then more probably the patients will suffer from severe depression and brain stroke may also occur in critical conditions. Anyway, it is the best said that every kind of anxiety suffers the mental health from many complications and brain capabilities get damaged over the time.

Risk Factors for Patients:

Social anxiety has become a complicated disorder which is needed to cure as fast as possible, because if the patients are not treated, then more probably they become unable to spend their happy life. While, the people associated with such patients will also get disturbed. It is said by psychologists that the treatment of social anxiety patients is not difficult or expensive, but you need to spare your time for them and stay connected at least 14 to 16 hours a day. This will help them to get rid of severe thinking and depression faster.

Secondly, if these patients are not cared much and treated properly, then there will be many serious factors that will surely happen and discourage them to move ahead. Some of the more common influencing factors are;

  1. Feeling shyness and avoiding everyone in the or out of family
  2. Limited to income sources
  • Continuous disturbance in personal life and family
  1. Divorce is more probably
  2. It may shift to next generation, as family history of the issue.
  3. Depression may cause brain injury etc.

How to Prevent It Happening?

Now, the most important segment is starting that will let you know the ways and methods regarding how to prevent social phobia disorder that ruins the families. In fact, you must look at specific directions about the overcoming social anxiety techniques that are better for everyone to avoid this mental health disorder. It is a valuable matter to concern deeply that why social anxiety happens and what factors cause happening this.

When you are aware of such things, then definitely it will be easier for you to prevent it. In short, you must avoid all the things that are causes of social anxiety. Furthermore, when you keep yourself engage in pleasing and specific activities, then more probably you will not experience this disorder in real life. On the other side, people must take part in family entertainments and outdoor physical activities which will support your aims to keep the social anxiety away from your health.

Unbiased Ways to Diagnose Social Anxiety:

Psychologists introduce a number of ways and recommended treatments for curing the social anxiety. Secondly, they believe that communication and association with patients will be better than swallowing dozens of pills and going for mental treatments. In fact, most people consider social anxiety therapy a medical procedure to set the brain and make it spare of depression. But, in reality this is a therapy which psychologists execute and it is only a way to talk with patients and motivate them to kick away all thinking and anxiety creating factors.

These methodologies to treat social anxiety are known as the unbiased and fabulous methods that do not require any complicated medication, surgery or long term physiotherapy. Most of people always do this by themselves for their family members and it is also a useful to handle the patients yourself. However, if you are interested to know the methods that claim them the best to cure and bring patients back to their normal life, then you must focus on available treatments of social phobia disorder.

Treatments That Cure Social Phobia:

Dozens of best treatments are available in health industry to treat the patients suffering from social anxiety disorder. However, it depends upon the nature of social anxiety and the condition of patients that which treatment fits the patients. Psychologists always do some verbal efforts to reduce anxiety of patients. At the moment, there are few nominated curing methods have more popularity that really produce good results and relieve the patients from severe social phobia. While, these treatments can also be classified in further categories which psychologists always choose with accordance to the mental condition of social anxiety patients.

1) Talk or Psychotherapy:

It is a well known treatment which includes the specific social anxiety therapy. Actually, such therapy makes the patients able to overcome their conditions and anxiety over the time. While, in this treatment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best one and it is also used by psychologists as the major weapon to cure people’s social anxiety. This therapy is also a talk therapy which includes very special social skills, good behavior, reacting calm, thinking in various angles and treating the people in a cool way.

However, in early steps of the treatment you may experience severe discomforts, but it will not long term. In next stage of this treatment, there will be two types of therapy; cognitive and exposure. Cognitive therapy deals with the social anxiety issue by providing well identification, challenging and at the end neutralizing all of the factors and things that are usually unhelpful in life. While, exposure therapy deals with the ways that help patients to reduce their fear and move to engage with social and general activities which they were avoiding due to anxiety.

2) Self Help:

This is the best one to cure social phobia disorder, because the people always get relaxed mentally when they meet and chat with larger groups of the people. Secondly, in this way; they will also join conversations with their close friends and some of family members whom with they can share their problems, mental health, physical conditions, aims, irritation and the achievements they want to attain. In fact, psychologists are agreed that when you keep your feelings and fear in your heart and avoid sharing them with your loving ones, then obviously such feelings will become the ways to suffer you from social anxiety.

You must be tension free and talk with others regardless what will the people think about you. When you ignore your surrounding and general factors in your mind, then you will come back to your happy life. For such treatment you can join the social groups on social networks, chat rooms and other platforms where you can meet with people across the world. Idea exchanging will make you a dare and dominant figure against the fear. Self help or support groups will automatically relieve your social anxiety and keep you health minded.

3) Stress Management Techniques:

When you are seeking for the best ways to

overcoming social anxiety

, then this will also be much useful for you. There are plenty of things included in this treatment and you should follow it and apply it to yourself when you are getting treated of therapy. Actually, this will let you know the ways and strategies that how to avoid anxiety attacks to your brain. Secondly, these techniques will also lead you to a calm life and make you free of the useless thinking and severe worries. These techniques will work excellently if the family supports the patients and play their part in recovery.

4) Medication:

When you are not getting recovered from the social anxiety problem, then obviously the medication will be last weapon of psychologists. However, if these medicines are used during any of three treatments, then more probably you will get better outcomes. In these days, most of people critically observe the social anxiety symptoms and then move to their health professionals and psychologists for better advice. They also immediately start the treatment like medication and get recovered faster from this crucial mental health disorder. Usually, beta-blockers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are well known ways to cure this disorder.

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