WHAT IS THE KETO FLU? & How to overcome the symptoms

keto flu symptoms
keto flu symptoms

Looking for keto flu symptoms ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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In this video I explain What the keto flu is and how to overcome the symptoms!


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9 thoughts on “WHAT IS THE KETO FLU? & How to overcome the symptoms”

  1. Im on day 14 and still feel crappy… Im losing weight and I dont wanna give up but I feel worse than I did before😭

  2. Is this normal for the KetoFlue to start 24hours after you start keto?
    I feel so weak and tired…

  3. Mam I am having terrible headache and temperature for like two days and it started on 7th day

  4. I’m day nine on Keto, and I feel like a truck hit me. The dizziness has me concerned. Is that normal with Keto flu?

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