What MCT Oil Does When NOT in Ketosis – New Brain Study

ancient nutrition keto brain
ancient nutrition keto brain

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46 thoughts on “What MCT Oil Does When NOT in Ketosis – New Brain Study”

  1. I am not on keto being underweight anyway but love my MCT oil powder coffee creamer. No idea what it does for me, except taste nice.

  2. The problem with using MCT oil for experienced Keto dieters is that it's completely unnecessary for those folks. It's really something that novices will benefit from. You want your body to burn its own glycogen stores (fat) as a form of energy. Giving it MCT oil allows it to burn external sources rather than your own. I only use MCT oil if I feel like I'm just not going to make it to my feeding window that day which is very rare. If you have NAFLD, for example, or require help with insulin control, or you're attempting to lose buckets of weight, then I would never recommend MCT oil for the reason I already mentioned. Side note: taking it for cognitive function is speculative.

  3. Sounds like a lot of interesting speculation. Good points. But back off the weight lifting a bit, ok. It doesn't match your baby face. And it looks painful.

  4. I recently started taking 1T mct oil as a pre-workout (I am no longer keto) and I can say I have less brain fog & more energy.

  5. I find that blending grass fed ghee + C8 MCT oil levels out the caffeine in coffee. I don't get the jitters on bulletproof coffee.

  6. This is great! Thank you for the info. I’ve been wondering if I can sneak some mct oil into my boyfriend’s meals but doesn’t drink coffee so green tea is doable 😅. He has an overactive mind and I’ve been doing mct with fasting and my forgetful mind and also sometimes busy mind have improved so, so much since I started follow the keto/fasting routine about a month ago. I haven’t been super consistent and so I haven’t gone into ketosis but on the days I have keto coffee I have such an improved sense of clarity and focus. I now have it on fasted days, after my first meal and I look forward to it since I just started my own company. It keeps me focused, productive and calm. 🙌🏽

    Unlocking the Keto code .. basically says.. eat a whole foods diet ( carbs) and drink mct oil

  8. I agree with this. This isn’t exactly news for those of us whom have just used MCT oil in tried and true ways through trial and error. One doesn’t have to be obsessed with ketosis to experience the benefits of MCT. 😎

  9. You are an amazing scientist! Maybe now I can stop the diarrhea at the mouth and TMI by switching to my m. green tea 🍵

  10. I’m here with ADHD…👁👁 I’ve noticed I can remember, think, speak, complete tasks, think critically, better to talk to, have energy, my thoughts are spot on…I have THEE most productive days with a bullet proof coffee especially with Sports Research MCT. I do not have this most days

    I’m never I. Ketosis which is bad because I’ve gained weight doing this but it’s addictive because it works for my brain function… I gotta lose weight with though 😒

    Here searching for answers 😌

  11. i was making a coconut oil/ cbd hemp sleep remedy, it worked fairly well but now im wondering how much the coconut oil plays a role vs just the cannabinoids

  12. That has become my 'go-to' morning tea: 500ml water, 1/4tsp matcha, 2tbs collagen, 1tbs MCT. Works hot or cold.

  13. Guess I'm confused. You say a cohort of people were kept out of ketosis because they were drinking some milk? Milk? Because it had some lactose in it? Not sure what effect lactose has on blood sugar but pretty sure it's not very much.

  14. Is C8 / C10 MCT powder the same as MCT oil? I prefer the powder, just want to ensure they offer the same benefit.

  15. I just Googled "does the brain prefer glucose or ketones" and the majority medical view is that it prefers glucose because glucose is REQUIRED to provide the precursors for neurotransmitter synthesis and the ATP to fuel their actions. I suspect that YOU, Thomas, may get "some" benefit from MCT oil because you have a low bodyfat composition which probably means you don't take in as many carbohydrates as a "normal" person. Thus, low carbs requires the brain to switch to alternative fuel sources such as ketones which the MCT oil can help you produce. But in my case, I'm too old (77) to worry about my waistline. I want power and strength to compete in the NY Senior Games in the shotput, discus and javelin events. So, in my case, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a teaspoon or tablespoon of MCT oil daily but the benefits will probably be minimal since I'm getting plenty of carbs for fuel and energy. I also supplement with fish oil, olive oil, pumpkin seeds oil, flaxseed oil each day. Just a little bit of various ones to fuel my body.

  16. Can I ask you what the best MCT Oil is ? Or one that you would recommend? They are so many out there. Thank you!

  17. Wow thank you for pointing this out I have shared those studies with some people I know who might very well benefit from the MCT oil and green tea!

  18. Why would MCT cause very, very sharp stabbing pain about 10 minutes after taking 1 tablespoon of it? I've been on the keto diet for 6 months but never in ketosis according to the pee strips. Thanks for the answer.

  19. Hmm, i have a theory on why MCT oil could help with cognitive function. So i think that somehow these MCT's they easily pass the blood brain barrier and somehow ethier trigger orexin signaling or they simply increase the secretion of orexin wich gives you that cognitive boost basically because yeah orexin keeps you focused and awake.

  20. May I ask for captioned version to this video, please? I use MCT oil for my coffee in the morning. What you explained without captioned, I understood nothing what you said. Will you please kindly add captioned? Thanks much for your effort about this topic. God bless!

  21. Does adding MCT oil to salads make any sense ? I am using high quality extra virgin olive oil for the salad dressing and just thought why not add MCT oil just to get the benefits of the MCT oil. I'm not trying to get into ketosis or fasting. Just asking if this makes any sense.

  22. Dude, this is like a hundred year old Japanese study. Glad you rediscovered it and are excited though.

  23. Don’t be a fake DeLauer. You should make a video on your use of steroids. Don’t fool your viewers!

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